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Free download Dean's Addiction: BWWM Romantic Suspense (Dangerously Curvy Book 1) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free M'Renee Allen ✓ 5 Free download Ssy and very curvy food truck owner Rain Delaney he does everything he can to push her awayBut situations beyond his control keeps pulling them back together It isnt long before the darkness in his life seeps into hers and she ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time Now his enemies are a. First I want to start off by saying THANK YOU for writing a book about a plus sized woman and not having her have self esteem issues So tired of reading books with big girls feeling bad about themselvesI ve never heard of this author before so I didn t know what I was jumping into but the book was awesome Loved both main characters I loved how we got a chance to know the background on both characters and how they got to where they are in their lives The male was an alpha male but not overly alpha and the female was feminine but not overly so The action was on point too Not going into details about the book because i don t want to give out any spoilers but it is a great readThe only issue I saw with this book was incorrect word usage example are was used instead of our Won t instead of want With that being said it didn t take away from the story You can understand what the author was sayingI will definitely read from this author Looking forward to Garrett s story

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Dean's Addiction: BWWM Romantic Suspense (Dangerously Curvy Book 1)

Free download Dean's Addiction: BWWM Romantic Suspense (Dangerously Curvy Book 1) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free M'Renee Allen ✓ 5 Free download He's a dangerous criminalShe's dangerously curvyTogether will they sizzle or will they crash and burnDean Collins wasnt born evil This cruel world turned him into the cold hearted killer he is today Death and destruction follows him everywhere he goes So when he crosses paths with the very sa. BAM My head just exploded like I was one of Dean s victims What just happened That s how I left this book after reading the epilogue You see I was lulled by the craftiness of the author She led me to believe there was a HEA for Dean and Rain but then this happened I don t know if I can wait to find out what s next but I really have no choiceOkay let s go back to the beginning and start this thing off right Dean is a former Russian hit man working with his best friend Garrett also a former hit man They run a legit PI business but still have ties to the underworld They have faked their deaths and are trying to keep a low profile As a result they move into a building in an isolated part of town They are the only ones on the block until she invadesRain the owner of a bright pink food truck infiltrates the block by setting up shop in the parking lot of an abandoned grocery store Dean does everything he can think to get rid of her to no avail She is stubborn and tough and a bit hard headedRain witnesses a meeting she shouldn t and when things go wrong she is caught in the middle The only way to survive is for Dean to protect her but she doesn t want his help He has to drug her to get her to do as he asks In the meantime the streets are hit and the ruthless leader of a gang wants Rain s head Charged with protecting her Dean refuses to turn her overThis is where things get hot Dean and Rain are into each other and being trapped in a safe house together for an extended period of time results in some steamy days and nights He finally figured a way to free his best friend from the gang s torture get out of the deal with them and remove the mark from Rain s head It costs him than he ever thoughtThis book pulled me into the world of Dean and Rain and I sat like a fly on the wall anticipating what would happen next A very nice read that kept me on my toes lulled me into a false sense if security and then dropped the floor from up under me I loved every minute of it

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Free download Dean's Addiction: BWWM Romantic Suspense (Dangerously Curvy Book 1) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free M'Renee Allen ✓ 5 Free download Fter her Staying away from her is no longer an option To keep her safe he has to keep her near himIts sad that the safest place for her is in the arms of a killerA killer who has no intention of letting her goThis book is for those who love naughty alpha males and even naughtier alpha females. They could not stand each other when they first met Rain Delaney was a feisty and fierce young woman she did not back down from Dean Collins insistence that she move her popular food truck across from his building What she did not know was that Dean was trying his best to protect her from some hardened criminals who would stop at nothing if they felt threatening A very important meeting was coming up where he could not risk having a lot of people around in case something went south Dean and his partner Garrett were the owners of Collins and Chambers P I Firm as a front to laundry money for the Peligros crime family in return for their getting out of the Russian Bratva with new identities and lives in the United StatesDean did not know what it was about the owner of the popular Pink Rain Delight Food Truck that turned him on He never had an immediate visceral reaction of lust for a woman before She was totally opposite for what he was usually attracted to in a woman He recognized her as a kindred spirit as he had to fight for everything he had even kill for it and she refused to back down from him His partner warned him and told him that once you go thick everything else ain t sht That s what happened he became addicted to her on first contact It was not until the unthinkable happened when Rain was caught in the crosshairs of a double cross that Dean had to unleash his former personna as one of the Butcher Brothers known as Ivan Sergeevich to protect Rain as well as find out who started the pop off and why He vowed to protect Rain especially after what she did to protect him Dean never had anyone to show him how to love or be loved but for Rain he wanted to He felt that he was lucky to have her in his life She made him want to be a better person and not the monster he always thought he was With Rain he felt complete and satedMs Allen wrote a hot sizzling tale full of drama action and suspense The chemistry between Rain and Dean was off the chain erotic It was great to read how Dean evolved from a man who only had sex to one who made love to the woman he was falling in love with Their first reactions to each other was comical Neither one of them wanted to let the other know that they were really attracted to the other It was funny to hear what was coming out of their mouths versus what was going on in their heads Even though Dean was trying to save both Rain and Garrett Garrett is presenting another problem to solve I hope the author does not take too long with the next book I m anxious to find out what Oni is going to do to Garrett