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free read Christmas in Da Conti's Bed review Christmas in Da Conti's Bed ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E his help launching her business Now with Niccolo ruthlessly trying to seduce her under the mistletoe her every defense is threatened Can she stop him from unwrapping the truths she's fought to concea. This dude was straight up Frollo you know from the Disney movie The woman did some modeling and the dude wants her therefore she must be a whore and a slut and so he hates her but still wants her And even after he forces her to tell him the circumstances to her topless modeling getting money to try to save her cancer stricken mother he STILL treats her like a piece of shit he can t wait to scrape off his shoeHer attraction to him makes no fucking sense Other than him being physically attractive there is nothing in his behavior or words that is admirable likable or even human He s a worthless shit and she s got the hots for his bod Beyond thatHe goes to make a play for her at the last second of course and he STILL calls her temptress STILL projecting his bullshit onto her His confession of understanding who she really is and how he s changed and that he loves her rang entirely false and god I really fucking hate himWaste of my time

free read Christmas in Da Conti's Bed

Christmas in Da Conti's Bed

free read Christmas in Da Conti's Bed review Christmas in Da Conti's Bed ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A Christmas gift she can't refuse Billionaire Niccolo Da Conti has everything a man could want the money the cars the business empire but seeing the unbearably enticing Alannah Collins again has sparke. 35 4 stars Debated a bit of what I was going to give it but I settled on a range wish the stars ratings would allow me to give half a star instead just one star or the other but alas that was not an option Actually I wavered back and forth whether I like this book or not because that sometimes it is good and sometimes it wasn t It wasn t bad but it wasn t my favorite either there were some highlights in the book like the part where they are stranded at the cottage for Christmas and they have some hot scenes during that night like the fireplace that was pleasing to keep the warm temperature during the storm not that they needed that because they had a lot of heat on their own with them having boiling and sizzling and sparking chemistry from the moment the story began and continued on until the very last page and the cabin scene was no exception That scene was smoking hot yet at the same time sweet with their emotions finally coming into play and it meaning than just a physical which was of a factor in previous lovemaking scenes And their chemistry was definitely the highlight in the book and was extremely hot and definitely something I enjoyed seeing played out Because it was clear they had a bad for each other since the moment they met and that hasn t stopped with the passage of time and in this case being ten years since they had their first kiss Also I did enjoy that the backdrop to the story was Christmas in the whole Christmas season That s why I want to read this book in December and see how Christmasy that it got and how it contributed to the plot And as it mentioned above it did play a role with Niccolo and Alannah being stuck together for Christmas in the cottage during a snow storm making them in unable to escape one another or their chemistry together and just keep on the passionate romantic path they were traveling on And it was romantic and very Christmasy Plus the whole idea that they had no one else to spend Christmas with except each other Granted Niccolo wanted to spend time with her for the physical while Alannah wanted to be with him because of the emotional and just to give him a good Christmas that he never had growing up She wanted to surprise himShe wanted to make it special for him by making a perfect Christmas for the two of them while all he wanted to do was escape with her and forget that Christmas ever existed and just spend the time in bed with her instead of thinking of his dead memories of Christmas as child He was furious with her for arrange spending time at a cottage alone with all the Christmasy decorations and Christmas trappings instead of a swanky hotel with all luxury that one could imagine and felt like she was trying to get him to do something he wasn t willing to do or give to her universal terms So originally he walked out but then came back and spent Christmas with her and lived there passionate chemistry to a tee so the Christmas theme was definitely a parent and was a good setting and set up for the whole book even though Christmas and Christmas eve don t have it till near the end of the book with their chemistry kind of being in the forefront in the first half and try not to give into that But I like the whole Christmas setting Thought they had a perfect Christmas together that was beautiful romantic and heart filled even if he wasn t ready to read it yet even to himself Another thing I liked about this book was the fact that they had a history that added to the tension between them In fact they had a 10 year history that they had to contend with with the misunderstandings and hurt feelings galore especially on her part I like when they have backstory because then you know there s to the story that that s been told with all that history just being built up over and over and over again and just creating that tension I liked seeing that play out before me and this was no exception though I was a little annoyed with Niccolo and his view on for Alannah but were on that a little bit later Backstory just added the juiciness to the story and made me want to see all the emotions explored as well as the misunderstandings because that s what made the story richer In this case Niccolo believed that Alana was a tramp and not a good influence for her sister be because she posed in vocative photos in order to help her pay the bills but before that when his sister and Alannah were in school together he believed that Alannah tempted his sister to rebel as well as not follow school rules and was furious and caused him to pull his sister out school to get her out of Alannah s influence Of coarse he met her and found out about her after he passionately kissed her and wanted to take her back to his room to have his naughty way with her with their chemistry being hot as it was mutual then he found out who and old she was then all broke loose He pulled his sister add the school while Alana was expelled from the school since he withdrew his financial contributions to the school and blamed her for being the reason of it so they expelled her And after that her life just went down the spiral after that with her mother being fired from school and not getting another job and then mother getting so she had to get a job as a pinup model that would be every guy s wet dreamin order to pay for her mothers treatments as well as day necessities that left a mark on her and her self esteem even though she was happy to do it for her mother but she still had to deal with the aftermath of it all Men tended to see her as nothing but a thing a body and not as a woman with feelings basically and nothing and thought she was tramp because she posed in risu photos and believed that meant she was free with her favors because of her job Just like Niccolo did and thought she was a tramp that would sell her favors for the highest better which was why he still didn t want her around his sister Despite the fact that he wanted her gone another part of him deeply hungered for her and found himself out of control when it came to his desire for her and something he wasn t not proud of Specially since he had no respect for her at first and sort of despise her for what she did in your past though but what she made him feel and this uncontrollable desire so he was cruel and mean to her in the very beginning and he just wanted her goneNow several things that I was a little iffy on and made me kind of waver back and forth and my rating of this book Though the chemistry and the passion between them were as hot as were all there love scenes which I loved reading and seeing played out sometimes it got to be a little much What do I mean by that I mean it just felt for the most part it was all about the physical and not about the emotional for the longest time He kept pointing out how much he wanted her and how she wanted him and trying to break her down so she will give in to this attraction between them so he could finally have her in her bed so he get her out of his system and then leave knowing that he had a taste of her that he always wanted And yes again the chemistry was hot as was the tension between them but it felt like every time they were in the room he kept trying to get her to sleep with him and just kept going on and on and on about it kind of got a little that annoying at times and made me think of him as a spoiled teenage boy instead of a man I think because like she believed he was only after her body and nothing Just wanted to sleep with her and that was that Getting her out of the system was his goal not necessarily just to be close to her And I get that the physical been transformed into the emotional but it just felt like the physical took over for so long that the emotional part of it was kind of downplayed and I wanted to see of that Plus the fact that he was practically pushing for this sexual relationship and kind of overwhelmed and took over the story and I wanted of a balance between the physical and emotional The sexuality kind of took over and then it just felt like he was a pig just after her body and not hero who I could come to respect and adore for and root for until near the end during the Christmas scenes That was at the end not the beginning not the middle but near the end and that s not good when I m not rooting for the hero and I just feel like he s after a uick lay and nothing I touched upon this on the in previous paragraph and I just want to reiterate the point of why I wasn t overly jumping up and down about this book The first being the overwhelming sexuality that just kind of took over the entire book Secondly was the hero himself I was not fond of him and as I stated above he made me feel like he was in adolescent child just wanting to get a hold of a toy so he could play with and use it then discard with a moments notice and not be the least bit sorry about that He didn t care about her feelings at first and just wanted to sedate his body and nothing I didn t like that about him I liked him at the end when we come to know that his backstory as well as he understanding hers Understanding of both their families and the reason why he kept relationships shallow then I understood him better but until then he came off as a jerk a pig selfish and just ready to use her body and nothing Only focusing on the physical and not caring if he liked her as a person or not Which was kind of a turn off and I just wasn t overly thrilled with him as a hero I didn t really feel sorry for him Or hurt for him like I have in other heroes I have read in the past and just enjoy him as a character He was mean and cruel when he had no reason to be plus he was just very judgmental about her for the longest time but even that didn t matter compared to the fact that he wanted her on a physical level and he was determined to have her at any cost then he will walk away not caring what he left behind for her emotionally So I didn t really warm up to him until the end that I like him and I could see finally that he cared about her and not just in the physical sense but in the emotional one as well I felt for her It just all she had to go through in her life and what she had to suffer at People s perceptions of her when she posed those risu photos She felt she didn t have a choice and she was going to do what she could to save her mother She tried to keep this hard shell around her but I could tell that she hurt inside and hurt deeply especially when it came to him and his misjudgments of her as well as the fact that she believed he treated her as nothing than an object instead of a person I could tell from moment one that her heart was already with him and that she always loved him since they first kissed 10 years ago and she never gave her heart to another and he would always have it whether he wanted it or not So when he misunderstood her and kept jabbing at her and lashing then she hurt deeply it was wounded by his perceptions of her knowing that she had deep feelings for him while he seemingly had contempt for her I definitely like her better than I liked him and hoped she would get her happily ever after though for the longest time I didn t know if I necessarily wanted it to be with him or not She needed a little love in her life especially after being alone for so longNow this story definitely had all the elements of the making of a great romance with the hot chemistry sexual tension tension and misunderstandings which is what a good romance should have and it had it here but just something didn t come together or mesh well where I connected with it and was completely in love with it I think mostly it needed emotional intensity and rawness to it and not have that overwhelming sexual tension that at times overwhelmed and took over from the emotional intensity of the piece I think if there was a little bit angst that would have helped too Because there wasn t a lot of angst it was just this overwhelming need for one another and it wasn t it if they were going to give it to each other it was or less what not that it s not always like that romance novels but still this one was kind of obvious It was just too much with the physical chemistry and him trying to seduce her into his bed And for the longest time it just felt like it was all about the physical not about the emotional and I just felt like he was too much of a jerk and he just assumed and confidently assumed that she would eventually be in his bed and never uestioned that she wouldn t get there which just made him look arrogant and a complete jerk and I didn t like that And for most of the book I didn t like him I guess what it comes down to it it was of the lack of emotional intensity that I came off the book then anything else and made me not connect with the material as much If that rawness was there as well as the angst of that I think I would ve felt a lot differently about this book Even if he was a soldier entire time and kept on acting the way he did For him it was just physical physicalphysical then it just became too much to deal with I believe there needed to be of a balance between the emotional and physical then I think this would ve been of a winner in my eyes Not that this is a bad one in not that I didn t enjoy it but I didn t love it either Though the love scenes were the highlight as were the cabin scene and those I will go back to read but as for the rest of it not so much Overall it wasn t my favorite but it wasn t the worst book I ve ever read either It was a nice and easy read that had an enjoyment factor to it And I did enjoy the Christmas aspect of it as well

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free read Christmas in Da Conti's Bed review Christmas in Da Conti's Bed ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook D his possessive streak He'll hire her seduce her and cross her off his wish list once and for all Alannah knows the danger of working too closely with the sensual Sicilian but she'd be a fool to refus. Usual one though a good startCharacters meet after 10 years Hero is dominant and commitment phobic Heroine is a misconstrued meek trying to stand on her two legs kinda girl They have resentments due to some confusion They blurt it out in the 2nd meeting Voila issues resolved confusion cleared Hero thinks heroine is the epitome of simplicity beauty blah blah after of coarse few sessions between the sheet Heroine is in love with hero Hero cannot live without her proposes marriage Heroine accepts The End

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