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review ´ Locked In Jessica Daniel #1 106 In the way of leads and a journalist that seems to know about the case than she does Jessica is already feeling the pressure and that’s before a second b. First off I forgot what this book was about when I downloaded itso I went into it blindly I have to admit I kinda liked not knowing what I was getting into when I began reading Secondly I now want to read this series and its not available in Americayet Ugh So that s a little frustrating By the way the UK s book is called Locked In I really liked the character of Jessica I liked her sarcasm I liked the fact that she wasn t some kick ass I can do everything chick You can tell she was somewhat out of her depth with this series of murders She was a real character that you would meet anywhere and that s what I enjoyed most from this book Its because of Jessica that I want to read the rest of this series I want to find out about her and see her grow as a character and a police detective The crimes themselves were interesting They weren t the most complex murders and if I m honest I actually kinda guessed who the murderer was half way through the book But in no way did it stop me from enjoying the rest of the novel I m usually not good at guessing right either Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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review ´ Locked In Jessica Daniel #1 106 Ody shows up in identical circumstances to the firstHow can a murderer get to victims in seemingly impossible situations and what if anything links the bodi. Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel has been called in to head up an investigation when a body turns up inside of a locked home With very little to go on in the investigation things really heat up when a second body is discovered putting even pressure on Jessica to get the case solved To make matters worse there seems to be a journalist that knows than he should and now the headlines have turned into the Houdini serial killer on the loose The Killer Inside is the first book in the Detective Jessica Daniel series by Kerry Wilkinson While I thought this got off to a somewhat strong start I can t say there wasn t a bit of room for improvement in the future editions with Jessica leaving me to rate this one at 35 stars The story is compelling enough with a killer on the loose that somehow gets in and out of homes without a trace with no signs of a break in I did sometimes feel though that things just didn t uite seem completely believable with a detective on a case Also I did have my suspicions of the killer fairly early on too but I don t believe it was completely obvious either In the end I d continue on with the series to see just how Jessica grows as her story continues I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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review ´ Locked In Jessica Daniel #1 106 When a body is found in a locked house Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is left to not only find the killer but discover how they got in and outWith little. I received a copy of The Killer Inside from NetGalley for an honest opinion My thanks to Bookouture and to Kerry Wilkinson for the opportunityThere was no regret no feeling of anything really The victim certainly deserved it as would the others to comeDetective Sergeant Jessica Daniel faces a challenge like no other in her career as an officer in the Crime Investigation Department of the Greater Manchester Police Newly promoted and as a female in the police ranks Jessica has everything to prove and wants nothing to cause distraction in her pursuit of a murdererWhen Yvonne Christensen is found dead in her bedroom Jessica and her team enter into the first level of a very perplexing crime scene The doors to the home have been locked from the inside with the keys still on the hook There is no sign of a struggle and no evidence left behind When identical murders start to cookie cutter Jessica stares into the reality of a serial killer on the loose No signs of forced entry and no remnants of the murderer left behind The media dubs this killer as Houdini for obvious reasonsKerry Wilkinson has created a very believable crime investigator in the likes of Jessica Daniel While completely professional and astute in her role as a police detective Jessica still maintains the liveliness of a thirty something woman She is flawed and she is human But importantly she dogs after this criminal with hardened determination and with eyes and ears on alertI enjoyed the format of this story as well The chapters were set up with a short uick design while revealing just enough to propel the story forward The interest level was high and intriguing and provided many possibilities for this story to play out Wilkinson created a deep set emotional tone to her characters in such a way that you are invested and locked inThis was my first book by Kerry Wilkinson It is my understanding that he is working on his next offering in the Jessica Daniel Series Bookouture you ve done it again with another winning author here Ready for the next