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  • Paperback
  • 336
  • The Modern World
  • Steph Swainston
  • English
  • 04 February 2019
  • 9780060753894
The Modern World

Free download The Modern World Steph Swainston ½ 2 Free download Review ´ The Modern World Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Met the messenger has survived deadly insects internecine politics and even his own debilitating life threatening addiction But now he faces a challenge greater than any he. I first came across the Fourlands when I was maybe 15 and really didn t appreciate these books They were full of all sort of adult fantasy themes that I d never come across before lots of gore sex drugs and freakish hallucinations if the Shift can be called that But I think it s a testament to these books that I remembered it so well when I picked up the second one at maybe 20 and again didn t uite understand it and finally managed to find the third in the series after maybe 10 years of this series And now finally I think I appreciate these books the way they should be appreciatedLet s start with Jant What an interesting character not just by looks but by narrative style too He s unreliable both as a narrator and personality but unabashedly himself faults and all I love how he s grown through this series his immaturity showing through at points but also taking on his responsibilities properly His interactions with the others are excellent at points and how even though he is an immortal he s still very fallible The world building in this series is another thing that s drawn me back time after time At points uncomfortably grotesue or crude it s a tantalising weird mixture of typical fantasy and the modern world smashed together archery and swordsmanship are highly thought of guns unknown yet the characters wear jeans and t shirts Every so often the weird world of the Shift appears and although not as strange as I remember it it s still like nothing I ve ever read It does make me want to go back to the previous two and give them another chance because I think I might appreciate them better now

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Free download The Modern World Steph Swainston ½ 2 Free download Review ´ The Modern World Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Steph Swainston returns to the dazzling dizzying world of the Fourlands with the audacious seuel to her acclaimed novels The Year of Our War and No Present Like Time Jant Co. This book surprised me again and again The beginning brings Insects back to the fore as they were in The Year of Our War and introduces a plot concocted by the immortal Circle to push the Insects back into the Paperlands and reclaim territory lost in centuries past Jant and his immortal companions jest talk about the past and prepare for battle It was all familiar and it was all a welcomed read I figured that I had a good idea as to where Swainston was going to take the story and I was contentI was also flat out wrong Just as it looks like battle is nigh Swainston pulls a fast one Lightning is having family problems and asks Jant to intervene Jant agrees and he takes flight to the town of his youth bringing the story in tow From here Swainston dives into teenage angst anecdotes from the past visits to the Shift and pieces of the cosmology that underlie the Castle books Some weird characters and events surface tear up the scenery and disappearInsects Battle Where were weTo be frank there were moments when I felt puzzlement alongside my surprise I wondered what Swainston was up to and I wondered if she wasn t getting too exposition heavy for the series Heretofore she moved things along at a nice clip and dropped tidbits of history into places where they became invaluable now she was diving into long conversations and tangential plot lines that moved away from what I had thought would be the main story In short I had an uh oh momentShame on me and shame on my lack of faith Swainston does all of this because she is telling a different kind of story entirely Why given the vitality of the first two books suppose that Swainston would write a third volume that wraps the series up into a nice neat trilogy Conclusions are reached but I was way off as to what they were and what they meant In fact Swainston takes the Castle story to depths and places that I could never have guessed and when it ended I felt a part of myself stay with Jant standing on that shoreline watching a dear friend row out of sight

Free download The Modern World

Free download The Modern World Steph Swainston ½ 2 Free download Review ´ The Modern World Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Has met in the last several centuries one that could shake the foundations of the Fourlands forever For the Emperor himself is riding to the front and nothing is as it seems. Steph Swainston s third novel set in the Fourlands is The Modern World retitled Dangerous Offspring for its US release For the past few years the Insects have been kept at bay the Castle s forces keeping them from expanding their Paperlands However the armies of the Fourlands have been content with just stopping the Insects invading they haven t attempted to win back any of their former territory at least until Frost the Castle s immortal architect comes up with a plan to reclaim some of the Paperlands The Insects can t swim or so she sets about the construction of a giant dam across a river that forms the border of the Paperlands Once the lake behind the dam is filled the insects there will be drowned and once the waters subside the Fourlands armies can march in and reclaim the territory As the dam nears completion military forces from across the Fourlands as well as all the Castle s immortals gather to prepare to strike The plan is a good one based on their knowledge of the Insects but some unforeseen events mean that the Fourlands end up in danger than ever and the entire resources of the continent are forced to gather to withstand a potentially devastating Insect assault The danger is so great that the Emperor himself is forced to ride out from the Castle for the first time in millennia to leads the Fourlands armies Meanwhile the novel s narrator Comet has his own problems as he is tasked by his immortal friend Lightning to search for Lightning s teenaged daughter Cyan who has run away from her minders on a visit to Hacilith the Fourlands biggest and most dangerous city A spoiled young noblewoman with little experience of the real world but a big sense of entitlement and thirst for new experiences and adventure Cyan finds herself uickly out of her depth and Comet is forced to venture into Hacilith s underworld a place he is very familiar with to retrieve her As the time for the strike against the Insects approaches Comet and Cyan then join up with the Fourlands army and Cyan increasingly clashes with her father forcing him to confront how out of touch with mortals he has become during his thousands plus years of life Although the main part of the novel is taken up by the two plots described above there are a number of interesting subplots including a venture by Comet and Cyan to the world of Epsilon where they are pursued between worlds by a demonic hunt in the novel s most thrilling seuence There are also three particularly good flashbacks the novel opening with Comet reliving the memories of a past disaster in the Insect war as well as two interludes unusually narrated by someone other than Comet Lightning reminiscing about his tragic first marriage and the Castle s Doctor Rayne telling how she came to be immortal After the good but slightly disappointing second book this is a definite return to form Swainston returns to the Insect War that is at the heart of the series and the battle scenes are the best in the trilogy while the intrigue between the immortals is eually entertaining and has a direct impact on the battles Refreshingly although it makes a couple of appearances in the story Epsilon and the worlds of the Shift don t have uite the same impact on the main plot as in the previous books instead the plot being largely decided in the Fourlands The characterisation is again very good the new major character Cyan is convincing although since her character is basically a spoiled teenager inevitably irritating The chapters devoted to Lightning Rayne and Frost allow a bit character development for immortals other than Comet and even the enigmatic Emperor has a bit of his character revealed although in his case each answer only brings up uestions Thought there is less time spent on world building than in the first two books there is still some extra depth added to the world although some minor aspects do seem a bit unconvincing while a certain amount of anachronism is an integral part of the Fourlands it does seem a bit out of place to have Comet complaining about his old haunts being replaced by trendy wine bars The uality of the writing is again high whether it is describing the horrors of war the petty complaints of a spoiled teenage or the wonder of Comet s flight over the land and seems a bit polished and memorable than the prose in No Present Like Time with a number of good uotes and passages Lightning and Rayne s flashbacks also have their own distinct voices which make a nice change from Comet s admittedly entertaining narration In summary this is another excellent Fantasy novel which adds depth to the Fourlands and its characters while at the same time delivering a compelling plot with some excellent scenes