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Characters ´ DOUBLE STUFFED 107 Double penetrationit wasn’t all that long ago that the very idea was ludicrous Now it’s one of the biggest fantasies around and at Naughty Daydreams Press we love presenting fantasies In this collection of five double penetration erotica stories you’ll find beautiful babes taking it in all their holes There’s gangbang sex double team sex and 1 TESSA’S GANGBANG DOUBLE PENETRATION A First Anal Sex Erotica Story by DP BackhausTessa doesn’t mind casual relationships at all but her friend Desiree really wants her to settle down and have a serious relationship To shut her up she agrees to go out on a double date but Desiree has ulterior motives If Tessa wants casual sex Desiree’s going to make sure she gets all she can take Will the rough gangbang filled with deepthroat first anal sex and double penetration finally get Tessa to think about slowing down2 ALEXIS BETWEEN TWO BUDDIES A Rough Double Penetration Short by Kate YoungbloodAlexis is excited about the opportunity to catch up with her good friends from college She Ryan Adam and Tammy have been inseparable even though distance keeps them from seeing each other than a few times per year After dinner sh.

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Characters ´ DOUBLE STUFFED 107 E invites everyone back to her place but a babysitter crisis keeps Tammy from joining the fun No problem Alexis can have a good time catching up with her best buds from college even if her girlfriend can’t make it It’ll be fun Adam and Ryan have their own ideas about fun though For them fun is Alexis cock bending her over for a first anal sex and a very intense double penetration3 THE BEST FRIDAY NIGHT EVER A MILF Gangbang erotica story by Nancy BrocktonJocelyn needs a good vacation to get over her divorce and with her ex husband taking the twins for her time in Italy she’s determined to have a wonderful time On her last Friday in Italy she takes in a club and there she meets Amedeo and decides to go home with him for a fun European sex fling before she heads home Of course Amedeo didn’t tell her that his cousins would show up and her European sex fling would include handcuffs a ball gag her first anal sex her first double penetration and hardcore milf gangbang fun4 YOU’RE TAKING BOTH OF US A Very Rough and Reluctant Double Team Anal erotica story by Veronica HalsteadSue is ready to say goodbye to her cheating boyfriend Jimmy but Jimmy begs her to come.

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Characters ´ DOUBLE STUFFED 107 Over If he can’t stay with her he’s going to enjoy her body one last time and even if he is a cheating jerk; he’s not all bad After all he’s invited his old high school buddy to join in on the fun Just a few minutes after stepping into the house Sue has two cocks to deal with and these boys don’t care how reluctant she is to take them on She’ll experience deep throat her first anal sex and semen swallowing as the men double team her so hard she can’t walk Does it make her some kind of a slut that she actually likes it5 KATARINA’S FIRST DOUBLE TEAM SEX ENCOUNTER A Hot Wife Share Double Team erotica story by Debbie BrownstoneWill has always wondered at Jake’s remarkable persistence For his friend every no is just a yes that will come later And it’s worked for Jake He has a beautiful mansion and an incredible wife Jake likes to share his good fortune too Within moments of arriving Jake tells Will “Bang my hot wife” Katarina is excited by the prospect too and it doesn’t take long before she stuffed full with two cocks at the same timeWarning This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various double penetration s.

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