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Stoker Munro Free download ☆ 104 Allant one' Stoker Munro was just an inexperienced seventeen year old knockabout kid when he went to war but he turned out to be an extraordinary survivor The sinking of the Perth was only the beginning of his war Stoker suffered through years of harsh imprisonment in Java and the infamous Changi prison camp as well as the horrors of the Thai Burma Railway Then just as conditions improved he was shipped off to Japan and another disaster Stoker Munro Survivor is a simple but moving account of a young sailor's war as.

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Stoker Munro Free download ☆ 104 A simple moving vivid and heartbreaking account of one young sailor's eventful war I heard the cries of scared men yelling they couldn't swim but they jumped in regardless I pulled off my new boots dropped them on the deck and clutching my tobacco tin jumped overboard feet first We were a good distance away from the sinking Perth when two torpedoes slammed into it and we watched silently as our ship slid under Suddenly we were alone at sea in a pitch black night in an overcrowded Carley float Someone said 'Goodbye g.

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Stoker Munro Free download ☆ 104 Told to his close friend David Spiteri Stoker's voice clear distinctive laidback and larrikin with an ability to find the humour in just about any situation epitomises everything that is great about the ANZAC spirit courage resilience and the sheer refusal to lie down and be beaten The story of Stoker Darby Munro's survival is an epic of the human spirit In our time when the word hero is flung around so lightly this book reflects upon genuine heroism We forget these stories and these lives at our peril' Mike Carlton.

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