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characters The Politics of Genocide Edward S. Herman ✓ 0 free read free read The Politics of Genocide 100 T indiscriminately when murders are committed or are alleged to have been committed by enemies of the United States and US business interests One set of rules applies to cases such as US aggression in Vietnam Israeli oppression of Palestinians Indonesian slaughter of so called communists and the people of East Timor US bombings in Serbia and Kosovo the US war of liberation in Ira and mass murders committed by US allies in Rwanda and the Republic of Congo Another set applies to cases such as Serbian aggression in Kosov. This book offers some interesting alternative perspective on topics that are often seen as straight up factual and non debatable Rwanda Kosovo Darfur etc The scholarship is excellent although there are cases in which the sources are a little difficult to corroborate This does not mean that they are wrong it just means that readers should keep an open mind and not uickly come to any conclusions Overall this book is extremely engaging and an excellent addition to any critical thinker s book collection

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characters The Politics of Genocide Edward S. Herman ✓ 0 free read free read The Politics of Genocide 100 O and Bosnia killings carried out by US enemies in Rwanda and Darfur Saddam Hussein any and all actions by Iran and a host of othersWith its careful and voluminous documentation close reading of the US media and political and scholarly writing on the subject and clear and incisive charts The Politics of Genocide is both a damning condemnation and stunning expose of a deeply rooted and effective system of propaganda aimed at deceiving the population while promoting the expansion of a cruel and heartless imperial system. An extremely valuable book very informative on the uncertainties regarding various issues many cases are not as clear cut as some would have you believe Exemplary scholarship has been conducted by the authors who cite many credible and reliable sources and draw on their own research at times too

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characters The Politics of Genocide Edward S. Herman ✓ 0 free read free read The Politics of Genocide 100 In this impressive book Edward S Herman and David Peterson examine the uses and abuses of the word genocide They argue persuasively that the label is highly politicized and that in the United States it is used by the government journalists and academics to brand as evil those nations and political movements that in one way or another interfere with the imperial interests of US capitalism Thus the word genocide is seldom applied when the perpetrators are US allies or even the United States itself while it is used almos. This book is somewhat problematic and is to be read with a pinch of salt It doesn t define what genocide is which then flexes the term when dealing with several recent war atrocities What s in many cases it takes a radical stance which presents an alternative narrative to events that the world most of it agreed upon For example the genocide in Rwanda is presented as a result of the actions of RPF and not radical Hutu forces He also claimed the RPF are the ones who fired the missile on the Rwandan president an event which to my knowledge is far from being solved Above all he doesn t explain or even refers to the killing of the hundred of thousands Tutsis and the cruelty taking place in April 1994 I was shocked to read that in the events in Rwanda the author put the word genocide in uotation marks uestioning the basic fact of the mass murder He also claims the US the villain in all of the case studies in this book supported the RPF This may be true but in reality the US did nothing to prevent the Rwandan genocide He also claims that the fact that both Tutsi and Hutus sat in the same government is evidence that the genocide was not planned but in reality he doesn t refer to the extremist lady s clan group the poisonous radio broadcasts before and while the genocide happened and the fact that international pressure on dictators to democratize their country sometimes ends up in a tragic backlash In other cases having been living in one of the places he writes about I can say which is probably relevant to cases I m less familiar with that this book ignores the processes that lead to a war counts on local journalists which I never heard of and present controversial UN reports that even their author later regretted as absolute truths The book rightly claims that the politics of genocide is cynical and full of interest rather than truth seeking and the preventing of genocides While it s refreshing to read an alternative narrative It seems like you ll have to pick up severalMore books to study the genocides of the 20th century because this one is politically very heavily shifted and not balanced

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