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Doom Platoon

Doom Platoon Summary ´ 107 THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE – ONE PLATOON HAD TO HOLD THE PANZER LEHR DIVISION The Germans were beaten but no one had thought to tell them So they launched a lightning attack through the Ardennes right over the US 25th.

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Doom Platoon Summary ´ 107 The sea There was a narrow spot on the road to Dillendorf The second platoon was ordered to hold it against a Panzer division; to hold it until noon No one expected them to survive but Sergeant Mazursky refused to d.

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Doom Platoon Summary ´ 107 Infantry There was a big depot at Dillendorf If the German tanks could be kept from it they’d run out of gas and the attack could be stopped If the Panzers took the depot nothing would stop them until they reached.

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