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Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball Download Ô 108 A hilarious illustrated middle grade POB series for reluctant readers starring a vampire girl Amelia Fang Welcome to the world of Nocturnia where darkness reigns supreme glitter is terrifying and unicorns are the s. My spoiler free reading vlog of the entire Amelia Fang series this was so much FUN The Nightmare Before Christmas meets The Addams Family Amelia Fang is a vampire who lives in Nocturnia a world where vampires and yetis and all sorts of spooky creatures live and they re terrified of unicorns and ladybirds and fairies and with good reason too The glitter THE HORRORIn the first Amelia Fang story Amelia s family is preparing for the Barbaric Ball and this year the King and his son are attending Amelia meets the prince and he s not exactly nice and he butts heads with Amelia and her friends He also takes away Amelia s pet pumpkin and she and her friends fight to get Suashy back The characters are such a delight in this Amelia is so fun to follow and I love her friendship with Florence and Grimaldi They ll do anything for each other and I love the depiction of this There s also the theme of bullying in this and standing up for your friends so it s a beautiful message wrapped up in a spooky tale Not only is this spooky but it s wonderfully hilarious References to diePhone and The Great Gothic Gravestone Carve Off had me chuckling adding to how much fun I had reading this The illustrations are also done by author Laura Ellen Anderson and I love the illustrations so much They are wonderfully Gothic yet light hearted perfectly capturing the essence of the story and characters It s brilliant to see how this bonkers infectious world appears in Anderson s mind because it s brimming with that much imagination I needed the visual aid A fast and fun read would definitely recommend checking the Amelia Fang series out

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Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball Download Ô 108 N the King's spoiled son Tangine captures Suashy Amelia and her friends must escape the party to plan a daring rescueIn their race against time they begin to realize things in Nocturnia may not be uite what they se. A charming read for people of all ages this HalloweenI became aware of this book due to it being part of Waterstones recommendations this month and I m always taking advantage of their buy one get a second half price deal their was just something about the cover that jumped out at meI found the story very entertaining and has tons of funny gags the diePhone practically appealed to meThe book is scattered with loads of lovely illustrations too I felt the story also offers some important life lessons to younger readers in a fun wayI can certainly see why this title was selected for book of the month

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Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball Download Ô 108 Tuff of nightmaresAmelia Fang would much rather hang out with her pet pumpkin Suashy and her friends Florence the yeti DON'T CALL HER BEAST and Grimaldi the reaper than dance at her parents' annual Barbaric BallThe. Amelia and her friends loved reading stories about the Creatures of the Light the gruesome glittery unicorns Nocturnians were TERRIFIED of glitter the evil sparkly fairies and the cute and fluffy angel kittens of terror It was the stuff of daymares Everyone knew that while Nocturnians were sleeping and the sun was out terrifying creatures from the nearby Kingdom of the Light lurked around the Petrified Forest Nocturnians didn t dare step outside again until nightfall if the could help itI have a soft spot for middle grade and children s books so when I saw Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball I was immediately intrigued A book set in Nocturnia where everything sparkly fluffy and cute is considered terrifying seemed like a great break from the literature I would normally read Unfortunately I had many issues regarding this book and how it executed certain topicsFirst problem emerged when we were introduced to Amelia s parents Parental figures were ridiculed undermined as authority and most importantly refused to help Amelia when she was in a state of need Her mother puts the need to please the King before her own daughter on several occasions view spoilerfor example she lets prince Tangine take Amelia s pet and when she protests and stands up for herself she tells her not to be hysterical and not to cause a scene hide spoiler

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