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Nick Harkaway ✓ 7 read & download characters Angelmaker ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB N the upside Joe’s got a girl a bold receptionist named Polly whose smarts savvy and sex appeal may be just what he needs With Joe’s once uiet world suddenly overrun by mad monks psychopathic serial killers scientific geniuses and threats to the future of conscious life in the universe he realizes that the only way to survive is to muster the courage to fight help Edie complete a mission she abandoned years ago and pick up his father’s old g. I wish I could write the review this book deserves as Nick Harkaway not his real name wrote the review that Neal Stephenson s Reamd deserved the one I was in the process of writing in my head Stephenson s book was an action novel taken to absurd lengths a nonstop global carboatbike chase firefight populated by real characters most of whom you had to fall in love with Ergo I think it s no coincidence that Harkaway still not his real name felt he had some solid ground upon which to stand while surveying the fatness of ReamdAngelmaker is leaner sprawls less but is similarly packed with spies and murderers and gangsters who run and drive and use weapons and they re all real people Well Some of them are not A few of them are but no I m not going to sayIt goes like this in 21st century London there s a guy who fixes clocks Joe Joe s father was a notorious gangster but Joe is on the up and up mostly Because of his talent with clockwork Joe is recruited to play an unwitting part in a plot activating a strange old machine A machine which regardless of the varied intentions of everyone ever associated with it has the potential to kill everyone in the world And let me interrupt myself for a second to say that as doomsday devices go this one is not only one of the coolest I ve ever read combining the erudition of a Foucault pendulum with the charm of a cuckoo clock but also the most chilling in its deadly effectBut because Joe has this heritage of the cool criminal and his father s friends and some remnants of his childhood training in London s literal underworld he has the ability to turn his role as unfortunate pawn on its head Which he does and oh it feels good There s a tommy gun involved You know what I m sayin In this way Angelmaker is like a reverse coming of age novel Like Updike but fun I have recently begun seeing certain adventure novels as daydreams I read The Apothecary by Maile Meloy and I thought it was like the daydream of an imaginative American girl who is desperate for something INTERESTING to happen Charlie Higson s zombie novels are the daydreams of bored poli sci students Daughter of Smoke and Bone is what elementary school teachers dream about while cutting animal shapes out of construction paperI was almost all the way through Angelmaker before I read the passage that told me who was dreaming this novel A night shift routing controller who works for the freight rail system is approached by an older gentleman who helps her change a tire In the process he tells her that he is working with a wanted criminal in order to save the world and he bribes her handsomely in order to procure her assistance It s probably because he is fixing her tyre and in a position so absolutely compromised and vulnerable that it s clear he does not propose to do her harm It might be because he s a bit like her older brother Peter who died last year of cancer Or it might be the feeling she has that everyone has that something is happening which is really importantSo Sarah Ryce says yes A few moments later something passes her station going at what must be over a hundred and fifty miles an hour and the old rusted track protests but holds Sarah Ryce grins secretly whatever she s done it s something bigYou hear that You hear the old rusted track protesting but holding It s England England is dreaming this novel Is something really important going to happen in the next year Probably In the next six months Maybe Will something big happen in the next decade Surely But will it happen in England No Will British people be involved Probably not Unless Hot Harry possesses unexpected depths PLEASE let Hot Harry possess unexpected depthsBut really no So far this century important news from Britain has largely been to do with hats What England would dream if it could dream would be for pre Cold War style field espionage with its fake mustaches and poisoned cocktails to suddenly become relevant again England misses steam engines Instead of blowup doll models on page three England would prefer to see Ronnie Kray his arm slung around a tipsy chorine Like our man Joe England looks its best reflected in polished brass and yes England would very much like it if hats came backThat s what I think about Angelmaker I liked it There s to say about it of course there are thoughts about our better nature as implied by the title there are unusually good women there is lots about craft but a discussion of that stuff is the review this book deserves and I am not writing thatOne last thing my husband spotted me reading this ARC with its plain yellow cover He wasn t wearing his glasses and misread the title leading him to ask incredulously if I was really reading a biography of Angela Merkel I m really NOT the type of person to read a biography of Angela Merkel So if you need a code name for this book and it s the kind of book that might in some eventuality need a code name you could do worse than Angela Merkel a biography by Nips Harpy

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Nick Harkaway ✓ 7 read & download characters Angelmaker ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Y and aims to live a uiet life That orderly existence is suddenly upended when Joe activates a particularly unusual clockwork mechanism His client Edie Banister is than the kindly old lady she appears to be she’s a retired international secret agent And the device It’s a 1950s doomsday machine Having triggered it Joe now faces the wrath of both the British government and a diabolical South Asian dictator who is also Edie’s old arch nemesis O. On paper it looks perfect Steam punk romance spy novel comedy action All the reviews promised something I would love But I struggled through this fun thrilling yarn like I struggle through some dense academic volumes There were just too many words Harkaway goes on and on in that typical British style that s funny for a page but then gets tiring and all the dialogues read like a Monty Python script I shall now explain my plan You may then speak but only to amend the detail The broad outline is not subject to negotiation Are you ready Good I propose to have sex with you I believe it will be excellent sex Your obedience on one particular issue of timing will be reuired to make it unforgettable sex I will explain that issue as we go At the moment I wish to hear your inevitable objection to the general sex part of this plan My eyes are rolling so hard Everything gets lost in that verbiage the characters the emotions the plot It s all too self indulgent to really pull me in The descriptions are theatrically absurd and slow down the already meandering plot Someone in my book group pointed out that since the narrator is a clock maker that level of inane details in the narrative is somewhat justified and in the character While that may very well be true it was still mind numbing to read The hero was so non descript that every reader could easily identify with him whereas all the secondary characters were mere caricatures Polly despite her assertions that she is not a Bond girl a sidekick with boobs is exactly that She is a teenage boy fantasy girlfriend who is beautiful and witty loves sex but conveniently has no actual personality so that she could fall in love with the narrator no uestions asked There is something very English about this novel it s mostly about people being pulled into this adventure without really wanting to but being too polite to refuse And it s a throw back to the times when England did big things Joe Spork the narrator is expected to be a criminal extraordinaire like his father but he rejects this legacy However there are certain things you can t escape so Spork takes the crown eventually but does it on his own terms It makes a lot sense if you remember that Nick Harkaway is the son of John Le Carre All in all others love Angelmaker people I know personally love it with an astonishing fierceness and I m confused because not only did I not love it I can t even use my usual But I see why other people might love it cop out All I m going to say you might absolutely love it and reread it every year like some people do I will never know why but to each their own

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Nick Harkaway ✓ 7 read & download characters Angelmaker ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB From the acclaimed author of The Gone Away World blistering gangster noir meets howling absurdist comedy as the forces of good suare off against the forces of evil and only an unassuming clockwork repairman and an octogenarian former superspy can save the world from total destructionJoe Spork spends his days fixing antiue clocks The son of infamous London criminal Mathew “Tommy Gun” Spork he has turned his back on his family’s mobster histor. I usually only mark as to read books I own but on seeing that Nick Harkaway has a second novel due out there is absolutely no doubt I m going to read it No pressure but The Gone Away World was not only one of the best debuts I ve ever read but one of my all time favorite books

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