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  • A Land Called Deseret
  • Janet Dailey
  • English
  • 08 July 2019
  • 9780373219445
A Land Called Deseret

Read & Download A Land Called Deseret A Land Called Deseret Free download À 105 Janet Dailey Ô 5 Read L The lie stuck in her throat She couldn't find anything beautiful about this desolate country Nothing she finished with cold blatant truthfulnessYou could be right Travis. The h was the very unlikeable OW in two others in this Americana series and the H was a good guy who d been hurt also appearing in two different Dailey novelsBringing them together and making her likable was a real feat He put up with zero crap from her and helped her become a decent hardworking woman again a miracle of the writingI always liked him and liked who he helped her become Glad to see their HEAWish this series was written with Epilogues because they abruptly cut off when you d like to read about of what happened next

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Read & Download A Land Called Deseret A Land Called Deseret Free download À 105 Janet Dailey Ô 5 Read Considered her reply LaRaine felt his gaze on her Heat rushed through her body as she realized he was applying the description to her instead of the land a beautiful nothin. I became interested in the character Travis while reading For Bitter or Worse then finding out that he s the H in the final book of the series and here I amThe heroine was brought up in a selfish spoiled way She has never done a chore in her life and doesn t seem to care about other people s feelings than she cares about her own which is to say she doesn t for she doesn t seem to have any to begin with Her sole purpose in life is to be rich have fun fame and male attentionAt the same time which I think doesn t really add up she is someone who doesn t have much in life and apparently never received much love now fired from her job and poor she doesn t have the support of family or friends and everyone has seemingly abandoned her after everything she s doneThis is when she turns to the H for help ie money but he only offers her a job as a housekeeper Eventually during the course of learning how to do the chores and other organizational skills she really falls in love with Travis the land and the house which she sets on renovating and now thinks of as home The H fortunately has pretty much remained unchanged during the course of the whole book except that now he also fell in love with a changed h and learned how to trust herOr does he trust herThis is where I think the story cracks a bitNear the final of the book he finds her holding a Christmas card she found in the middle of his belongings and is understandably saddened and suspicious of her motives in anger immediately assuming she hasn t changed after all and sending her awayThe final scene takes place when he comes in her room at night to return her makeup and finds her crying her eyes out for having to leave the placeThe final scene is long and oh utterly unsatisfying I don t know about other people but I think they needed to make love first and discuss the other issues later or vice versa You cannot go from confessing your love in your breath and trying to convince the other person of it to rolling over and discuss the wedding arrangements and honeymoon to rolling over again and discuss when to have children That didn t make any sense to meTo make things worse they didn t clear out the huge misunderstanding and trust issue at handHave her tears convinced him then that she had really changed after all that she hadn t been snooping around That she didn t want to marry him for lack of a better choiceThere was definitely something missingAt this point I personally couldn t still feel sympathy for the h for it didn t feel like her hardships throughout the book had been enough to redeem her character Not even close For all she was wrong for she never once learned to say I m sorry for anything She didn t really prove her love for Travis than shedding tears though it may have created a floodIt just seemed too easy to place a bad character in a completely different and practically secluded environment making them adapt to the place and then call them a changed personI thought that LaRaine needed to have lived there for much longer and needed opportunities to prove that she had really changed and loved Travis like she would still choose him and that lifestyle even when there were other wealthy men around and she had other options that she had learn what kindness and loyalty mean Not just mention itI love this sort of theme but as it is now I was left a bit unsatisfied

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Read & Download A Land Called Deseret A Land Called Deseret Free download À 105 Janet Dailey Ô 5 Read Are you admiring the view he askedYes LaRaine agreed without turning She didn't want Travis McCrea to see the brightness of the unshed tears in her eyesIt's a vast beautifu.