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Read  Synthespians(TM) (Past Doctor Adventures) 104 Read º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Craig Hinton characters Synthespians(TM) (Past Doctor Adventures) We are the Nestenes We have been colonising other planets for a thousand million years' the new obsession and Reef Station One is receiving broadcasts from a distant Earth of the past Dixon of Dock Green and Z Cars are r. I have heard mixed reviews on this novel with some saying it was a decent read whilst others claimed it to be one of the worst who novels ever written but with me being curious I decided to pick this novel up and give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be much better then I thought it would beA very underrated novel with a bit of a slow pace at the start but soon picks up with an engaging story with plenty of action and with a menacing intimidating and clever villain with Mathieson and the return of the Nestene Consciousness But with a bit of a backstory to their beginningsI have heard Craig Hinton is an author who relies on a lot of fanwank for his stories but I found there wasn t that much in this one but I have heard the results of Time s Champion and uantum Arcangel which sound utterly bonkers But I think he can be very good at his own ideas and characterization The Sixth Doctor and Peri are really good in this whilst the story contained many interesting ideas about missing media being restored and the concept of nostalgia which is a huge basis for this story Overall A novel I really enjoyed and find to be an underrated gem 8510

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Read  Synthespians(TM) (Past Doctor Adventures) 104 Read º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Craig Hinton characters Synthespians(TM) (Past Doctor Adventures) Atings winners and the inhabitants of the New Earth Republic can't get enough race sees this human outpost as a last hope for survival and millionaire Walter J Matheson III sees it as a marvellous business opportunity fi. I absolutely despise this book An insulting stupid embarrassing and a really painful read Had so much potential and it does show some good but the negatives are awful I reviewed this almost a year ago on YouTube TJ Productions last year and it really left a bad taste in my mouth and a bad taste for the PDA range as I didn t have the best luck when it came to the range The Doctor and Peri arrive on reef station one A colony and a future society that s dependent on film and television From the cover it s doing a homage to the soap Dynasty The dialogue from the supporting characters to me is annoying and grating at times but that s a small issue compared to what I am going to discuss We are later aware of a character called Walter J Matheson who is head of the WJM Corporation and this business empire Plus what are the connections with him and the alien influence I don t think it s a spoiler at all because the cover tells it This novel features the Autons First big problem is the first 100 pages The book is soooo slow Tedious is an understatement It s onerous Very little plot build up The supporting characters I don t find likeable But Matheson was great A very two faced devious and nasty villain We see his real bad side by breaking down a character by taking over his business A Mobile Phone Technology Company and he goes so mental by the fact he ends up killing himself after because he couldn t handle the fact the business he build from the ground up is gone by a greedy selfish and evil man That stuff is good and the best part of the book but get s worse sadly The Sixth Doctor is done well but I had a problem with Peri s characterisation It wasn t right Not on the level of being incorrect like Warmonger The middle of the book I can tolerate but the concluding parts of the book I could not believe how far the book went in the shit territory Matheson s character fell flat at the end of the book and his motives I thought were terrible How could such as good character fall so far Craig Hinton destroyed the character in the concluding parts The Autons get overshadowed by Matheson and didn t have enough time to build up any kind of a threat And come on Baby Autons A Cringy and camp auton Exploding breasts What on gods earth was that Why Nonsensical The overall resolution of the book was a massive disaster It does at the a final section reference Time s Champion which never made it as a BBC PDA because of its controversial plot which the BBC didn t approve of to be apart of the range and was published as a unofficial charity bookI think this book struggles to identify what it really wants to be Sometimes it s goes for humour and comedy and other times the book can be really dark and gravitas The humour is stupid Baby Autons Cringy Auton at the end The exact line We are the autons darling I almost flipped out at that part it annoyed me that much It Didn t work and the book just doesn t come togetherWhen reading the final pages of the book all I did was sigh in utter disappointment Apparently it s a seuel to Spearhead from Space It insults the story Overall this is the most disappointing embarrassing stupid and insulting Doctor Who book I ve ever read To be honest by thinking about it it might be the worst Doctor Who story of all time for me If not absolutely the most disappointing Doctor Who story Not just Doctor Who but this is one of the worst books I ve ever read Some people do like this book and I wish I was one of them Sadly I am not 110YouTube In Depth Review TJ Productions

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Read  Synthespians(TM) (Past Doctor Adventures) 104 Read º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Craig Hinton characters Synthespians(TM) (Past Doctor Adventures) Lm and TV They also discover that the Republic's greatest entrepreneur is in league with one of the Doctor's oldest enemies and the Nestenes Because if they don't they could end up in the deadliest soap opera of all time. I have to admit if there s anything challenging than writing a Fifth Doctor novel and bringing out his subtler finer ualities it s writing a Sixth Doctor novel and doing your level best to keep him from being annoying Craig Hinton s SynthespiansTM makes a valiant effort at this there was only one time I found the Doctor acting in a way that seemed actively irritating and it was done in a way that was mercifully brief At other points in the book he had of an air of just being loud and impulsive and brash as well as being slow on the uptake to figure out what was going on and kind of random in what he chose to do about it All of which seems in keeping with what I know of SixI ve been advised by LJ user solarbird and LJ user spazzkat that one of the biggest points of annoyance for his Companion Peri is her acutely irritating American accent which thankfully isn t a problem in the slightest when you re reading her in a book She was a perfectly acceptable Companion in this storyline proactive both on her own and with the Doctor and with a side helping of facing some of her personal issuesAs for the story itself not half bad though it occasionally got a little too cutesily self referential for my tastes there s a lot of in jokes about twentieth century television including some about a show that s clearly standing in for Doctor Who On the other hand I was also uite amused by the reference to Tomorrow People which has been getting watched around the Murk too There s also a tie in to Lovecraftian mythos which was kind of weird and amusing as I think I d seen in other contexts that some of the Cthululoid mythology is considered canon in the Whoverse I found the writing a little clunky but only occasionally and overall a fun read Two and a half stars

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