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Load the Dice

Load the Dice free read Ç 6 Eric left the BDSM scene years ago because he couldn’t find the right partner opting instead to meet men in uiet coffee shops and piano barsBut when his friend invi. A nice BDSM novel where Dom Eric shows newbie sub Jamie the ropes of BDSM by trying out all the fantasies Jamie hasIt took me a week to finish this I just didn t feel all that connected to Eric and Jamie I was kind of bored And I m not even sure why because there are nice BDSM scenes in this one there is emotion friendship love the whole package But still I was boredOh and for those who want to know one of Jamie s fantasies is seeing his Dom having sex with someone else so yes that happens too I knew to expect this because they talked about it in the beginning and I have to say it was actually pretty hot No jealousy or anything

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Load the Dice free read Ç 6 Tes him to a posh hook up party he meets first time sub Jamie who he convinces to detail his sexual fantasies during a passionate night together The pair soon embark. I really liked the characters story Informed MM BDSM eroticaromance story that could be considered beginner BDSM Each chapter covers a fantasy between the two main characters after they meet in an intriguing way in chapter 1 As they are exploring their fantasies the narrative takes a bit of time to explain safe practices I found this helpful even though I am familiar with the tenets of SSC yet I didn t find it to take away from the romance or the heat of each scene I read this in serialized e book format starting in Sept and just received the last chapter this weekend D I may find myself re reading when the published book arrives on my doorstep I think this is one book I will revisit time again when the need arises Big congrats to Moriah for her first published novel I hope there are such novels coming our way from her even if a different group of characters

read & download × PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ß Moriah Gemel

Load the Dice free read Ç 6 On a relationship that introduces Jamie to the BDSM scene and plays out his fantasies one by one But as they approach the final fantasy will Eric be able to walk away. Eric gets dragged to a party and finds himself facing the most delicious man he has seen for a very long time It turns out this is a Domsub type event almost a blind date When Eric s friend Andy loads the dice Eric finds himself in a room with said man Jamie But Jamie hasnt done this before and Eric is out of practise After this one night Eric knows he wants and breaks all the party rules They embark on fulfilling Jamie s fantasies and a few of Eric s but what will happen when the list gets to the bottomI love MM and I love BDSM and so this one should push all my buttons and floated all my boats However it just didnt uite work for me Dont get me wrong its a good book its well written its just pulls face cos cant find the right wordnice Its the only word i can put to it NICEI did LOVE the way Eric introduces things to Jamie the communication is second to none and they has everything out beforehand It wasnt such a hard core introduction its like a gentle slide into the lifestyle and Eric and Jamie work hard at getting where they want to be Its written entirely from Eric s point of view and I would like to have heard from Jamie too Im not a fan of books written from a single person s point of viewIts a bit of a how to begin BDSM sort of book Like I said its well written some of the scenes are beautiful in their emotions There is no major falling out not shocking plot twist no vicious ex turning up its just plods along until they get to the bottom of the list and thats the only scene that REALLY did it for me the last one If you havent read any BDSM books before this might be one to start Its not a full on in yer face thing that some books are A good one too for MM newbies Just didnt uite work for me3 fangsreviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

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