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  • 03 September 2017
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Her Alpha Wolf Download Ý 108 Walker With the help of the Alpha and his ghost sister the trouble chasing Gwen has to be stopped before Gwen joins her boss in death This erotic romance novella is approximately 26000 words and is intended for mature audiences only While it does contain a paranormal e. OMGThis book is a uick read 123 pages in total but it manages to get so much in there it s incredible over just the first six pages we re introduced to Gwen Daly a lonely and hardworking twenty two year old paralegal we get a good idea of what her life is like and what she feels is missing then there s werewolves a murder and a ghost and yes that s just the first six pagesI liked both the main characters Gwen and Simon and while I ve read books with daddydaughter play in them before this is taken to a whole new level for me and the thing I thought I would object to well it s hard because of the way it s written it s so sweet and Simon explains what he s doing and his reasons why It s a good job this is a short book because I couldn t put it down although I think part of that might have been me trying to work out what on earth would appear next it s certainly an entertaining read

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Her Alpha Wolf Download Ý 108 Gwen Daly an innocent paralegal was going about her workday when trouble came strolling in under the guise of humanity When that trouble transforms into two huge monstrous beasts who waste no time murdering her boss Gwen runs straight into the arms of Alpha wolf Simon. What a delightful new author I have foundContrary to what the title leads you to believe I would not really call this a shifter book Though the H is a werewolf and there are some parts where the characters go all fierce and furry they are few and far between This is a DL book DaddyLittle and the H takes it seriously lives it breathes it spanks it into the heroine until she gets itI ll admit I ve read a few age play books but I ve never really been able to get into the genre because as a fellow GR friend said in her review they come across pretty dumb and it is hard to identify with the characters That s not the case here as Gwen s transition into her new role was written pretty seamlessly and a background was given for her that made her acceptance of the lifestyle believableA few things I appreciated she did not baby talk he did not baby talk she did not lose her adult self completely he did not make her go to public parks and act like a childAll in all I enjoyed it and Ms Shiderly can write a scorching hot love scene even if she has to pen in taking a diaper off firstThe only reasons it lost the star from me were because of a few editing problems that took me out of the story like word repetition and a couple of typos and because of a personal pet peeve I know this is picky view spoilerHe drove his cock impossibly deeper She felt him prodding against her cervix The sensation shattered her and her body splinteredI don t know how many women out there have had this actually happen to them but the shit hurts and not just at the time of occurrence It hurts when it happens and then causes cramping for a good long while after So yeah picky personal pet peeve P hide spoiler

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Her Alpha Wolf Download Ý 108 Lement the paranormal aspect is actually very light Content also includes age play to include diapering domestic discipline bdsm virgin first time sex and an alpha male who intends to get his way If such content is offensive to you please do not buy or borrow this book. I received a copy of this erotic shifter story in exchange for a honest reviewThe main female character Gwen is a young 20ish year old who is meek and desires a Daddy figure in her life Simon is a local Alpha and takes on the daddy role with passion There are multiple spanking sessions followed by loving embraces Gwen accepts her new submissive role with the help of her emerging wolf and strengthens the bond between herself and her alphaIf you like age play and spankings this is a story to read