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  • The Futures
  • Emily Lambert
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  • 06 September 2019
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CHARACTERS á The Futures In The Futures Emily Lambert senior writer at Forbes magazine tells us the rich and dramatic history of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade which together comprised the original most bustling futures market in the world She details the emergence of the futures business as a kind of meeting place for gamblers and farmers and its. This is a captivating book providing a cohesive historical account of the futures markets in Chicago As someone who lives in Chicago and deals with futures markets each day it would not be reasonable for me to ask Emily Lambert for any Am I biased because she provided a hilariously accurate account of the founder of the firm I work for Am I biased because she took the time to explain just how much liuor you get when you order a drink at Ceres Cafe Am I biased because the tall brick cold storage warehouse in Fulton Market that she described in detail now houses one of my favorite restaurants SomewhatThe truth that others seem to be wrestling with is that this is not a futures textbook I ve come across uite a few futures textbooks They don t resemble this in format or in diction The back cover describes The Futures as a rich and dramatic history of commodities exchanges and that s exactly what it is It s a valuable fun and endearing book that aggregates a large portion of Chicago s history into barely two hundred pages Dare I say it should be on any Chicagoan s must read listEven since moving here I have seen the continued transformation of Fulton Market as the last wholesalers have been happily I might add bought out and replaced by restaurants social clubs and other establishments that are uickly transforming it into one of the hottest neighborhoods in America I guess this book helped validate my paying exorbitant rent but it also gave me a lot to think about It is at times a struggle to remain grounded in my appreciation for where I came from while simultaneously mixing with the bourgeois so I really appreciated the sense of admiration that Emily had for the pioneering laborers who made Chicago what it is todaySee this review and others on my blog

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CHARACTERS á The Futures Ts are the real free markets and that speculators far from being mere parasites can serve a vital economic and social function given the right architecture The traditional futures market she explains because of its written and cultural limits can serve as a useful example for how markets ought to work and become a tonic for our current financial ills?. Interesting historical perspective surrounding the futures market Definitely a good read for anyone interested in history or economics

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CHARACTERS á The Futures Subseuent transformation into a sophisticated electronic market where contracts are traded at lightning fast speeds Lambert also details the disastrous effects of Wall Street's adoption of the futures contract without the rules and close knit social bonds that had made trading it in Chicago work so well Ultimately Lambert argues that the futures marke. Fascinating read Loads of research and very well presented information in these pages Probably have to read again to take in of the concepts in hereeconomics is not my strong suit but this book gave the layperson ie me a good view into the history of the futures markets Crazy crazy stuff