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Lies Lies Lies review ☆ 104 Daisy and Simon's marriage is great isn't it After years together the arrival of longed for daughter Millie sealed everything in place A happy little family of three And so what if Simon. I went into this one blind well Adele Parks had written it and that was good enough for me Happily I wasn t disappointedWith a title of Lies Lies Lies it s clear that there will be secrets galore some of them close to the surface just waiting to be discovered whilst others are deeply buried and closely guardedDaisy a primary school teacher and interior designer husband Simon should have a great life since their marriage was completed 6 years ago with the birth of their daughter Millie after many IVF failures However Simon s drinking is getting out of control and where once upon a time Daisy would have made excuses for his behaviour it s obvious that it s become an addiction but of course Simon thinks she s making a big deal out of nothing and their once happy marriage begins to crumbleI won t go into any detail about the storyline other than it deals with some really difficult issues including alcohol addiction sexual violence and post natal depression The characters are mostly flawed and not always likeable but that adds an extra level of interest It was a riveting read with many surprises along the way and then came that ending I thought the truth had already been revealed but then right at the very end the REAL truth came out The massive secret that I never even guessed at Terrific Thank you to Netgalley and H for my ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange

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Lies Lies Lies review ☆ 104 E will never be the same againIn Lies Lies Lies Sunday Times bestseller Adele Parks explores the darkest corners of a relationship in freefall in a mesmerising tale of marriage and secre. Wow where do I start Deep breath This book is like a runaway train with its many twists and turns ups and downs not knowing where it s final destination will be and as exhilarating as a runaway trainThis book should come with a warning Totally Addictive clear you re diary before commencing I read this in one day and absolutely LOVED itSimon and Daisy seem like a happy couple with their daughter Millie They had tried to conceive for several years and she is very special to them Simon has always loved a drink but now his drinking has spiralled out of control which leads to a dangerous accidentWhat is there not to like about this book There are secrets galore and you never know what will happen next which keeps you guessing until the end Finished this and had to take a minute to take in the ending My head is spinningWill definitely be on the look out for Adele Parks next book with bated breath This is my first but definitely not the last I will read of hersA massive 10 out of 10 with 5 stars for this amazing storyYou may have guessed I liked this bookThank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review

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Lies Lies Lies review ☆ 104 Drinks a bit too much sometimes Daisy's used to it she knows he's letting off steam Until one night at a party things spiral horribly out of control And that happy little family of thre. Lies come in every shape and size From a harmless itty bitty white lie to show stopping whoppers And as the title would imply this book has them allDaisy and Simon have been living a uiet comfortable life with their daughter Millie and their close knit group of friends Having just learned that Daisy may have lied to him Simon s drinking goes off the rails leading to a devastating accident which leaves him incarcerated for years Now Simon is about to be released it s unknown if Daisy will even consider taking him back Or worse has she moved on with an old school friend Brace yourself At this point the lies come fast and furious Brain rattling jaw droppers included Told from both perspectives of Daisy and Simon the book flowed smoothly Though the first half rolled out slowly as the story line developed the second half left me white knuckling my kindle Adele Parks writes a finely crafted twisty thriller that provides non stop shocking moments as each lie is revealedThank you to NetGalley Harleuin Trade Publishing MIRA and Adele Parks for an ARC to read and review

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