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Free download Silvervägen Stina Jackson ò 0 characters Free read Silvervägen · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Det är sommar Sedan tre år tillbringar Lelle nätterna med att köra bil Han kör utmed väg 95 som skär genom landet från Skellefteå i nordvästlig riktning förbi Arvidsjaur Arjeplog och mynnar vid norska gränsen den väg som kallas Silvervägen För tre år sedan försvann hans dotter. The Silver Road is written by Stina Jackson and has been expertly translated from Swedish by Susan Beard Blurb Three years ago Lelle s daughter went missing in a remote part of Northern Sweden Lelle has spent the intervening summers driving the Silver Road under the midnight sun frantically searching for his lost daughter for himself and for redemptionMeanwhile seventeen year old Meja arrives in town hoping for a fresh start She is the same age as Lelle s daughter was a girl on the brink of adulthood But for Meja there are dangers to be found in this isolated placeThere s two constant threads running alternatively through the story Lelle and his tragically desperate search for his missing daughter and Meja arriving in town to live with her troubled Mam and her new loner boyfriend Pornbjorn With Lelle his anguish at never knowing what happened to his daughter Lina is haunting to read and his distress is palpable Meja s story holds a of an anticipation element as you sense she s in danger but don t know where or who from I did find part one of the story a little slow and repetitive but very atmospheric though perhaps a little too much so at times The second part did pick up the pace a lot and the conclusion was dark haunting and very emotional The final chapter certainly tugged at my heartstrings and as a parent I felt the emotion the author was trying to convey and felt she had captured the moment perfectly If you enjoyed Will Dean s Dark Pines series then I d definitely recommend this book to you or if you re into slower paced Swedish based thrillers that s haunting and filled with dreaded anticipation then you should enjoy this well written novel too 4 stars

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Free download Silvervägen Stina Jackson ò 0 characters Free read Silvervägen · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ka försvinner förstår vi att deras liv för evigt kommer att vara ihoptvinnadeSilvervägen är en stark och berörande psykologisk spänningsroman Med den lilla orten som fond där alla känner alla utvecklar sig ett drama om att aldrig ge upp om att orka vara stark när det är som mörkast. I m afraid I found The Silver Road formulaic and rather tedious I tried it hoping that the setting in Northern Sweden would give it some atmosphere and originality but it didn t and I had to struggle to the endThe central idea is oh so familiar Lelle s daughter has been missing for three years having disappeared from a bus stop one morning Lelle s marriage has broken up as a result he has developed an alcohol problem and he obsessively searches the remote countryside looking for her Meanwhile a dysfunctional mother and her teenage daughter move in with a local reclusive residentand that s pretty well all that happens for at least the first half of the book It s all very very familiar stuff it moves very slowly and I wasn t convinced by either the events or the setting so even when things did begin to happen I wasn t really involvedThe prose is adeuate but tends to be repetitive and over written in a search for atmosphere and finding a dreadful clich in the first couple of pages he knew the road like the back of his hand didn t augur well It s not terrible by any means but it wasn t good enough to engage or grip meI m sorry to be critical but despite the publishers claims I didn t find The Silver Road either compelling or haunting It s an unoriginal story in a setting which isn t sufficiently well painted and I can t recommend itMy thanks to Corvus for an ARC via NetGalley

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Free download Silvervägen Stina Jackson ò 0 characters Free read Silvervägen · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Spårlöst och hennes försvinnande gnager sönder Lelle inifrån Samtidigt anländer Meja och hennes mamma till samma lilla ort Meja är i samma ålder som Lelles dotter var när hon försvann Medan höstens mörker närmar sig knyts Lelles och Mejas öden ihop och när ytterligare en ung flic. The Silver Road is Stina Jackson s Scandi Noir debut and it s a promising start to her literary career Based in the beautiful sparse and isolated Northern Sweden it s a moving haunting and wonderfully atmospheric experience Written in an engaging fashion we follow the story as it meanders and turns chillingly dark The central aspect of the plot focuses on the love loss and grief associated with losing a person that is special to you Having just lost a close family member I can relate to the authenticity of the feelings and thoughts portrayed here However the part of the plot that stands out the most is the gorgeous setting which is in itself a character The descriptions of the cold dark forested countryside adds an ominous feeling to the whole story The characterisation is also beautifully done Each of them plays their part in the plot in a compelling manner Recommended to those who enjoy Scandi Noir and atmospheric crime fictionMany thanks to Corvus for an ARC

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