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review A Shadow of a Dream é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Solving a murder is never an easy matter even when circumstances are ideal For Basil circumstances are far from ideal Because the murder is fa. Rating433 starsGenreFantasy adventure novel with two gay main characters with their developing romance as a side plotInfos Main Characters Basil is one of the hunters of the Order an organization hunting supernaturalmagical beings and humans as they are looked upon as a threat He was raised by Simon an council member of the Order As Basil has shown remarkable investigative skills due to some supernatural traits some of the Order are suspicious of him The ShadowCheshire is a most wanted jewelry thief that is suspected to be a supernatural being or at least using magic for his heists Also guards and victims claimed to hear a tinkling of a bell beforewhile he stole the objects His third nameidentity and his supernaturality is part of the story line so no spoiler here Secondary Characters Alexander Basil s new assigned hunting and investigation partner of the Order Simon Basil s mentor and foster father and council member of the Order ImpressionsInfosBasil and Alexander start an investigation for the Order about a stolen neclace where the guard was murdered The Order suspects the Shadow as culprit but Basil has some doubts as the Shadow never hurt or killed someone on his heists especially after meeting him More victims and other strange incidents bring Basil Alexander and Cheshire on a chase of a supernatural and criminal mastermind behind allContent Reading ProsNeutralCons writing style loved it main characters Basil is a complex character as he is a hunter of supernaturals but is himself not entirely human As the story is written from his perspective I connected to him uite easily Cheshire is of a mystery revealing himself bit by bit while he is courting Basil POV 3rd person Basil s perspectiveo world building I liked the worldbuilding in this fantasy novel but d have liked some information about this fantasy world o Ending it s a HFN ending that worked for me butI d really like to have a seuel to Basil and Cheshire s storyo secondary characters I d have liked if Simon and especially Alexander were a bit fleshed out as charactersSex Love Scenes uantity none uality on the cuddle and kisses side of romance

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review A Shadow of a Dream é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free A partner he despises and a thief who is a temptation that Basil cannot seem to resist Previously a serialized fiction at Less Than Three Pres. After re reading this one my thoughts have not changed substantially The universe is compelling though a bit inconsistent Basil and his adventures remained very worthwhile and Cheshire is certainly intriguing I feel strongly that a seuel is needed to explore many unanswered uestions about Basil s origins as well as his blooming relationship with Cheshire39 stars This book captured my attention from the very beginning and kept me thoroughly engaged until the end I think fans of Megan Derr s series Dance with the Devil might enjoy this one as well The world building was intricate with some very interesting original twists Basil he was strong yet vulnerable and so kind I really liked himNevertheless I believe a couple of things should be noted The plot was mostly action driven and unfolded different mysteries which Basil solved gradually leading to his character development Thus the romance played a secondary role and I was a bit disappointed by it particularly due to the other protagonist ShadowCheshire He felt too capricious and sometimes narrow minded not revealing any great depth of feelings for Basil a part of these aspects could be attributed to his view spoilerfae nature hide spoiler

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review A Shadow of a Dream é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free R complicated than at first it seems and before he can even begin to solve it Basil must contend with a council that refuses to listen to him. had great potential but the writing style and overall book wasn t for me

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