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Gareth Peirce ¶ 7 read & download Dispatches from the Dark Side characters Ü 7 In this set of devastating yet elegant essays Gareth Peirce analyzes the corruption of legal principles and practices in both the US and the UK that has accompanied the ‘War on Terror’ Exploring the few cases of torture that have come to light such as those of Guantánamo detainees Shafi Rasul and Binyam Mohamed Peirce. This is an excellent collection of essays regarding the legality of the activity of the UK during and after The War on Terror

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Dispatches from the Dark Side

Gareth Peirce ¶ 7 read & download Dispatches from the Dark Side characters Ü 7 Argues that they are evidence of a deeply entrenched culture of impunity among those investigating presumed radicals among British Muslim nationals and residents who constitute the new suspect community in the UKPeirce shows that the British government has colluded in a whole range of extrajudicial activities rendition in. It s only a matter of time before each of us is extraordinarily rendered to Guantanamo Bay for unauthorised thoughts or leaving the wheelie bins out so we can only hope that when the time comes Gareth Peirce is appointed our lawyer This is a ferocious little pill of a book comprising four essays on the powers and authorities that view themselves as being outside the rule of law The first essay concerns the complicity of the British security services in post 911 extraordinary rendition actions later found to be illegal The second skewers the framing of Abdelbaset al Megrahi for the Lockerbie bombings and one can only feel sad for the victims families destined ever to be denied the name of who ordered Pan Am Flight 103 brought down The third essay draws on Peirce s experience defending the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six to show how the injustices perpetrated by the security services during the Troubles are being re visited upon Britain s Muslims today Finally Peirce advances the proposition that the United States can no longer be trusted as an international citizen beholden only to itself and breaching international law with impunityIt s all uite powerful and forensic stuff and this reader wished there was a bit than 100 pages to it but presumably there are greater struggles to be fought inter alia at the time of writing stopping Julian Assange s extradition

Gareth Peirce ¶ 7 read & download

Gareth Peirce ¶ 7 read & download Dispatches from the Dark Side characters Ü 7 Ternment without trial torture and has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal its actions Its devices for maintaining secrecy are probably deep rooted than those of any other comparable democracy If the government continues along this path Peirce argues it will destroy the moral and legal fabric it claims to be protectin. Gareth Peirce is a human rights lawyer who can also write elegant essays on her work and its implications Many lawyers can write of course but Peirce sets a wider context drawing on a multitude of cases in this short book Perhaps the most depressing is the chapter on the experience of Muslims in Britain but especially of those extradited or rendered so that they have fallen into the hands of the US government and prison system In describing the injustices suffered she doesn t perhaps surprisingly focus on Guantanamo but on what will happen to those convicted in the US courts themselves They can expect long prison terms often in isolation cells on the flimsiest of evidence The book is a reminder of the vital role played by the European Court in often preventing extradition but offers no comfort to those who are tried in the US itself they have little prospect of a successful appeal and no recourse to international law

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