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Added Money Free download ñ 107 Gideon Smith is a man with a secret He's a rodeo cowboy competing at the Calgary Stampede and should have his mind on the ride but instead he's got his mind and his hands all over N. In Gideon s world of cowboys and rodeos homophobia can run rampant so it s very understandable that he lurks in the closet and hesitates to come out to his own brother Justice when Justice suspects Gideon is seeing someone Nick is also on the circuit and isn t exactly waving rainbow flags but he s uietly out He s also the secret someone Gideon is spending his time with Little did anyone suspect that Nick would end up being the bridge between the brothers in terms of bringing the truth and tolerance out of the closet

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Added Money Free download ñ 107 Interrupting a date and Nick starts putting things together Find out if Gideon can win the added money or if he's going to lose it allOriginally published in the Cowboy Up Antholog. The story begins with Gideon trying to avoid telling his brother who he s going out with that night It s not a hot buckle bunny as his brother assumes but one of the other cowboys he met on the rodeo circuit It s unusual for Nick as well as he doesn t usually date but depends on uickies despite the fact that he is out on the circuit However both men find the experience worth prolonging so they go to a club where Nick runs into Justice unaware that he s Gideon s brotherAfter a great night they happen to run into Nick at the rodeo grounds where Justice starts teasing Nick who tries to defend his mystery man Gideon when Gideon finally can t take it and bolts When he gets back to his trailer Justice is waiting and wants some answersI really liked this one While Gideon was in the closet his brother wasn t a nasty homophobe he had wandered into the gay bar with some friends and wasn t freaked out but Gideon still feared his reaction His brother was great though when it came down to it and while the cowboys were not all out waving the rainbow flag they weren t kicking Nick s ass every other day either I think Gideon s struggles to face up to who he was contrasted nicely with Nick who lived his life uietly but with no hidingThe build up to and the sex itself was hot and yet tender as both men wonder if this is just a one off or if it could be the start to something It was also nice that they talked on their date and later including talking about Gideon s brother s possible reaction to him being gay On the whole while there was a bit of angst about being gay on the rodeo circuit and family reaction it was or less a story about two guys meeting who think it could lead to Definitely a HFN ending but one that I uite enjoyed

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Added Money Free download ñ 107 Ick DeShane That would be fine if Gideon wasn't in the closet and wasn't sharing a tiny trailer with his big brother Justice Things get complicated fast when Justice narrowly misses. 35 stars

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