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Playing Patience

review Playing Patience Playing Patience Free download Ø 5 T time in a long time Patience feels alive Her black and white world gets a shot of color when she meets Zeke With his tattoos piercings and blunt honesty he's unlike anyone she's ever met She wants nothing than to let go and ride the wild side with him but some wounds never heal and the broken pieces of Patience aren't so easy to find. PLAYING PATIENCE is the age old story of the good girl and the bad boy who find a connection and blossom into having an intense relationship The obstacles come from their emotions and also from the people around them Zeke is a bad boy with tattoos and piercings who plays in a band and Patience is the sweet daughter of the governor In this book they come up against the families and themselves and who their respective environments turned them intoPLAYING PATIENCE is also a complete and utter trainwreck from the first chapter Zeke is a douchebag misogynist would be rapist who collects bruises from his alcoholic father while playing for the accurately named band BLOW HOLE The band s name is just the start of the recurring issue with incredibly outdated freuently awkward lingo and dialogue At least once Zeke refers to his supplier as the local dope dealer which I don t know about you but for me totally conjures the image of Red Forman crossing his arms and yelling THAT KID S ON DOPE Zeke s mother died from cancer before the start of the book and we never really learn what his relationship with her was like though given the degree to which Zeke loathes women excuse me females it s assumed she was also not a good personA direct uote from the book Please That chick s as straight as they come I d have to drug her too to get her to put out Patience is the stereotypical uiet wooden girl from a slightly affluent family Her father is the governor although we don t actually ever see this have an impact on her life in any way other than it being a fact about the character She has little to no personality and what s there is incredibly peculiar She s intended to be the smart one of the two but everything she says and does comes off as completely stupid and not in an endearing teenager way In an are you from this century waySee Patience is roofied during a night out That s how her and Zeke meet He s in the bathroom she s stumbled into he helps her by bringing her to get medical attention And then he gets arrested for drug possession because for some reason the police had a reason to search his car Except instead of taking time to get her stuff together after being drugged Patience returns to the same bar where she was roofied within daysNow I m not saying this couldn t happen But with what we know about Patience it makes absolutely no sense Patience s father rapes her freuently We know this from early on and it s one of the big plots in the book While it does inform Patience s harsh reactions to Zeke s advances it is really the catalyst for the poor sexually abused girl to be rescued by the flawed hero When Patience comes into her own it s only to turn around and pine for her lover and become nothing without her She s not a strong character she s impossibly weak and malleable and while it would be understandable to see this through the eyes of the misogynist Zeke we re actually seeing it through her own eyes Patience does not change in the book Her character does not grow This is not a love story If anything this is amped up lust possibly limerance These characters believe they are in love because they were thrown together by circumstance but we see no reason other than action to understand where the supposed love comes from It s not insta love it s absolutely nothing They rely on each other with desperation and I think the book would have been a much stronger success if it wasn t portrayed as love and connection but rather two people in desperate need of counseling grasping at the first thing they can touch Patience escapes the oppressive abusive reign of her father and runs straight into the arms of someone who will in all likelihood also abuse her Look I m going to be frank Zeke is a douche When Patience won t sleep with him for reasons we understand and for reasons Zeke is supposed to understand but doesn t empathize with he turns around and sleeps with another girl and says A man has needs snowflake whoa man that s so romantic and deep and special A man who doesn t care about the girl he s supposed to be in love with and just wants some booty Charming wait no excuse mehe just wants to DIP HIS STICKOkay so characters need to be real and sometimes the raw ones are the most compelling right But tell me what s compelling about a man who talks about raping women who calls them females and sluts who looks at them as nothing but sexual objects Characters even the unlikeable ones need something to make us root for them We need to be on their side in order for the story to work But there s never a reason for us to root for Zeke He doesn t grow as a character either he learns to care about Patience or so we re meant to think but we don t actually see him doing anything about it When presented with gratingly unfavorable characters and a run down trampled plot that s been done times than the macarena was in the 90s we can hope the writing is there to guide is through and make everything seem a little less frustratingExcept PLAYING PATIENCE wasn t edited If it was and I was the author I d be firing that editor and finding someone new The story is full of typos and grammatical errors six alone in the first chapter and I m not even a Grammar Person filtering repetition passive sentences I I I I I and worst of all confusing timelines For the most part Zeke and Patience have the same voice with different words And since it s broken up into perspective chapters we get the treat of going back and reading the same scene from the other perspective Instead of picking up fluidly it s all over the place and you have no idea where the next chapter is going to start Awkward phrasesEmpty black dots surrounded by a sea of blue swam inside her eye socketsI d known just by looking at her that she didn t belong on my side of town seriously Shit I said out loud to myselfHer impassiveness pissed me off Her eyes crashed into mine This book was not ready to be published It reads like a first draft Had I never read the author s works before it would be the last time There are only so many times you can read about things crashing banging and assaulting someone s senses

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review Playing Patience Playing Patience Free download Ø 5 Life's been hard for Zeke Being a punching bag for his alcoholic father has turned him into stone Not even the dodgy trailer park he lives in can scare him Fighting is his release and sex drugs and his guitar bring him peace but deep down Zeke isn't uite as hard as he makes himself out to be When he meets Patience she finds all his bro. For a chance to win an EBook copy of Playing Patience head on over to Totallybooked reviewed for totallybookedblogcom 45 starsGitte I actually have tears sat here thinking what to write as my emotions are all over the place thinking about this story It s one of those that hits you immediately and you gasp out loud put your kindle down and say out loud I did NOT just read that sentence the few little words that immediately release tears and get your hackles up You know it s going to be a hard read and you continue unable to stop because you want reassurance that everything is going to be okay for our main characters Patience and Zeke There is so much I want to say but I fear I will ruin this story for everyone who should without doubt pick this book up What do you think JennyJenny I know exactly what you mean Gitte because I am the same And yes I totally agree with you to give anything away would be a travesty A reader has to experience every moment for the first time just as we did Sitting here reliving this book and recalling the heartache I felt reading it once again reduces me to tears I just didn t realise the level to which this story would affect me I don t think I was uite prepared for what was to come and I can t begin to express the nervous sick feeling I carried in my stomach pretty much the whole way through this book I did indeed gaspout loud on a number of occasions This powerfully poignant dark romantic story was so detailed in its aching and so touching in its telling of Zeke and Patience two damaged yet resilient souls who were able to see something so uniue something so special in each other that they didn t see in themselves was one I found compelling and couldn t put it down until the end She belonged in the light and I was right where I was meant to be stuck in a dark dank gymnasium Zeke I was a broken porcelain doll cracked beyond repair and tossed in the back of a closet PatienceGitte Zeke and Patience are both extremely broken and haunted characters They have both been severely scarred both on the inside and the outside by the people who should have loved them the most who should have protected them Brought up in complete dysfunctional families where pain is the dish of the day they are survivorsPatience despite her appalling home life is an extremely beautiful and strong soul She thinks of everyone else before herself She haunted me with every word written about her real life behind closed doors and I literally wanted to pick her out of my kindle and put her in my pocketPatience trusts Zeke despite how he acts and his at times cruel words She sees the real Zeke underneath the fa ade She trusts him though why she doesn t know People are easy to judge on appearance and adapted behaviour but this guy despite the tattoos the rock star persona and everything that comes with that shows his real sensitive side just as his soul sees and understands hersZeke was such a well written character He is flawed in some ways playing the crude arsehole but mostly he was a hero in my eyes as he was in Patience s eyes I don t look at you like you re nothing I look at you like you re everything because you are and I fucking hate it ZekeI loved that he was blunt and didn t mince his words He was honest to a fault no matter what reaction his words caused He was cocky yet underneath all the layers of hurt and layers of self protection which was caused by the hand he was dealt in life lies a beautiful and honest soul surrounding a heart waiting to be pieced back together He was covered in color and art he was a standing statue for freedom and I was drawn to his careless stature Patience Damn snowflake if you get any hotter you ll melt ZekeThe journey isn t smooth for Zeke and Patience by any means or us the readers They have their own separate emotional baggage which has made them adapt roles in life unable to trust and unable to believe that they can indeed be loved and love in return What is it about girls and cocky assholes I ll never understand it Megan Umm we totally get it right JennyJenny Damn straight Megan And yes you re spot on Gitte These cocky arseholes definitely do attract us but let s face it we were never going to be able to resist Zeke and not because he was a drop dead gorgeous musician with a body to match which did help of course but because we were able to see the beauty in the soul that lay underneath all the outward bravado from this man who had been given than his fair share of life s hard knocks and he broke my heart This tattooed honest to a fault pierced tough hard living man saw no future he felt such hopelessness at the hand he d been dealt that he played out his life accordingly silently wishing for the day his band Blow Hole would be discovered and take him away from the hell that was his life yet resigned to the fact that this was his life This was all it would ever be He d built walls that he wouldn t allow to be penetrated that was until he met Patience In Patience he saw something different Something pure something untainted and a beauty he wouldn t sully with his world Her kisses were tiny miracles Zeke Don t ever be scared with me I d never do anything to hurt you and I d destroy anyone who tried ZekePatienceOh Patience This girl took my heart and shredded it My aching for her was felt deep down I just wanted to pick her up and take her away from everything I wanted to make it all okay for her Sad lonely perfectly imperfect Patience suffering and living her own tragic and sorry existence whilst feeling apathy at a life which has let her down yet showing a loyalty and selflessness that will tear at your heartstrings The opening chapters were extremely hard to read and this strong determined yet vulnerable and damaged girl had me completely transfixed Zeke and Patiencetogether they make sense They will captivate you Do you like playing that song I asked casually as I handed him the guitar Not really Then why were you It reminds me of you Gitte I thought this story was brilliantly written and I inhaled every single word Patience and Zeke are from complete different walks of life but tragedy and pain does not discriminate for anything or anyone This beauty of two emotionally broken souls finding each other unable to resist the pull despite every obstacle paired with the heart wrenching pain makes for one powerful story that will stay with me for a long while Years of shadows and darkness were erased in that very moment I held my source of freedom in my arms and I could already feel the heat from her light against my skin ZekeJenny I agree Gitte This story was so beautifully written A powerful and engrossing story it wasn t always pretty in fact it was extremely difficult at times Zeke and Patience two broken parts of a whole person will intoxicate you they will break you you will feel their hurt and you will experience their pain you will rally for them in a way you never thought possible and you will love with them completely There s a place you land right before you hit rock bottom a sort of cushion before the blowZeke was that place for me He was like a rainbow in my black and white movie a soothing touch against jagged scars PatienceThe moments of beauty and tenderness interspersed throughout a story of such cruelty emotional turmoil and heartache will remain with you for a long time to come Everything bad went away in that moment She soothed every scar took away every bad memory She made me feel better Zeke Arc provided by Author Tabatha Vargo for an honest review

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review Playing Patience Playing Patience Free download Ø 5 Ken pieces and puts him back together She's a ray of light in his shadowed life and the last thing he wants to do is bring her into his dark world Playing careless is easy playing the bad guy can be fun but playing Patience is impossible especially when she can see right through him Zeke isn't the only one who's broken and for the firs. 3 Snowflake StarsPlaying Patience is the story of two broken teens Patience and Zeeke are from different sides of the tracks but both are living in abusive homes and find comfort in each other Both characters fight feelings of being underserving unlovable and plan out broken There s a place you land right before you hit rock bottom a sort of cushion before the blowZeke was that place for me He was like a rainbow in my black and white movie a soothing touch against jagged scars Patience I found that this book back tracked an awful lot Once your read a scene the next chapter was in the other s pov and half the time you were redoing the scene you just finished For me it took away from the fluency of the story Both main characters are pretty hurtful towards one another sacrificing their own happiness for the others However when they did get it right it was perfect Don t pretend to understand my feelings and emotions Half the time I don t have any anyway but when it comes to you they re limitless which is dangerous I don t look at you like you re nothing I look at you like you re everything because you are and I fucking hate it Zeeke I m still wondering If Zeeke ever found out about Patience paying the fine If he finished community service with the boy s club that part kinda fell to the wayside and I would have loved for him to go to her school and see her play soccer I would have like some deep meaningful conversations between Zeeke and Patience That being said this was a good read that doesn t end with a cliffhanger but wraps up uickly with an hea