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  • Hardcover
  • 288
  • Статский советник
  • Boris Akunin
  • Russian
  • 24 July 2019
  • 9785815900608

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Статский советник Read & Download ì 104 Since the publication of The Winter ueen a New York Times Notable Book and the first mystery featuring Erast Fandorin Boris Akunin’s historical mystery series has become a worldwide sensation selling millions of copies and propelling Akunin into the ranks of Russia’s most widely read contemporary novelists The first new Fandorin novel available to an American audience in a decade The State Counsellor tests the handsome diplomat detective’s guile and integrity like no. A brilliant historical mystery set in Imperial Russia If I had done it properly started not from the book 6 I would have opened my review with A great start for a very promising historical mystery series with one of the most interesting characters But I read it unfortunatelyor as very often not in the right order So I ll keep this opening for my next Fandorin s book The good news you can read this book as a stand alone Of course I am going to read this series from the very beginning Though even if I know that The State Counsellor Further Adventures of Fandorin the book 6 is not the last one I ll decide later if I ll go on with the next the N 7 installment Because the ending HERE was a perfection pure Besides to tell the truth I m a bit afraid that the books after this one could ruin the feeling or that I ll get tired and bored with our State Counsellor Erast Fandorin Boris Akunin gives a great historical feel of the era but he choose to tell a story that is free from any ideological system He created the Fandorin series following the real historical facts and events without being political or fictional remaining very accurate in his research but trying to give his idea of what HAPPENED in Russian two centuries ago and why It is an adventures entertaining and very thrilling mixture out of a murder mystery a sarcastic spy thriller the most exciting action movie and a relationship drama in the most authentic historical settingI am always surprisedpositively when I see other readers without any connection to Russia or its history who enjoy and understand Russian classic literature or Russian historical fiction Yesthe enigmatic Russian soul with its passion for suffering pain and grief and the overall mood for melancholybla bla blaClich but true but I totally got the rating here The plot is great Fandorin is not only attractive and smart but he also embodies the ideal of a nobleman of the nineteenth century high morals dedication and honesty loyalty courage and chivalry intelligence and faithful to his own principles Is his counterpart Green so much different from Fandorin No actually not but he has other methods Don t ask me though what side I took for I am still torn betweenyou ll understand when you read itMy tiny worry There are many secondary characters that are fantastic but they have maybe unusual names for someone without a Russian background and I hope a lot that all readers will get along well with it Highly recommended for all fans of historical fiction and historical mystery Copy provided by Mysterious Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Статский советник Read & Download ì 104 Department of Security soon shows up at the real Fandorin’s door and arrests him for murder The only way to save his reputation is to find CG and the mole within the government who is feeding the dangerous group information Can Fandorin survive corruption among his fellow officials the fearlessness of an unknown enemy and the advances of a sultry young nihilist with his morals intact The State Counsellor is a colorful entertainer from a master of the sly historical romp. I would even give it 2 and half stars this is the worst one in the Fandorin series so far

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Статский советник Read & Download ì 104 Mystery beforeMoscow 1891 The new Governor General of Siberia has been secreted away on a train from St Petersburg to the former Russian capital A blizzard rages outside as a mustachioed official climbs aboard just outside the city; with his trademark stutter he introduces himself as State Counsellor Erast Fandorin He then thrusts a dagger inscribed with the initials CG into the general’s heart and tearing off his mustache escapes out the carriage window The head of the. YES 5 Stars You are reading correctly is is NOT sunstrokeAnother Arch nemesis for Erast Fandorin to deal with in a very Sherlock Holmes style of read set across Moscow C1860 s or thereabouts Revolutionaries pseudo intelligentsiai ideologist students of rich families orshika secret police double agents throughout for Erast to battle form alliances with as the cases unfoldThe villian Muuuuuulhahahahahahahah is as engaging as our hero for me receives eual star billing plenny of near scrapes as usual with The flight of the Hawk being an alltime favourite from now on mystery to keep yous entertainedA very good read for a historical fiction mystery or crime reader if you like all three like me bonus If you ve not tried Boris Akunin before then yer missing out on summit I say Go on you know you want to