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Free read Healing the Soldier's Heart Read ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Lily George Lily George É 0 Read E Lucy Williams a volunteer at the Veterans' Group in Bath does he begin to feel happiness is within reach Penniless governesses can't afford dreams of romance Lucy Williams is resigned to lifelong spinsterhood until James enters her. 35 starsI received this book from the GoodReads First Reads giveawaysThis book started uick for me and I was extremely excited to begin reading it The idea that this man had such a strong case of PTSD that he had trouble speaking to but three people in his acuaintance was right up my alley for kinds of troubled characters I liked It was about halfway through however that it began to slow down I m not sure if it was because I knew exactly what would happen it is a Harleuin novel after all or what but I was easily distracted in the middle of the bookI ve never read any other books from Lily George so I didn t know the background of the characters that you can apparently gather from the other books in the series but as someone who didn t even know that there were other books in the series until I finished the book and read the author s note in the back I can affirm that this book can be read as a stand alone Perhaps it would have drawn me in if I had known the characters from the beginningJames had a lot to overcome to forgive himself and to move on from what had transpired during the war and it was sweet to see Lucy helping him overcome everything simply because none of it bothered her She didn t care about what he d done or that he had a stutter what mattered to her was who he was now It was a very sweet romance not one of those romances that are all about sex which was nice to read about for a change There are so many books that start physical relationships right from the beginning that it was nice to just read about the romance between the two characters Overall it was a sweet little read though not exactly my tastes because I m not usually very big on historical novels

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Free read Healing the Soldier's Heart Read ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Lily George Lily George É 0 Read Life His mother opposes the match Lucy herself is sure the chasm between their ranks is too wide But now that she has helped heal James he intends to overcome every obstacle between themand emerge victorious in the battle for her love. This is the third in the Brides of Waterloo series by Lily George I didn t realize this when I picked up the book though Normally there s a little graphic on the front of back cover identifying it as a part of a seriesDespite not knowing it was a part of the series it was a great story and was uite capable of being a stand alone piece I enjoyed all of the characters even the antagonists because their motives were sympathetic It was a uick read The novel is set in Bath and I had the pleasure of reading it while visiting Bath on holiday It really put the area into perspective

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Free read Healing the Soldier's Heart Read ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Lily George Lily George É 0 Read The Soldier's HomecomingEnsign James Rowland was fortunate to return from Waterloo unscathed at least in body But guilt from that terrible battle has left him almost mute and crushed in spirit Only in the company of sweet compassionat. James and LucyJames has returned from Waterloo a broken man His scars come from his cowardice not any physical wounds He is mute except to a couple of his brothers in arms one of which thinks it would help if Lucy were to read to him It s pretty obvious from the start that Lucy stirs his heart considering she gets a word out of him And soon he s talking a but The planned reading doesn t happen than a time or two though because James suddenly decides that he needs to get back into the work force and finds himself playing carpenter They tend to get thrown together a few times and finally get their heads straightA very enjoyable book with some old friends from previous Lily George books

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