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The Hidden Children

Read à The Hidden Children ŠPDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Literary careers of his period his later novels selling well and a handful achieving best seller stat. With each of Chambers s Cardigan books the writing has become better while the stories became less interesting The first third or so of The Hidden Children is mostly a romance against the backdrop of the Revolutionary War Not a particularly interesting nor original romance eitherThen things pick up The adventure the fighting the treatment of the Native American characters is all uite well done but the fairly flimsy romance elements with their flat characters continue to constitute most of the plot There are also some mystical events thrown in that perhaps detract from what is supposedly a novel of historical fiction The fate the brings our two lead characters the hidden children of the title together seems like coincidenceChambers went in for that sort of thing so I ll give him a pass in another author I might call it lazy writing It is hard to become invested in any of the characters and in any and all tragedies that befall them But there is enough good writing here that I m willing to allot three stars

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Read à The Hidden Children ŠPDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Classic novel by the American artist and writer most well known for his collection of weird fiction s. I had to hunt The Hidden Children down from a dealer in Freeville NY for 35 I really liked it alot It kept my interest had thrills adventure action and romance well too much romantic banter I should say That was my only fault with it Set against one of the most important military campaigns of the Revolutionary War the Sullivan Clinton Expedition this historical fiction novel was highly interesting to me personally because I had conducted extensive research into that campaign and in particular the tragic character of Lt Thomas Boyd To actually experience Boyd s character in the eyes of the main character Ensign Euan Loskiel kept me on the edge of my seat until the final climactic scene of the ambush That ambush on Sept 13 1779 is the basis for my own mystery thriller titled Crown of Serpents I was especially glad the author included the part where Boyd gave the Freemason hail signal of distress to Chief Joseph Brant upon being captured As a Mason myself this was a rare incredible display of true brotherhood from enemy combatants Yet despite that brief protection Boyd suffered one of the most heinous torture deaths of the entire warOverall an entertaining read

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Read à The Hidden Children ŠPDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Hort stories; The King in Yellow According to some estimates Chambers was one of the most successful. At first I read the title and thought how could this be in a western collection but how wrong can one be The West is a relative place in relation to time During the American Revolution the west meant any where west of Hudson River or permanent town This story revolves around a young American ensign pathfinder and his Mohican mentor and comrade A bit in the tradition of JF Cooper but to me much historically correct The author reveals many minute details about the life of revolutionary volunteers the land the rigors of camp life the many tribes of indigenous natives and their relationships to each other and the whites Fascinating stuff to me and my love of the early American New York area history inspired by the Leather Stocking tales and such The only draw back was the sometimes lengthy banterings between the hero and his love interest which proves them to be the Hidden Children Nevertheless this proved to be my favorite and most enjoyed of all the books contained in this collection

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