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Darwin and Politics

CHARACTERS ↠ Darwin and Politics ProjectsThe evidence he argues is all around from Charles Darwin's own liberal sympathies to the anti racist implications of mankind's common descent to the cultural evolution of societies toward greater tolerance peacefulness and industry Just as human descent is common many human values and aspirations are also common and these are the foundations of a rational liberalism one based firmly in evolutionary scienceEvolutionary psychology thoug.

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CHARACTERS ↠ Darwin and Politics In this month's Cato Unbound Professor Larry Arnhart makes the case for a classical liberalism grounded in the insights of evolutionary psychology Well known as the author of the book Darwinian Conservatism which stresses the importance of evolutionary thought to a conservative political viewpoint here Arnhart emphasizes that evolutionary biology can be a friend to liberalism too Indeed Darwinian Liberalism is the title of one of his current.

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CHARACTERS ↠ Darwin and Politics H remains a controversial field and it stands to reason that its extension into politics will be controversial too This month we've recruited a group of eminent scientists to examine Arnhart's claims in detail Developmental biologist PZ Myers of the popular science blog Pharyngula behavioral scientist Herbert Gintis and anthropologist Lionel Tiger will each weigh in over the course of the next two weeks followed by a discussion among all four.