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  • The Latin Lover's Secret Child
  • Jane Porter
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  • 01 September 2017
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The Latin Lover's Secret Child

characters The Latin Lover's Secret Child review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ï Jane Porter Jane Porter Ï 9 Read Induced coma with partial amnesiaLucio doesn't know how he'll bear such close proximity to the woman who was once the very air he breathed and who thinks that they were still married but he knows he'll go through hell if she needs him As Anabella slo. I loved this story The ending alone is worth five stars I did feel like parts were missing What happened when they first left Why were they separated How did they find each other again It was like I had amnesia just like the heroine You never doubted his love for her Ever At about 60% he acted out of character saying once they were done with the trip he was gone and I am like what did I miss It bounced all over Basic plot is that heroine wanted a divorce and kept hounding him for one until he Just gave up and said okay She gets sick and she thinks its five years earlier She is in love with him but keeps crying about the baby she thinks was stolen everyone is telling her she miscarried but she seems to waiver on that as she floats in and out of reality The hero comes and nurses her back to health and somehow the hero starts to wonder too The rest is their journey back to each other while travelling on horseback following clues Just a beautiful story Loved it

review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ï Jane Porter

characters The Latin Lover's Secret Child review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ï Jane Porter Jane Porter Ï 9 Read Wly regains her memory their love becomes even stronger but can it withstand Anabella's painful and possibly truthful assertion that the child she bore before they married did not miscarry but survived from the review by The Romance Readers Connectio. I love the Secret BabyChild trope and this book does it so damn goodAna gets pregnant for Lucio when she s 17 She s sent to a remote boarding school for pregnant girls where she loses her baby Or so she believes until an illness 5 years causes her to lose her memory but remember that she had a child that was stolen from her I loved the way this story was written Ana s desperation is so vivid Lucio s love for Ana is clear from the start He would do anything for her even trust in her unbelievable story when she appears to be losing her mind My only complaint is that I wanted of a back story of how Ana s baby got stolen and who knew about it was responsible for it I m guessing her mother had a lot to do with that Such a great book It left me craving

characters The Latin Lover's Secret Child

characters The Latin Lover's Secret Child review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ï Jane Porter Jane Porter Ï 9 Read Lucio Cruz gets a second chance to make his marriage work when he's called to help in the recovery of his soon to be ex wife Anabella Galvan Cruz After contracting encephalitis while on an antiues buying trip in China Anabella awoke from a medically. This is the 4th book in the Galvan Brides series Annabella Galvan who we met in the 1st book Dante s Debt is the youngest of the Galvan siblings Lucio Cruz is a gorgeous passionate and now a very wealthy Argentinean tycoon and owner of one of the top wine companies in the countryHe s been in love with Annabella since she was seventeen the daughter of the aristocratic and wealthy Galvans and he just a poor gaucho They married against her family s wishes and began growing apart after a few years and have been living separate lives for some timeLucio is asked by her family to help Annabella who keeps asking for him She has five years of her life due to amnesia when she contracted encephalitis and believes she is still married to himLucio tries to help her regain her memory and Annabella keeps remember bits and pieces and tells him that they have to find their baby son But both had been told that she had a miscarriage and that the baby had died But Anabella keeps talking about the babyWith the help of Alonso Huntsman they find their child who is now 5 years old named TadeoThis is such an emotional book The love pain suffering and their undying love touches your heartLucio is by far the most gorgeous and fabulous hero of the series I imagine him to look like Nachos Figueras He has such passion and heartIn the beginning I wasn t sure if I like Annabella that much After all she s the youngest sister a stunningly beautiful spoilt girl surrounded by the wealth and entitlement of the Galvan family But along the way she became someone discovering another side of life The time she spent with Lucio and the gauchos in the pampas when she meets his brother changed her and she becomes a better person for thatSo much hope in their future together as a familyI also loved the way Jane Porter uses the Spanish language in the dialoguecarida flaca chica mi amor mi mujerI would love to read the continuation of the familylike their children and their storiesPlease Jane write some books on the Galvan Dynasty