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Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê Seichō Matsumoto Seichō Matsumoto Ê 6 characters characters 霧の旗 Hope so he sent her away advising her to find a local lawyer or something Now Kiriko plots to avenge her brother entirely pro bon. Revenge and injustice are the themes of this Seicho Matsumoto crime thriller It is the third of his books that I have read and it is on a par with Inspector Imanishi Investigates Both novels are set in early 1960s Tokyo And both capture the uniue atmosphere and setting of the time and place In fact that is what separates Matsumato from so many other Japanese mystery writers He evokes his era and place better than anyone elseAnd for its time Pro Bono takes on something of a controversial air It presents one of the most complicated plots of revenge imaginable But it is revenge made possible only by luck In working these elements into his story Matsumoto is walking between two worlds On one hand he allows the meticulous clockwork precision of a crime to play out before the readers eyes But it is also a storyline that is wrapped in the circumstances of modernism and nihilism the factor of chance that really dominates everyone s life In so doing Pro Bono wanders through the worlds of both the classical detective and hard boiled private eyeThe other component of Pro Bono is its social theme the injustice wealth gives to access to the Japanese legal system It throws the readers sympathies in this book into a uandary For justice to emerge at the end means an unjust act must be acuiesced to Who to favor in those circumstances Outstanding fiction

Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê Seichō Matsumoto霧の旗

Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê Seichō Matsumoto Seichō Matsumoto Ê 6 characters characters 霧の旗 When Kiriko Yanagida first came to Otsuka's law offices she had only a familial conviction of her brother's innocence despite his. I enjoyed the novel but felt like I was watching a current crime tv show the kind that recaps everything for you after every commercial break

Seichō Matsumoto Ê 6 characters

Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê Seichō Matsumoto Seichō Matsumoto Ê 6 characters characters 霧の旗 Confessing to the murder To the high profile and high priced lawyer Otsuka this small town girl's belief was nothing than naive. From my book blog wwwJetBlackDragonflyblogspotcomSeicho Matsumoto is one of my favourite mystery writers I loved the first book of his I read Inspector Imanishi Investigates and have highly recommended it Another of his mysteries Points and Lines is also highly recommended and both appear on the Tozai Top 100 Mystery Novels of the East and West voted on by the Mystery Writers of Japan which he was the president of from 1963 to 1971 Points wins spot 3 and Imanishi earns 53I have taken Points and Lines out of the library a few times over the years enjoying it again each time I m going to admit to you now that I once left a small note in pencil for the next reader at the end of the book recommending his other books if you liked that one A few years later I took the book out and read it again and came across my own forgotten noteI was very excited to discover a translation of his 1961 book Kiri no Hata Vertical Inc publishes a lot of great foreign authors and this was just released in English with the title Pro BonoMatsumoto created a new tradition of popular crime novels which dispense with puzzles and incorporate human psychology and ordinary life Pro Bono is a methodical crime novel with lots of details revealed so you can follow along and not be left in the dark as in a mysterySet in the early 60 s Kiriko travels from Kyushu to Tokyo to implore a famous lawyer to take on her brother s case He has been accused of killing a moneylender but she is adamant he is not guilty The lawyer is very reluctant as she is both interrupting his plans for the day and cannot afford his fee She begs him to read the case and help out of compassion He declines Her brother is then executed leaving Kiriko distraught and the lawyer remorseful and guilty over his conductThis begins the story of how Kiriko becomes a Tokyo bar hostess with other people from Kyushu and inadvertently gets involved with another murder being the only witness who can save the accused on death row and how the lawyer feels compelled to investigate her late brother s case from a sense of neglected duty which nags away at himKiriko s involvement in the new murder and the lawyer s uest for belated justice soon weave together into a final twist endingPro Bono was like his other novels less of a mystery The plot turns on the evidence and the details of the cases are gone over several times from different characters points of view The subject of the investigation is not just the crime but also the society in which the crime was committedThe main theme of the novel exposes the failings of the justice system where you can only get proper counsel if you can afford it and the society at large where individuals are defined by their inactions than their actions The unwillingness to step outside of your position or open yourself up to a stranger is the cause of numerous false moves down a road you cannot returnI d recommend Pro Bono if you like crime based mysteries but I d rather send you to my favourite Inspector Imanishi Investigates for the best from a master Japanese mystery writer

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