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FREE DOWNLOAD æ Z for Zachariah Is anyone out there Ann Burden is sixteen years old and completely alone The world as she once knew it is gone ravaged by a nuclear war that has taken everyone from her For the past. Z for Zachariah was a very suspenseful book From the moment I started it I had a knot in my stomach For most of my life I lived with my fear of nuclear war and its aftermath As a child of the 80s I remember that Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads Were the Soviets going to push the button or the Americans Either way we d both lose I remember everyone in school was watching The Day After Tomorrow and I was afraid to watch it but I heard all the ugly details I inadvertently watched the other nuclear war movie Testament and I still remember how utterly hopeless and depressing it was I didn t want to die slowly and painfully from radiation poison nor did I want to be instantly incinerated in the first blast or have to survive a nuclear winter It was a very ugly thought that I ve tried to push way to the back of my mind Well this book brought it all back for me So I could deeply sympathize with Ann the protagonist of this storyAnd it turns out that her worst threat is not the aftermath of the nuclear war It s the fact that the only other apparent survivor of the holocaust is dangerously insane Ann showed a lot of fortitude and intelligence in my opinion I didn t really consider her overly naive considering she grew up in a sheltered world I think she did an admirable job of keeping herself alive How on earth could she be prepared to do deal with a crazy man who decided that everything left in the world belonged to him and was not hesitant about using violence or ugly methods to make sure it remained in his possession It was a tough road to travel for this young woman She had a choice to let this man succumb to radiation poisoning or to nurse him through it even knowing he was possibly a murderer She did what she thought was right although that action contributed to the destruction of her small safe world I appreciate the ethical dilemma that the author presents in this story Do we abandon all the ualities that make humanity worthwhile because the civilized world as we know it has gone away Should we embrace violence as the best solution because it s the most expedient one These are all very pertinent issues to Ann in this book and I had to work through them as I read I was literally on the edge of my seat as I saw how things were unfolding I felt a rage at Mr Loomis who came to Ann s valley availed himself of her generosity and good heart and decided that he was entitled to all of it and he could take control of everything Oh I definitely understand that battle that Ann faced People controlling others is a real problem for me I felt her pain as she decided that she would have to leave everything was familiar and she d worked hard for because she refused to be enslaved to another person not for any reason I found Z for Zachariah to be a powerful read It did resonate with me and that wasn t always a comfortable feeling The issues of isolation fear for the future defining who one is when the world is no longer the same and having control of one s life and destiny were very well handled here I think Ann could be a metaphor for any young woman who is facing choices in her life that will define her present and future I would recommend this book to young adults and to adults because it has a very timely message and it was good albeit nerve racking at times entertainment Also readers who enjoy stories in which the characters have to use their wits and energies physical and mental to survive on the land and in a hostile environment will enjoy this story I m very glad I got the opportunity to read Z for Zachariah

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FREE DOWNLOAD æ Z for Zachariah Year she has lived in a remote valley with no evidence of any other survivors But the smoke from a distant campfire shatters Ann's solitude Someone else is still alive and making h. This is the first time I ve ever been tempted to utilize that hide review because you re a big fat blabbermouth who can t talk about a book without ruining it for others function But the fact is it s important for a reader of Z For Zachariah to be surprised by the nature of the stranger who shows up And it s almost impossible to talk about the book in any detail without giving that away And I want to talk in detail because I like this book but I also find it rather baffling in certain respects and enraging in othersSo fair warning Here There Be Spoilers Spoilers spoilers spoilers I can t block them out because otherwise this whole review won t make any sense I don t give away the ending but I talk about a lot of important events leading up to it If you haven t read this book but you ve always meant to don t read this reviewStill here Okay Don t say I didn t warn you One thing that ought to be better known about Z is that although it s credited to Robert C O Brien he died before completing it His wife and daughter finished it working from notes he left I haven t been able to find out how much he d written before he died and how much work they had to do but I think it s pretty rude not to credit them on the cover rather than hiding their labors in the about the author noteOkay time for some spoilersThis is a very strange book Not because it s about a teenager who thinks she s the last person on earth but because there s surprisingly little action Which is fine in and of itself I love character driven works and as I mentioned in my review of I Am Legend I have a soft spot for books about the everyday nuts and bolts of surviving in a strange world I d be happy to spend tens of pages on how Ann Burden a sixteen year old farm girl is keeping from starving and freezing to deathTrouble is I m hearing plenty about the combating starving and freezing and precious little about how she feels Who she is This book is the diary of a traumatized girl Her entire family died and their deaths led uite reasonably to her conclusion that she s all that s left when it comes to the global human population She can t leave the valley she lives in the rest of the world has been poisoned by a hideous warAnd she doesn t seem to have much reaction to this She refers occasionally to the family members she s lost but we never get a sense of them Was she fonder of one of her brothers than the other Was she a little afraid of her parents even as she loved them Does she wake up from dreams of them that are so real she feels convinced for a few minutes that this real world must be the dream We hear nothing about any of this She had a father a mother and two brothers Now they re gone The endAnn is religious enough to keep the local church clean and visit it regularly No one s left to preach so she sits and reads the Bible She s intelligent and devout enough to enjoy doing so and her favorite book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes a nice touch And that s all we hearThere needs to be than that She needs to be wondering if this is all part of God s plan and why it happened She should even wonder if she was chosen to survive for some great purpose or if her survival means she s been singled out for punishment Great now I want to write this novelPeople who are of a religious mindset and who suffer some great blow have one of two reactions They become extremely devout sometimes this means converting to a religion not previously their own or they lose their faith entirely Okay or they think they ve lost their faith spend some time yelling at their deity and then come back stronger than ever At any rate they have some kind of spiritual responseThis would seem to be doubly important when it comes to a girl who has survived a disaster that is uite literally of Biblical proportions The end of the world as we know it is mentioned in that Bible she reads so often You can t create a Christian character put her in this kind of situation and then just not have her thinking about the Apocalypse But her religious beliefs seem to have been given to her to establish her good girl creds And these are important when a stranger comes to the valleySpoiler alert He turns out to be a jerkAnd guess what Other than defending herself as much as necessary from him Ann doesn t have much of a reaction to this eitherBig time spoiler alert and also trigger alert He tries to rape her he comes nowhere near succeeding She is able to flee Because this valley is the only place that hasn t been poisoned by radioactivity and nerve gas she can t just leave so she tries to figure out some way of living in proximity with him while not getting any closer to him than she has to Which is fine But all we hear about this is the practical side of it She d thought this man might become her husband and father of her children She nursed him through life threatening illness and injury and continues to take care of him even after he attacked her He d die if she weren t willing to fetch water and food for him he s strong enough to be an attempted rapist but not yet in good enough shape to haul buckets of water And this attack is how he thanks herAnd her only recorded response is the practical side of things No tears of rage or betrayal She continues to bring him needed food and water without a single thought along the lines of I should just let him die of thirst That s a long painful death Okay I can t do that even to him but I couldn t help thinking it Nope NothingLater he tries to track her down with the help of her family dog She has a gun and is watching from a distance More spoilers he deliberately shoots her with his gun not to kill her but in order to injure her enough to force her to return to him And what does she think as she realizes she won t be able to hide from him any longer She decides she has to shoot THE DOG I realize there s a philosophy thought experiment about morality a sort of what would you do problem Let s say you saw a stranger and your pet dog drowning You only have time and strength to save one of them Which one do you saveUnless he s Hitler back from the dead you re supposed to save the human I assume But in this case seriously The animal is innocent The guy shot you after he tried to rape you And you re aiming at which one of themIf that s the case I need to hear why Is it because of religious belief shooting him would violate a Commandment Is it because after so many people have died you can t bear to kill one Is it pure ueasinessIt s never explained Ann never even thinks about shooting this guy When she considers using her weapon at all she aims at the dogIn one way it was a relief that Mr Loomis turned out to be a total waste of space He was incredibly paternalistic and condescending from day one and I was worried that this was just because the novel was written in the early 70s and he s a grown man and she s just a teenaged girl and isn t it kind of cute the way he knows than she does about all kinds of things Gag But no he s a full fledged bastard and we ve had hints of this from the startSo good plot interesting twists and a strong surprising ending But yeah I m pretty peeved that a first person narrative would leave so little sense of the young woman who s supposedly telling her own story

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FREE DOWNLOAD æ Z for Zachariah Is way toward the valley Who is this man What does he want Can he be trusted Both excited and terrified Ann soon realizes there may be worse things than being the last person on Ear. I really enjoy post apocalyptic stories I really liked the narrator and her ability to survive alone But when I finished reading all I could think was I am so tired of bullying men Tired of them in my movies tired of them in my books tired of them in the news and tired of them in my government

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