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SUMMARY Doctor Dread 107 R Anwar is hired to go undercover and find out who he is Meanwhile Captain Hameed and Colonel Faridi are trying to figure out why a mentally deranged man who thinks he’s an angel is being kept imprisoned in a five s. The First Book I picked of Ibn e Safi the first thing I noticed is that his main protagonist Captain Faridi is not Larger than life I will knock you with my sexapades In fact Hameed probably Watson to Sherlock Holmes gets space than Himmaybe thats the case in this particular book Nevertheless considering the relevance and the times it was written inand the socio economic conditions of IndiaPakistan the author has definitely gone out of the League or must say stereotype Very few BooksLiterature can be dated in the category of SuspenseThriller from that era Coming to Doctor Dreadits an easy read there is no stomach churners or gripping seuences nevertheless the suspense is maintained till the last page and cannot be guessed throughoutThere are times when one feels Wellso but still stays on and reads for its simplicity and freshnessScientific experiments and discoveries are well imagined In the End I definitely need to pick books of Ibn e Safi and understand his Characters and Work

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SUMMARY Doctor Dread 107 A 1957 Urdu detective novel translated by Shamsur Rahman Farui Book #63 of the Jasusi Dunya Series The wealthy widow Begum Irshad is being blackmailed by a mysterious foreigner Crime reporter and freelance investigato. The fourth and last part of the Doctor Dread Finch seriesand the final confrontation between the twowith one emerging triumphantA female member of parliament is being blackmailed and her daughter elicits the help of crime reporter AnwarDespite his criminal activitiesFinch gets the sympathies of Fareedi due to mitigating circumstancesOverallhoweverthe story dragged25 stars


SUMMARY Doctor Dread 107 Tory building As bullets fly and the bodycount rises it begins to look as though both cases may be related to the ongoing feud between the tiny monkey faced killer named Finch and the American arch criminal Doctor Dre. One of the worst books I ve ever finished Bought this book in Delhi didn t notice that the uote trying to sell the book was from Dr AKhan the father of the Pakistani nuclear weapons Not a great person from whom to get in a recommendation in my eyes And the book was just weird and dull none of the characters at all believable nor was the story line Not even enough about local culture to make it of interest I can t even give this book away