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Descendant of the Crane Free download ´ 5 Tyrants cut out hearts Rulers sacrifice their ownPrincess Hesina of Yan has always been eager to shirk the responsibilities of the crown but when her beloved father is murdered she’s thrust into power suddenly the ueen of an unstable kingdom Determined to find her father’s killer Hesina does something d. 41019 THE BOOK IS OUT NOW Goodreads users thank you so much for all your pre release support Thank you if you added the book Thank you if you read and reviewed Thank you if you ve taken a moment to cross post your review on All these things have made a world of difference in getting my smaller pub book into the hands of readers 3FAs Is this book standaloneAre the names ChineseHow is mandarin terminology used in the textHopefully this is helpful Please remember that some of these answers encompass my views only Authors of colors are not a monolith and like normal people we have a diversity of opinions What matters is that the conversation which is still sorely lacking is on goingI also wanted to take a moment to say that it s hard to convey everything a book is through a synopsis alone and I want to apologize if the previous one for DESCENDANT is misleading I understand how much it sucks if a story doesn t match expectations and so in the interests of full disclosureDESCENDANT OF THE CRANE might be the book for you if you like political intrigue twists complex family dynamics a roller coaster type plot with a slow build to the summit and uestions of morality in your fantasy It may not be the book for you if you prefer action romance and break neck pacing from the get go to your stories I love a story of that type as much as anyone else but DESCENDANT simply isn t that and neither do I want to pretend it is112918 eARCs are available to reuest on NetGalley and Edelweiss Pleaseeee forgive any typosawkward phrasingwonky sentences in the ARC Love you all 382918 We have a cover It s so very Chinese and I m really humbled that so many of you love itI also wanted to clarify something about the accuracy of the story China has an incredibly epic history It s also an epically misogynistic one The only time women s rights was really a side agenda was during the Cultural Revolution The book addresses this It s a fantasy of course so it s not going to be 100% historically accurate but I wanted to acknowledge the true non romanticized history because so few books doThat however is beside the point My main point is that I wrote this book as a Chinese American Growing up over here meant that I was surrounded by narratives about strong women women who got stories that were MORE than just fighting to survive in a world of men I wanted to contribute to those narratives That s why we have a Chinese esue princess who becomes ueen Maybe it s not the norm to Chinese history but it is the norm that I see and hope to see of in the place I call home tldr Stories about concubines wives and daughters fighting tooth and nail to be considered worthy in a sexist society are valid They are the status uo But they are not the ones I set out to write This book almost killed me and now I can finally share the pain and let it kill youBut seriously I ve been working on this book since 2013 and I can t wait to share it with you 3 It s everything I love in Chinese dramas sprawling families complex relationships double meanings betrayal for your own good gray morality minus all the meh bits girl on girl hate harems competing against each other To stay up to date on book news you can sign up for my newsletter here

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Descendant of the Crane Free download ´ 5 Esperate she engages the aid of a soothsayer a treasonous act punishable by death because in Yan magic was outlawed centuries agoUsing the information illicitly provided by the sooth and uncertain if she can trust even her family Hesina turns to Akira a brilliant investigator who’s also a convicted crimin. oh thank the literary gods that the beauty of this story matches the gorgeousness of its cover there is no greater relief im telling ya this story is everything everyone is saying it is its culturally rich stunningly written masterfully plotted and cleverly wrapped up i really enjoyed reading this with all the twists and turns along the way it is uite the adventure its a very high uality debut and one i hope the author is extremely proud of so if this is so great how come i didnt rate it higher its because i wanted magic this story is overwhelmingly heavy in court politics and war so much so that my interest began to fade after a while i understand their importance in creating a complex storyline but their presence in a story shouldnt mean that the fantasy components of a fantasy novel take a back seat if anything it should be the other way around magic as the main focus with the politics and war plots as support in this book there is an entire population of people who have magical abilities and its never really explored such a shame i know this is a stand alone and that most of the uestions are answered but with that epilogue i really hope a seuel is a possibility down the line 4 stars

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Descendant of the Crane Free download ´ 5 Al with secrets of his own With the future of her kingdom at stake can Hesina find justice for her father Or will the cost be too highIn this shimmering Chinese inspired fantasy debut author Joan He introduces a determined and vulnerable young heroine struggling to do right in a world brimming with deceptio. DNF at 50% Read for Books With FriendsI thought I was going to love this one but unfortunately it just didn t work for me It had a really strong start and I absolutely loved the Chinese inspired world but the writing didn t flow well the pacing was off and I couldn t connect to the characters The premise sounds amazing but unfortunately I was bored reading this

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