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FREE READ á A Sparrow Falls A Sparrow Falls another gripping installment in Wilbur Smith's Courtney Family Adventure seriesMark Anders grew up on eight thousand acres of African land that bore his family name Then he fought in Europe's Great War and upon returning to his ancestral home he saw savagery unlike any o. About ten years after writing The Sound Of Thunder Smith returns to the Courtney family saga with this book published in 1977 We begin again with Sean Courtney four years after the end of The Sound Of Thunder Now we are in France in the trenches of World War I Sean is a general and is on a surprise inspection tour He meets a young South African sniper named Mark Anders Sean is interested in seeing how Anders does his job and stays until our sniper faces off with their sniperAfter this episode Sean disappears and mark Anders takes over the book Now I have to admit I was heartily disappointed in this one and that is rare for me with a Wilbur Smith story But I was expecting to read about the younger generation of Courtneys by now and I was thrown for a loop when Anders became the main character right off the batDirk Courtney does feature and he is just as evil as his younger self promised to be in the earlier book but Michael is mentioned only in passing and it would be a spoiler for The Burning Shore if I say why Somehow I could never get too involved in this story It deals with creating unions the fight for workers rights Bolshevism and the many other topics that were current after The Great War Intense and complex themes of course but I simply couldn t focus on themAfter about 100 pages I skimmed uickly through the rest and decided to DNF

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FREE READ á A Sparrow Falls TherIn Africa Mark's family estate has been despoiled His grandfather has died under mysterious circumstances And he has inherited a murderous enemy the rogue scion of the powerful Courtney clan in an altogether new kind of warNow Mark will make a fateful choice between two women Journe. Smith shows a vast knowledge of South African and World War I through his description and naming of props and settings Therefore the world he creates is very believable and intriguing For that I would give him four stars His weakness is in characters and how unbelievable they are The hero Mark Anders is presented as all good Yes he gives into lust and infidelity but Smith writes with such a tone as to justify these actions And he s perfect at everything perfect soldier perfect driver perfect salesman perfect office assistant In order to connect to a character he needs to have some faults just as we all do The villain is the cliche all I want is money bad guy Think of something evil and he s probably doing it right now I was much interested in Pungushe who had a dry wit that was realistic and a hidden depth to his character There were also vast wastelands of exposition that told me how I was to view the characters I wanted to yell out Don t tell me they had a meaningful conversation that drew them closer together show me If the flat characters were given depth or cut entirely and if the exposition was cut down the novel would be half its length but twice as good Give me a book where Smith uses only his talent and cuts the fat I would give that book a 4 or 5

CHARACTERS ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Wilbur Smith

FREE READ á A Sparrow Falls Y into the wilderness to uncover his grandfather's fate Find his way through battles raging between fathers and sons generals and politicians and nature and man In an age of violent conflict Mark Anders will live or die for justice and his fight will echo across a country he always love. I love ALL of Wilbur Smith s books but of course I like some better than othersThis book wasn t in the top echelon of his writing in my opinionThe plot is as Wilbur Smithesue as you could want the grown up estranged son of the powerful and wealthy Sean Courtney returns mysteriously rich and ready to play politics dirty politics as dirty as necessary Being smart Dirk Courtney gets his minions to get their hands dirty instead of his Add to the mix Mark Anders who Sean met in the trenches of WW1 and treats like the son he never had in Dirk and his beautiful but tempestuous and very proud Storm Courtney with which Mark has an almost star crossed relationship and there you have itI enjoyed this book but for anyone who has read an amount of Wilbur Smith books I think they would probably agree with me that his writing noticeably developed over the yearsWorth reading none the less

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