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CHARACTERS ´ Auaman The Junior Novel AUAMAN hits the big screen on December 21 2018 The all star cast includes Jason Momoa Amber Heard Patrick Wilson Nicole Kidman Willem Dafoe and Based on the major motion picture Auaman The Deluxe Junior Novel retells the action packed story of Auaman This handsome paper over board edition contains never before seen scenes and an eight page full color i. AUAMAN THE JUNIOR NOVEL is a great companion to the movie that is designed for children It isn t as intense as the movie but the humor is definitely still there It s uniue to Auaman and makes his character that much appealing The action keeps the book moving at a fast pace tooThe posters of Auaman and the different Kingdoms in the middle of the book are something a kid might want to put on their wall They re small but the artwork is uniue and I love the uotes on them Those kids who liked Auaman and can t get enough will enjoy this book I only wish it didn t end where it didFinal Verdict I would recommend this to fans of superheroes actionadventure and Auaman

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CHARACTERS ´ Auaman The Junior Novel Nsert of eye catching artHome is calling Known to most as simply Auaman Arthur Curry possesses incredible powers He’s also the reluctant heir to a mysterious underwater kingdom But Arthur wants nothing to do with the people of Atlantis who took his mother from him many years agoArthur’s destiny beckons when a vicious storm sends the warships of sever. Auaman stand ehrlich gesagt nie sehr weit auf meiner muss ich haben liste Aber der Film hat mir doch gezeigt das mich diese Welt sehr interessiert Also war es klar das ich diesen Comic lesen musste Der Einstieg in den Comic viel mir ein klein wenig schwer Man wird sofort in die Geschichte geschmissen und bekommt sehr schnell viele Ortswechsel Ich war aber sofort von den Zeichnungen begeistert sie treffen genau meinen Geschmack Einige Charakter sind ganz anders als in dem Film was ich hier aber nur interessant gefunden habe Die Story ist wirklich gut und konnte mich richtig fesseln Die Kampfszenen fand ich absolut spannend und gelungen F r mich zwar eher ein Justice League Comic als ein Auaman Comic was ich mir zuerst nach dem Cover erwartet hatte Tourniuet zwar eher ein Justice League Comic als ein Auaman Comic was ich mir The Importance of Being Earnest zuerst nach dem Cover erwartet hatte


CHARACTERS ´ Auaman The Junior Novel Al world powers to shipwreck on the shores This act is a warning from the King of Atlantis himself to the surface world War is comingAuaman will have to travel deep beneath the sea to protect the surface world from the looming threat In order to save the only world he’s ever known will Auaman embrace his destiny to unite the seven kingdoms of Atlantis. My first read of 2019 I actually enjoyed reading it and of course it s Auaman XD This is based on the movie and you will find some scenes that were not in the movie or a little bit different Still it s really a uick read only I had to finish reading it cause lack of time and because I was busy with work Also the novel finish where the have finished fighting Black Manta so don t expect to see the rest of the scenes that were in the movie

  • Hardcover
  • 144
  • Auaman The Junior Novel
  • Jim McCann
  • en
  • 18 June 2019
  • 9780062889072