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review Measure What Matters Measure What Matters Read & Download ´ 4 review Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × John E. Doerr Cesitaban datos pertinentes y relevantes con los ue verificar su progreso y medir lo ue importabaDoerr les reveló el método probado para alcanzar la eficacia operativa los Objetivos y Resultados Claves OKR ue descubrió en los años setenta como ingeniero en Intel de la mano de Andy Grove Y el resto ya forma parte de la historia Utilizando los OKR como base de su gestión Google ha pasado de sus 40 empleados iniciales a más de 70000 con una capitalización bursátil ue supera los 700000 millones de dólaresEn el método OKR los objetivos definen lo ue ueremos lograr; los resultados clave son cómo se alcanzarán esos objetivos prioritarios con acciones específicas y medibles dentro de un marco de tiempo establecido Los. I ve worked on the Google campus for 11 years and have seen first hand the impact OKRs have had on the company John Doerr is single handedly responsible for bringing OKRs to Google He saw before anyone else the transformative power Andy Grove s system from Intel could have at Google and this book is a great window into those early days John does a great job showing how that early presentation at Google set the stage for so much of the growth and success that came laterSome of the best parts of the book are the mini case studies from a variety of companies One of the biggest complaints I hear from founders about OKRs is that it works for Google because well Google is Google By letting you hear from founders in their own words from small startups to fast growth startups to non profits John makes it easy for the reader to model how OKRs could work at their company It s not just Google Doerr shows how any ambitious outcome oriented organization can benefit from implementing OKRsAnyone who wants to understand what makes Silicon Valley tick will learn a lot from this book So many of the giants from the last fifty years are captured in these pages as relayed by John their commitment and ambition shine through John makes clear that they also shared an embrace of a simple framework for setting goals and communicating throughout their organization which should be encouraging for any founder who wants to know how to build similarly effective organizationsDisclaimer a brief anecdote involving me is included in the book I didn t tell John I was writing this review ahead of time I bought the book last night and wanted to share my thoughts

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Measure What Matters

review Measure What Matters Measure What Matters Read & Download ´ 4 review Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × John E. Doerr El legendario inversor John Doerr revela cómo los Objetivos y Resultados Claves OKR han permitido a Google lograr un crecimiento explosivo y cómo ese método puede ayudar a cualuier organización a prosperarEn otoño de 1999 John Doerr se reunió con los fundadores de una start up a la ue acababa de confiar cerca de 12 millones de dólares la mayor inversión de su carrera Larry Page y Sergey Brin tenían en sus manos una tecnología extraordinaria mucha energía emprendedora y grandes ambiciones pero carecían de un plan de negocio Para ue Google pudiera cambiar el mundo Page y Brin tendrían ue aprender a fijar las prioridades tomando decisiones difíciles y a la vez mantener a su euipo en la buena senda Y para ello ne. Did I learn how to set OKRs NoDid I find out what s the difference between Os and KRs when you choose them NoDo I know how to align departments with non trivial objectives NoDid I understand what to do when things go wrong NoDo I feel confident about doing OKRs now NoAm I inspired about OKRs than I was when I started the book NoDid I at least heard about how to measure what matters NoDid I learn anything at all from this book Hm I heard empty case studies where people mostly Silicon Valley superstars and sometimes just ex Googlers share their fascination with OKRs Then again I mostly heard pitching of their latest or even old companies and achievements and how they wouldn t have done it without OKRs I guess what I ve understood for myself is if so many people actually believe in it I shouldn t give up on OKRs just because of this bookThis book should have the title OKR Cargo Cult How to Create One I m sure there s to the framework just don t try to see it in this book It s an endless stream of selling the 3 golden letters without an attempt of sharing anything below the surfaceAlso 4 rating for this empty book Is it really because John Doerr managed to get many cool people to contribute Gah 4 stars doesn t mean anything even in non fiction now

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review Measure What Matters Measure What Matters Read & Download ´ 4 review Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × John E. Doerr Objetivos de todos desde un empleado cualuiera hasta el CEO son transparentes para toda la organizaciónLos beneficios son profundos Los OKR emergen el trabajo más importante de una organización Orientan el esfuerzo y fomentan la coordinación Vinculan los objetivos de diversos departamentos para unificar y fortalecer a toda la empresa Y además permiten mejorar la satisfacción en el lugar de trabajo y aumentan el rendimientoEn Mide lo ue importa Doerr comparte su experiencia y un amplio abanico de casos desde Bono a Bill Gates entre otros ue hacen patente el crecimiento explosivo ue los OKR han estimulado en muchas grandes organizaciones Este libro ayudará a una nueva generación de líderes a descubrir esa misma mag. In 1999 John Doerr got his VC firm Kleiner Perkins to invest 118 million for 12% of the infant Google Corp Current market cap Dec 2018 for Google is around 743 billion so Kleiner Perkins 12% would be worth say 89 billion Doerr himself has a personal net worth of around 7 billion So if he s writing a book on how to achieve those sorts of results he has earned our respectful attention Plus the book is clearly written and short There are caveats as you can see in nearby reviews such as started working at Intel in 1974 He d come to California for the summer hoping to reconnect with an old girlfriend who he found was also working at Intel She wasn t pleased to see him But Doerr was persistent and he married Ann Howland another Rice electrical engineer in 1978 They re still married 40 years onAt Intel Doerr became one of the firm s most successful sales engineers He grew to admire Andy Grove who he considers to be the father of the OKR idea although Doerr traces the origins of the idea back to Peter Drucker in the 1950s Old timers will recall MBO Managemeent by Objectives which was the foundation for the HP Way 1975 Grove s OKR system was fully developed and was put to a severe test in 1979 when Motorola released its 68000 chip a direct competitor to Intel s 16 bit microprocessor the 8086 Many thought the Motorola chip was superior Groves found the Motorola chip a mortal threat to Intel s very existence a fight he wrote about in detail in his 1988 book Only the Paranoid Survive Intel won that battle through use of Groves OKR techniue in Doerr s opinion which he relates in detail And I loved that Andy Groves kept a big red BULLSHIT rubber stamp on his deskIn 1980 Doerr was offered a VC job with Kleiner Perkins Andy Grove told him John venture capital that s not a real job It s like being a real estate agent Doerr continues as an apostle for the Andy Groves style OKR system and says Grove s Intel was the best run company he d ever seen By the time he pitched Google on the OKR system he d given his OKR pitch to at least 50 start ups He had the Google engineers sold at the metrics Early Googler Marissa Myer would say It s not a key result unless it has a number OKRs clearly work but the book gets disjointed about how to actually implement them one size doesn t fit all and clearly each company or org will have to experiment to get the method to work for them The case studies are scattershot but so what If you re not getting anything out of one skip to the next I skipped Bono The culture stuff OK company culture is important and you want your company to have a good one but I don t think you will learn how to fix a bad culture here This is probably the weakest part of the book Somehow I think there are consultants available to help youIt s an uneven book but these are good people who ve walked the walk I learned interesting stuff and Valley lore that was new to me Such as Susan Wojcicki s garage is where Google got its start in 1998 I think she is employee 17 runs YouTube and devised AdSense that supplies most of Google s revenue Only a half billionaire Overall rating 35 stars rounded up Best review I saw here And here s a good review by an insider Website for the book