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SUMMARY ä Bang Bang READ Bang Bang Er With little business and less regret Maxwell and his alcoholic train wreck of a partner become the most infamous serial killers in Philadelphia history Business is booming in both the funeral home and the serial killing industries as the world searches for these Beatles killers In a perfect world serial killers could do their jobs unencumbered But the world isn't perfect and the duo are soon weighed down with a nosey Mafioso an uncontrollable teen daughter the funeral home's bitter elderly owner and the FBI Obviously comedy abounds Bang Bang has everything a dark comedy should have inc. Bang Bang in an unusual book about serial killers unusual in the fact that it s entirely told from the perspective on the killers themselves rather than from the law enforcement and investigations point of view as you often find it told I found just this point to be a refreshing change and the book is a lot of fun to read because of itSet in future at some point there has been a huge leap forward in the fight against disease and death with the creation of Youthimax a cure all drug that cures disease illness injury and finally death itself Death has been virtually eliminated and everyone remains a younger version of themselves while using Youthimax While it may be great to live forever having no one die has raised issues in itself such as over population but it is felt greatly by those in the death business Max and Bligh work in a funeral parlour and with no one dying the business has ironically died a death itself With no work and therefore no money Max and Bligh make the momentous decision to get themselves some business by killing someone from that point on nothing remains the same for Max and BlighThe idea behind this book is fantastic and the follow though makes for a very interesting and exciting read I had a feeling when I read about this book that it was going to be a good but I couldn t have imagined how much I actually enjoyed this book It s so fast paced and exciting and never really give up it s grip on you but the most surprising thing for me was the amount of humour in it and successful humour at thatAs the book was published by NecroBedlam I was expecting Bang Bang to be graphic with the violence but this book just didn t need it Yes the murder scenes were described in detail but it wasn t overly gross and disgusting and the balance between the humour and the violence were just perfect foils for each otherIs it a mind blowingly good I was actually blown away by how much I enjoyed this book it was surprising how much of a mix the book was in parts hilariously funny in part uite violent sometimes ironic and sometimes so deadpan you can t help but smirk about it It may not work for everyone but for me this book was just fantasticIs it interestingVery much so as I said being told form the point of view of the killers is an unusual move but it works so well in this book With the majority of crime books they are told by the investigators and not from the killers so I found the idea of reading how the killers make the decision to kill and everything after that decision is just so interesting to me dealing with the fall out avoiding detection how to dispose of the body finding the best ways to lie to people all of it was just fascinating to me It was a bold and brave move but it so worksIs it enjoyable to readIndeed It really gripped me from the beginning and it never let me go I found myself thinking about the book when I wasn t reading it but I was able to read it pretty much straight through as while reading it I was travelling from the UK to Lanzarote to go on holiday so I was able to read it almost straight through while on the train in the airport on the plane etc I was held by the book and putting it down was just too hard so I didn tIs is well writtenWhile it may not be the most beautifully written story in the world I found it to be so good and it s proof that you don t need the flouncy beautifully written prose to have a fabulous book This book is gritty and to the point while remaining entertaining and funny The characters are majorly flawed but it s the flaws that make them interesting and it s these flaws that lead them down the path they take Max and Bligh take the centre stage but there are a number of secondary characters that threaten to steal the show step forward O Rourke owner of the funeral parlour and a little gem of a character who almost upstaged the main characters every time he appeared The characters are written in such a way that it s simple to understand them and the moves they make they are all interesting for many ways Max lost his wife on their wedding day and virtually lost himself in the grief Bligh is a roaring drunk something he never apologises for The are flawed but it make them the character they are flaws are human ualities and are used to full effect in this caseWould you recommend itI would maybe it s not a book for everyone but if you read the blurb and think to yourself that is sounds like fun then you definitely should hunt the book down and read it was it really is as good as the blurb makes it sound I was not disappointed by it in the slightest and will be looking out for book by the author in the future It s so worth the punt

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SUMMARY ä Bang Bang READ Bang Bang Luding but not limited to murder love murder alcohol murder stereotyping murder Beatles music murder family murder public transportation and even murder In case you haven't figured it out there's a whole lotta murder in this book Will the FBI catch the killers Will the mafia get to the murderers first Will Paul McCartney sue this writer Find out in Bang Bang the hilariously untrue story of funeral home serial killers and hammer hijinks And Vaseline All of your non Paul McCartney lawsuit uestions are answered in this brilliant debut novel written in the style of a poorly educated Mark Twai. Did not expect a book about murder to be so humorous


SUMMARY ä Bang Bang READ Bang Bang Youthimax is a cure all miracle drug from Johnson and Johnson which has all but eliminated death in modern society Which is great news Unless you work at a funeral home The O'Rourke Funeral Home in West Philadelphia has fallen into obscurity along with it's two sole employees Max and Bligh waste the days away sleeping in coffins and counting shovels until that fateful day that they decide to become serial killers The drunken Bligh finds serendipitous instructions in the Beatles tune Maxwell's Silver Hammer and convinces his partner that it's only right that Maxwell kill with a silver hamm. What do you do when modern pharmaceuticals have all but cured death and your entire livelihood revolves around well death Well if your re a couple of guys working in a funeral home you bide your time listen to old Beatles tunes and take on a side job as serial killers I mean who can blame them rightThat s the basic concept here and it s just as weird and inappropriate as you might expect Max and Bligh are an odd couple to drive a novel but they re right at home here This is a very dark comedy almost surreal at times with Mob bosses teenage girls widowed old women and some rather inept FBI agents rounding out the cast For a debut novel this is a strong one somehow managing to find that awkward tough balance between alienating and amusing your readers Yeah I groaned out loud than a few times but I laughed out loud twice as oftenThis is a witty satiric tale and one with some deep thoughts buried amid the chaos Malloy understands what kind of uestions he s raised for the reader regarding life death and the widening gap between the two and he demonstrates that in the motivations of heroes and killers alike Expect the worst enjoy the best and give yourself permission to be inappropriate alongside the boys Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

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  • 01 November 2017
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