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review Defy Me author Tahereh Mafi Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ut her family and her identity from her secrets that change everythingJuliette is devastated and the darkness that’s always dwelled within her threatens to consume her An explosive encounter with unexpected visitors might be enough to push her over the ed. First of all what was the point of this bookReally though What was the purpose Did we really need a whole 352 page novel for what happened here I don t think we did The entire first 25% of the novel could have been removed and it would not have impacted the story in any wayThis is a series that should have remained a trilogyI have so many uestions about the world building and about the characters and about the fact that all these things and people are coming completely out of left field and we re just supposed to nod along and accept all the nonsense that s going onSeriously this book was filled with so many twists and revelations and not in a good way These twists were of the wtf is going on wtf does this even mean variety Like they were added for shock value and not because the story needed it or because they made much senseIt feels like Tahereh Mafi is just pulling stuff out of her a at this point and trying to overload us with surprises and twists so we don t realize that this book didn t need to be writtenAnd this is coming from someone who absolutely loves Tahereh MafiStill I suppose I was entertained for a few hours of my life The characters didn t all suck in this one Well Kenji Juliette now known as Ella although she will forever be Juliette to me and Warner didn t Everyone else from the original trilogy was pretty irrelevant Also Nazeera ok I guessJuliette and Warner will forever be goals and I will forever ship them I have no shame in admitting that their ship is the only thing motivating me to read book 6 That ship and the fact that I want to see Kenji live happily ever afterOverall this book felt pretty irrelevant if I m honest Maybe I m just hating at this point but I ve fallen out of love with this series Unravel Me and Ignite Me will forever be on my list of favorite YA novels though Maybe I ll just pretend that the series ended at book three it s what I did with The Mortal Instruments series and it s worked out fine for meIf you loved Restore Me you ll like this one too If you didn t like Restore Me or thought it was just ok then maybe give this one a passMy final rating is 2755 because despite being irrelevant and having a really weak plot I was entertained Also I like Kenji This book gets a star for him aloneAlso are we all going to pretend that they didn t just slightly photoshop the cover of Restore Me and tried to fool us into thinking this one was new The Restore Me and Defy Me covers are literally the same At least the original trilogy had different colorsTW Parental abuse both physical and emotional and suicidal thoughtsFollow Me Here Too My Blog Twitter Bloglovin Instagram Tumblr Pinterest

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review Defy Me author Tahereh Mafi Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB The gripping fifth installment in the New York Times USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling Shatter Me series Will Juliette’s broken heart make her vulnerable to the strengthening darkness within herJuliette’s short tenure as the supreme commander. scorching hot tea was servedwe have decided to stan forever

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review Defy Me author Tahereh Mafi Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Of North America has been an utter disaster When the children of the other world leaders show up on her doorstep she wants nothing than to turn to Warner for support and guidance But he shatters her heart when he reveals that he’s been keeping secrets abo. 15 starsMe don t disappoint me like Restore Me didDefy Me okayDefy Me throws plot characters world building everything into fireDefyTraitor Me you told me not to disappoint you so I made you angryMeBuckle up because this is a long one It only took me four hours to write hysterical laughAnd here ends my love story with the Shatter Me series This is seriously the end because FOR SURE I m not picking up the last book in this ridiculous continuation I gave this series all my trust and love and look where this led me to a one star review To be honest I wasn t happy after reading Restore Me but I liked it enough to want to see my favorite characters again I was curious to see how the author could make all those weird plot twists work I knew I would not love this book but I thought I would at least enjoy reading it not hate it If only I knew Tahereh Mafi was pulling a Rowling on all of us because now my memories of the entire series are TAINTED I didn t sign up for this I didn t sign up for a book to completely and utterly betray my reader soulBut let s start from the beginning Because I regret so much even thinking about reading Restore Me and Defy Me but how could I know Both books start so promising I was enjoying myself for the first 20% of this book Kenji has now his POV and I loved it so much He s the freaking best And now I realize I liked the novella because it was from his point of view That whole scene with Nazeera My favorite part in this book and I was one of the people explicitly against seeing them together The reason is that that scene is the only one that feels authentic the rest is pure fanfictionMy only two favorite parts and just because Kenji is his usual cutest Will you at least look at me when I m talking to you Can t What She sounds startled What do you mean you can t Can t look at you She hesitates Why not Too pretty Nothing is going on with me and Nazeera I say Drop it All right he says picking at his pizza Makes sense I mean she s not even that pretty My plate falls out of my hand Pizza hits the floor I feel a sudden unwelcome need to punch Ian in the face Are you Are you out of your mind Not even She s like the most beautiful woman I ve ever seen in my life and you re out here saying she s not even that pretty Have y See what I m saying Ian cuts me off He s looking at Winston Wow Winston says staring solemnly at the pizza on the ground Yeah Kenji is definitely full of shit I drag a hand across my face I hate you guys Keep these scenes in mind because it s practically the last you ll see of the real Kenji Kishimoto And speaking of this do you remember of good old Omega Point Well then forget about it Because all of them including Adam and James have only like two pages Continuing the trend from Restore Me Because who gives a shit about them when Warner and Juliette oh pardon view spoilerAaron and Ella hide spoiler

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