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Free read Biting the Moon 107 In a uniue departure from her acclaimed Richard Jury novels bestselling author Martha Grimes presents a lyrical coming of age journey Chicago Sun Times featuring two characters from her pre. Warning This book contains graphic animal cruelty and has little to no resolution at the end Grimes main character is an amnesiac who likes to rescue animals She and her new friend go on a journey to figure out what happened to her and why she can t remember it The trip is suspenseful but it s a little bit mystifying how two girls neither of whom have a drivers license or even know how to drive can make it from Santa Fe to the middle of Idaho without getting pulled over I found myself rushing through to find out what has happened but I think I might have missed something because lots of it didn t make sense I really liked Grimes Hotel Paradise but everything I ve read by her since then hasn t been as entertaining This book does have a seuel though so hopefully there will be some resolution there

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Free read Biting the Moon 107 Hope Together the two track down the one person who holds the key to the girl's identity The man who abducted herA HARROWING ROAD TRIP New York Times Book ReviewMESMERIZING Los Angeles Time. I had previously read Dakota which I really enjoyed But when I heard there was a preuel I thought maybe now we will find out who Andi is and where she came from But no that didn t really happen There were a lot of far fetched things but the author still leaves you hanging about what Andi s life was like before her amnesia A little disappointed

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Free read Biting the Moon 107 Vious novels A nameless young woman awakes in a strange bed and breakfast with a message that her Daddy will soon return Fearing the worst she flees into the wilderness and meets Mary Dark. I listened to this book on CD so couldn t skim over the really horrible parts I found this book gruesome implausible inaccurate and totally unenjoyable not to mention stupid I listened to the end because I had to know how it ended I really think it was a waste of time I m sort of glad I do know the ending but am not the least bit interested in any in this series or by this author

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