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Shades of Greene Read & Download ¼ 9 Download Ø E-book, or Kindle E-pub » Jeremy Lewis Jeremy Lewis » 9 Summary A remarkable group portrait of one English family the famed intriguing and pioneering GreenesIn the early years of the last century two brothers Charles and Edward Greene settled in Berkhamsted a small country town thirty miles from London There they were to found a remarkable dynasty fathering twelve children between them each of whom were to lead varied well documented and extraordinary livesThis book explores for the first time this generation of the Greene family in colourful detail their relationships and shared history and their lives as explorers write. 35 stars rounded upThis is a dense and hefty account of the family of Graham Greene the novelist It is effectively a biography of twelve people This account starts with two brothers Charles and Edward Greene Charles was headmaster at Berkhamstead School and Edward was a coffee merchant who had just moved back from Brazil and settled near his brother Charles and Edward had six children each and this book is about those twelve children Amongst the twelve are a novelist a Director General of the BBC various assorted spies a world renowned endocrinologist who also attempted to climb Everest and who was the first to show that pre menstrual tension was hormonal and not hysterical two pacifists one of whom was interned during the Second World War a fellow traveller with Isherwood and Huxley in California after the war a supporter of Mao a spy for the Japanese one of the creators of the modern Labour Party several journalists the list goes on Lewis has picked a large canvas and inevitably much is crammed into the book There is some interesting insight into the history of the BBC and the workings of the intelligence services during the war Hugh Greene s policy of liberalising the BBC juxtaposed with the campaigns against tolerance by Mary Whitehouse are fascinating Whilst there is a good deal about Graham Greene there is nothing about his novels This is unfortunate as Greene tended to work out his life and beliefs in his novels I felt that the most interesting person in the family was an aunt Alice She taught in a girl s school in South Africa She was friends with Olive Schreiner and Gandhi Along with her partner Elizabeth Molteno and Emily Hobhouse she helped to write an influential report on the concentration camps the British set up after the Boer War Sadly she only merited two or three pages This is a competent and detailed work but it is heavy going

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Shades of Greene Read & Download ¼ 9 Download Ø E-book, or Kindle E-pub » Jeremy Lewis Jeremy Lewis » 9 Summary Rs doctors spies politicians and much There is Graham one of the greatest English writers of the twentieth century; Hugh the Daily Telegraph's Berlin correspondent in the years leading up to WWII and later Director General of the BBC; Raymond a brilliant mountaineer and medical manwho took part in the 1933 Everest expedition; their sister Elisabeth MI6 agent enlisting family and friends into the secret service; cousin Ben a pacifist and Labour Party activist who was interned in 1940 at the same time as Oswald Mosley; his sister Barbara who spent the war in Ger. This book is an absolute treat The books deals with one generation of the Greene family consisting of two families of cousins with six children in each The first chapter is a little confusing under I rather belatedly found the family tree at the back of the book as it explains who is who and there are a huge number of people to get straight all of whom seem to have similar family names However once you are settled in to the main thread of the book you have two brothers One was a very successful businessman and the other the Headmaster of a school and it is their children you are concerned with Of course the most famous figure amongst the children was Graham Greene one of the best known writers of the century However amongst the other cousins were a future Director General of the BBC an Everest mountaineer failed and successful spy stories politicians and journalists The War years caused great upheaval obviously and members of the Greene family were very involved However amongst all the great achievements are also the wonderful humanity of a family with all its facets So we have Herbert the oldest brother of Graham who is basically a failure and a sponger causing his family grief and money worries There are all the usual problems of marriage breakdown and career twists and turns although obviously with a greater share of success than within most families Mostly though it is an interesting read As a great lover of Graham Greene s books it gave me a great insight into his life and I would recommend it highly Very well written and although a hefty tome I could not put it down

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Shades of Greene Read & Download ¼ 9 Download Ø E-book, or Kindle E-pub » Jeremy Lewis Jeremy Lewis » 9 Summary Many; and their younger brother Felix a pioneer of radio journalism and apologist for Communist China who moved to a commune in California with his cousin Christopher Isherwood and Aldous Huxley; and Herbert the black sheep of the family fantasist and amateur spyInterlacing biography history high adventure and scenes from literary life Shades of Greene provides a riveting insight into the self confident enterprising upper middle class English world that flourished between the 1920s and the 1970s and into a truly remarkable tribe From the Trade Paperback editio. A very impressive piece of research I hope it is read widely

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