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review ☆ Heartland Wedding Storm with the town's blacksmith and no one believes her time with Pete Benjamin was totally innocent To protect her Pete offers Rebecca his hand in marriagebut the grieving. Totally in love with this series I think this one is my favorite so far I just love the fact that redemption is seen throughout the whole storyactually the whole series The characters are so loveable Forgiveness is an issue we all struggle with and have to come to terms The hardest forgiveness comes in forgiving ourselves and I think Renee portrays that beautifully in this story Rebecca s patient loving finally does get through Pete in the end Despite the fact that their marriage wasn t planned and that it came about rather uickly the lessons they both learned were ones that are something everyone struggles with And I love the fact that she brings in the stigma that immigrants had back then It s a key element in the story that ultimately is used for God s glory Can t wait to see how the series ends

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review ☆ Heartland Wedding Rebecca Gunderson's fresh start in High Plains Kansas is destroyed when a deadly tornado wrecks the immigrant's new home and her reputation Everyone knows Rebecca rode out the. I have read and loved many of Renee Ryan s books and this one was another excellent workThis is the second book in a three book series in the LI Historical line After the Storm It is a continuing series so to fully appreciate and understand what s going on they should be read in orderA tornado hit the land a month ago it happens in the first book The citizens are still trying to recoup from the devastation and aftermath The twins are still missing yet some can just not give up hope that they will be foundDuring the storm Rebecca was dragged into the cellar by blacksmith Pete Benjamin when her life is in great danger Now the town busybody makes it known that perhaps she lured the poor vulnerable widower into the cellar and took advantage of his weakened conditionIn true Renee Ryan solution she has them marrie

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review ☆ Heartland Wedding Widower can't give her his heart Is Rebecca trusting her happiness to a man trapped in the past Or will faith and trust finally bring them through the storm to a brighter futu. I highly recommend this novella Heartland Wedding is about a young lady who moves to High Plains to be with her brother A tornado comes through the town and forces her to share a storm cellar with the town s blacksmith A month later the town has gossips going everywhere about that afternoon The gossips becomes so intense that the blacksmith marries the lady to stop the gossips But after they are married Pete reveals that they can only have a marriage in name Rebecca wants a real marriagewill she ever know what a true companionship is

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