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free download Bunches of Thoughts Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar Ç 0 read & download read ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar विचार सौरभ Bunch of Thoughts Set of Volumes विचार सौरभ Bunch of Thoughts Set of Volumes by श्रीमती शन्नो भाटिया Shrimati Shanno Bhatiya Item Code NZF Cover Paperback Edition Publisher Ram Lal Kapoor Trust Language Hindi Size inch X inch Pages Other Details Weight of the Book gms Price Shipping Free Look Inside the Book Add to Bunches Discount Code ⇒ Get % Off October Bunches started as a family owned flower stall in and it still brings family values to its online business Bunches flowers are sustainably sourced and everything is centralised under one roof meaning uality and freshness are guaranteed And as Bunches is all about spreading happiness it donates % of its profits to charities charities that it is closely involved with both in the UK Showers of lotus flowers mark end of Buddhist Lent From before dawn people gathered along the river bank clutching bunches of white lotus flowers as a symbol of purity Many wore face masks to ward against coronavirus and the crowds also included Buddhist monks in bright saffron robes As the barge carrying the golden Buddha passes people traditionally pray for good fortune and then throw their flowers wh. This book is the compilation of speeches given by the 2nd Sarsaghchalak of the RSS Golwalkar Guruji Most of his speeches were in Hindi and the publishers have made an attempt to re create these in English in this book with a caveat that the thoughts are his but the words are theirsThose who want to know the ideology of RSS should read this book This book also helps to clear the RSS stand on the minoritiesThe Sangh has a very strong discipline and organisation strength as its major positive force along with its intention to be self less in the service and hence not identifying the separate existence while carrying on the service work during calamities It s emphasis on developing the physical and mental strength through its Shakhas is commendable The systematic approach that it has laid down to attract and prepare swayamsevak from their early ages for its mission is also well thoughtHowever even though Golwalkar mentions that the role of elders and women is not secondary in the RSS mission he has only passive suggestions for their participation The ideological appeal is based on highly sentimental subject of nation and Hindu race and he constantly thrusts on his listenersreaders that there is a constant threat from either other races or countries to our existence and hence we need to be always preparedtrained for a war The views on minorities are highly provocative The minorities are expected to constantly prove and be ready for the examination of their love for the motherland There is an assumption of power to oneself as a conscious keeper of the society and to prescribe as to how people in general should behave to protectnurture our cultureFew major excerpts and ideas from this book are as below Golwalkar first segregates the Indian society by combining all non Muslim and non Christian as Hindu irrespective of their cast creed etc While doing so he gives references to Sikh and Jain gurus declaring themselves as Hindu But he doesn t give name of the Jain Acharya who has said so He has assumed that his consideration of all sects as Hindu is and perhaps must be acceptable to allSimilar loose references are there throughout the book where Golwalkar hasn t given exact names place or publication where his claims can be verified One such claim is for Gandhiji uoting to Hindus in one of the riots in Gujrat to kill or get killed instead of running away no attempt is made to give any verification of his uotes There is an appeal by Golwalkar to his listenersreaders to imbibe the greatness of the history of Hindu race and our nation He constantly appeal for the need to be ready and strong enough to protect our land race from the enemies In part two chapter XVI the Internal Threats are identified as 1 The Muslims2 The Christians3 The Communists Golwalkar in this book mentions that every Hindu is a born Hindu from the womb of the mother even before his birth whereas others are born as man and then circumcised or baptized to become either Muslim or Christian Golwalkar has mentioned our constitution as merely a cumbersome and heterogeneous piecing together of various articles from various Constitutions of Western countries It has absolutely nothing which can be called our own He further rejects the existing federal structure of our nation and demands the unitary government where the Center has the supreme power over states While respecting and protecting the religions of non Hindus arrangements should be made to impart smaskars to them of love and respect for the tradition history life attitudes ideals and values of this nation and to identify their aspirations with those of the nation So long as the Christians here indulge in such activities and consider themselves as agents of the international movement for the spread of Christianity and refuse to order their first loyalty to the land of their birth and behave as true children of the heritage and culture of their ancestors they will remain here as hostiles and will have to be treated as such The founder of the organization used to put forth the aim of the Sangh in a small pithy sentence We have to organize and make our Hindu Society so powerful that no power on earth will dare cast an evil eye upon it In our country also the conditions are not different The modern fashion of young men is to appear and feminine In dress in habits in literature and in every aspect of our day to day life modernism has come to mean effeminacy Sex has become the one dominating theme of all our modern literature History of countries the world over has time and again shown that sex dominated literature has been an unfailing precursor to the ruin of nations and civilizations This in short is the internal picture of our national life under freedom It is a red signal which we can ignore only at our peril Under these conditions it is only an organization such as the Sangh dedicated to forge our people into a pure holy benevolent and organized life breathing the spirit of sacrifice and heroism and based on the positive and abiding foundation of our ancient and glorious nationhood that can be relied upon to protect and rejuvenate our nation And it is the call of this yet unfulfilled mission that is the motive force behind the ever growing and ever expanding work of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh In this regard it would be useful for the Muslims here to emulate the example of their co religionists in countries like Iran Turkey etc When Islam spread from Arabia to those neighboring countries the local people there adopted the Islamic creed but retained their culture and language and way of life In Indonesia a predominantly Muslim country the children begin their learning with lessons about Rama and Sita It is only here that the local Muslims disowned their ancestors their languages customs and all such elements of national heritage And it is oblivion if their ancestry that has lead to the partition of the countryThe change is visible in them today may well be the product of the situation in which Bharat has displayed its Valour and fortitude and proved to the world how soundly it can thrash the mischief mongers However let us hope the change is due to sincere change of heart in their part and that in course of time they will realize that they too were once Hindus that it is their duty to be loyal to this land to serve it honestly to share the joys and sufferings of their compatriots and to respect the traditions of this land On our part we should remain vigilant and strong willed so that all such wavering elements will find it in their own interest to merge in the mainstream of nationalism This book explains the adoption of Bhagawa Dhwaj as the Guru of the Sangh to avoid personality cult However Golwalkar mentions Dr Hegdewar the founder of the RSS as the reincarnation of Yudhisthira from MahabharataAs an anti dose to this reading of Sapiens Homo Deus The God Delusion is highly recommended

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  • Bunches of Thoughts
  • Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar
  • English
  • 02 January 2019
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