A Deal Sealed by Passion (Ebook / epub) BY Louise Fuller – Book or DOC

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • A Deal Sealed by Passion
  • Louise Fuller
  • English
  • 05 May 2018
  • 9780373134144

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characters A Deal Sealed by Passion 107 Louise Fuller ´ 7 characters Read Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Louise Fuller Self away in but his plan to seduce the antagonistic beauty only serves to make this deal even sweeter Only Massimo hasn't counted on Flora's passion blurring that vital line between business and pleasure. This book was hot and totally ripped my heart out Nicely paced wonderful chemistry and dialogue that keeps readers on your toes Highly recommend to check this one out

Read Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Louise Fuller

A Deal Sealed by Passion

characters A Deal Sealed by Passion 107 Louise Fuller ´ 7 characters Read Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Louise Fuller Bed But his newest adversary is like none he's ever met before Free spirited gardener Flora Golding is all that stands between Massimo and the acuisition of the stunning Italian palazzo she's hiding her. Fun first meet with the bathing naked tenant The garden the sensuality dialogue and lovely voice meant I was deeply immersed very uicklyI started off really liking the heroine and the hero promised to be a ruthless outrageous alpha But he overstepped the mark for me and on other occasions felt too un alpha I liked how his internal conflict was brought out of the past and into the present but wanted some resolution with his stepmother I also didn t feel the heroine resolved her emotional conflict issues with her familySo the middle and end didn t live up to the fab five star plus beginning for me but I am a fan of the writer s voice and definitely want to read

Louise Fuller ´ 7 characters

characters A Deal Sealed by Passion 107 Louise Fuller ´ 7 characters Read Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Louise Fuller A high stakes seduction Tycoon Massimo Sforza learned from a young age that emotions are for the weak He relishes crushing his opponents in the boardroom as much as he enjoys the many women who grace his. Wow talk about a hot beginning His lean dark features tightening he shifted his gaze and stared down dispassionately at the naked women sprawled over both him and one another in the emperor sized bed They were beautiful and wanton and idly he tried to remember their names Not that it mattered He would never see either of them again Women had a tendency to confuse intimacy with commitment but he liked variety and anyway the c word was simply not part of his vocabularyThe brunette shifted in her sleep her arms flopping onto his chest Feeling a spasm of irritation he reached down and lifted the tangle of limbs away from his torso and onto the rumpled sheets before rolling over and out of the bedHis breathing uiet and measured he stood up and began to pick his way between the shoes and stockings strewn across the soft pale grey carpet In front of the huge panoramic window that covered the length of the apartment he noticed a half empty bottle of champagne and leaning over he picked it up Happy Birthday Massimo he murmured and lifting it to his lips he tipped it up Page 1 of Louise Fuller s novel A Deal Sealed by Passion And the heat continuesItalian Massimo Sforza sexy rich and ruthless tycoon does not do love emotion or commitment What he does love is winning over his enemies and having a lot of gorgeous and beautiful women in his bed on his own termsgreat sex and nothing Behind him one of the women moaned softly and he felt a frisson of lust shudder over his skin Besides right now he was interested in vice than virtueSavouring his body s growing arousal he glanced at the sky It was nearly dawn The project meeting was scheduled for that morning He hadn t been planning to attend but what better birthday present could there be than hearing first hand that the last remaining obstacle had been removed And that work on his largest and most prestigious resort ever could finally beginHis eyes narrowed as the blonde lifted her head her lips curving into a suggestive pout Coolly he smiled back at her Perhaps there was one thingHe watched the brunette uncurl and stretch lazily and began to walk back to the bed But Massimo is about to find his life changing in ways he never imagined when he meets Flora Golding the person standing in his way to obtaining his latest acuisitionI found Massimo and Flora rather appealing and enjoyed seeing them come together Their interaction and sparkly dialogue was totally fabulous and I loved seeing the passion and chemistry build up I relished the colorful and vivid descriptions of the Sardinia settingthe old and slightly crumbling palazzo and the gardens just added such magic to the storyI ve seen comments about the heroine not being a virginokay I am not crazy about a wanton and loads of sex partners before she meets the herobut to be honesthow many heroines are virgins in 2016 I don t mind a non virgin most of the times so Flora not being one didn t bother meshe wasn t exactly a slutThis is the 1st book I ve read by this author which I enjoyed and I will be on the lookout for any others that she has written