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review Rocky Mountain Rescue ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The lines are blurred between duty and desire in ROCKY MOUNTAIN RESCUE by Cindi Myers Federal marshal Patrick Thompson almost lost one woman in his care He won't lose another As an officer for the Witness Security Program it's his job to protect Stacy. Stacy was sold by her own father into a abusive marriage Her husband and his family was into organized crime Her husband had not touched her for 2 years He told her that no man would ever want her Stacy s husband was murdered She gave her statement at the police station She took Carlo her 3 year old son and left before they could assign someone to watch over her and her son She was finally free Stacy wanted to start her life over freshHer whole life was turned upside down after her husband was killed Carlo who stole my heart in this story was kidnapped from the hotel where they were staying Agent Patrick promised he would help her find her son I love the friendship that built up slowly between Stacy and Patrick Stacy had tears in her eyes when Patrick tenderly touched her She needed to be touched by another living soul It helped that Patrick was tall and handsome The chemistry sizzled between the two There was a lot of good action and suspense in this story The people that kidnapped little Carlo wanted Stacy too Patrick and Stacy didn t know if they wanted her dead or alive They had to work together as a team to try to find Carlo while attempting to stay one step ahead of the hired guns This was a excellent book I am adding it to my favorite list I have added a few samples of the book below Just a few snapshots of the story to give you a taste EnjoySample from chapter one Carlo could go to school and they d have a normal life Just the two of them Dreams like that had kept her sane all these years she d been trapped The idea that she might finally make them come true renewed her strength and she all but ran toward the basementSample from chapter 4 If you don t let me go with you I ll search for Carlo on my own With no car no gun and not even a clear picture of where she was searching on her own wasn t a choice she wanted to make but she could steal a car buy a gun and read a map if she had to She d do whatever it took to find her boySample from chapter 7 Get down he shouted and he dived beneath the car The sharp report of gunfire echoed through the canyon the sound folding in on itself until the crescendo crackled like thunder Bullets slammed into the side and top of the vehicle rocking it from side to side and shattering the front windshield and mirrors Sample from chapter 10 His tongue caressed and claimed her and she reveled in the sensation He was such a contradiction hard muscle and tender caresses insistent pressure and whispered encouragement He helped her out of the boxers and then the shirt so that she lay alongside him naked She should have felt vulnerable exposed But seeing her reflection in his eyes she felt beautiful than ever

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review Rocky Mountain Rescue ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S they work their way through the Rocky Mountains trailed by killers Patrick and Stacy grow closer and the heat simmering between them ignites But in an explosive showdown Patrick will have only one chance to save the woman he can no longer live withou. Sometimes an escape is in order and romantic suspense provides that Myers is a master of the genre This book if fast and engaging with likeable nuanced characters BUT read Rocky Mountain Revenge first as the stories are connected and this one might give away some things in this one

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review Rocky Mountain Rescue ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Giardino the former daughter in law of an infamous crime boss At first Stacy is reluctant to trust the brawny cop or to act on their intense mutual attraction But when her toddler son is kidnapped Patrick is the only person who can help her find him A. 35 starsI have to say that I did actually like ROCKY MOUNTAIN RESCUEI liked the fierce devotion Stacy held for her son and the lengths she was willing to go to protect him and rescue him after he s captured She was forced into a mob family and was desperate to protect herself and son any way she could US Marshal Patrick Thompson knew from the moment they raided the Giardino house and he found Stacy with her son that she was different I liked what Patrick stood for He was willing to go against was best for the case to do what was best for getting Stacy her son back Their relationship wasn t a large part of the story but I did enjoy it I felt they didn t play with each other s feelings or do anything to cause drama In the end they both knew they couldn t just walk away

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