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REVIEW Virgin Exotica Anna Kendra ô 1 READ FREE READ × YESHLER.RU ô Anna Kendra Akira Sanders is an authoran erotic romance author Pen named Miss OG her writings are famous among the high school kids but little do her fans know that she herself is a high school student anda virgin Her biggest inspirations are porn videos and washr. Akira Sanders is a uiet high school student in a small town in Idaho She looks like a normal teen living a normal teenage life But she s hiding something from everyone in her life she s an erotica writer She is also a virgin So she s a virgin erotica writer Enter a hot piece of ass that just so happens to be her chemistry teacher Ethan Whit Ethan finds out about her being this erotica writer and starts to blackmail her What does he want from her Well her virginity of course Is this like a typical trope for erotica now Some older hot alpha male taking the virginity of some youth that is like 6 10 years older Some of the storylines could be uite intriguing but this one didn t really catch my eye like it should have I mean the subplot was her best friend being in love with her and going all Fatal Attraction on her I mean he hires four dudes to practically rape her Yes you read that right He hires them so he can play the hero And then he attempts to rape her himself later in the book Like what the fuckOf course the teacher and student fall in love they get married and have a kid Yay happy endings Although the ending was happy she is now a best selling author I wish there was a hell of a lot angst I love me some angst Especially with a teacherstudent romance

REVIEW Virgin ExoticaVirgin Exotica

REVIEW Virgin Exotica Anna Kendra ô 1 READ FREE READ × YESHLER.RU ô Anna Kendra Oom gossips Ethan Whit is the high school 'it' boy with God like looks and an ego as huge as Mt Olympus A complete man whore and jock but the biggest fan of Miss OG's erotic novellas Oh And did I mention that he's the chemistry teacher So what happens. When I was looking for some ebooks that I can read I saw this one I decided to search it on Goodreads to see the reviews Many are giving 5 Star Ratings so I gave it a shot For the first few parts I thought that the story has potential but I lost interest How can you write a Romance Erotic books when your references are just watching some scenes online and eavesdropping inside the toilet cubicles about the sex experiences of your fellow students And then the girl keeps on saying that this Chemistry teacher doesn t give her any effects but all of a sudden she fell in love and lose her virginity to him This is my first one star rating I don t like it at all I just finished it to know if it will make any sense in the end


REVIEW Virgin Exotica Anna Kendra ô 1 READ FREE READ × YESHLER.RU ô Anna Kendra When Ethan comes to know that his favourite author is actually a high school girl over his student Join them in their journey through high school as Ethan tries to teach our Erotic Superstar a thing or two about chemical reactionsof a very different ki. I have absolutely loved everything that Anna Kendra has written and to me she never disappoints this book included I normally read only paranormal but this is my second novel of hers that I read that was truly just fiction and I couldn t be riveted by this novel like all of her other novels so I m hoping that this one gets published There is a HUGE spoiler in the review below mine if you haven t read the book don t read it it will spoil a big part of the book I wasn t so lucky I read it But I m still interested in purchasing the paperback when it comes out Anna truly has a gift

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