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On the Edge of Love Mamas Brood #1 Read & Download ✓ 4 Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ë Shay Rucker HerWill Zeus be able to protect Sabrina from the sociopathic killer obsessed with making her his own will he lose her to her own impulse to run or will they both discover that the world is a better place when you don’t have to exist in it alon. Originally reviewed on Reader s Anonymous45 starts out of 5 Pros Zeus Oh My God When I first read the summary for this novel I was than a bit skeptical To be specific my reaction was Great Another jackass wannabe badass hero that s shitty to the heroine who just takes it However despite my doubts I continued and I m extremely happy I did Don t get me wrong he s arrogant possessive antisocial and deadly but somehow that s what makes him so damn appealing Zeus has to be on my top 3 for Badass Boyfriend list and this is for good reason He s humorous without trying to be and makes you hate and love him all the same That being said there were some WTF moments where I uestioned his sanity beyond his average crazySabrina Yeah she s the perfect heroine She s a serious badass that I wish could ve showcased her skills with a no nonsense attitude and isn t the helpless mistress with insecurities or the need to be comforted by our hero No Sabrina was her own hero in many ways and as the novel progressed you ll just love her feisty character I know she one of my favorite female charactersPlot This was an awesome plot especially for the IR genre which tends to follow the same formula that will keep you intrigued the entire time Although not a real mystery novel it is filled with action I mean how often does a novel begin with a guy disemboweling people humor and an alluring romance With the kidnapping of Sabrina we get into the head of a sociopath and meet Mama s BroodSafety I hate when authors don t allow their characters to use condoms although this is an issue that some might not care about it s bothersome for me So the fact that this author took the time to mention it was awesome for meMama s Brood The characters in Mama s Brood were excellent and not overpowering as some groups or organization themed series are They re all funny and fun and I can t wait to explore their brood furtherConsInformation The only negative to this novel is that I wanted An increase in information would have been amazing Like detail into Zeus childhood as well as Sabrina s It was good without it however a couple of flashbacks would have been amazballs I would say there s a chance for that in the second novel in the series however the next book will probably be about some of the other characters in Mama s Brood Overall this novel surpassed my expectations and ended up being amazing If you want an intriguing story with badass characters that aren t self absorbed or have a large amount of insecurities and stupid conflicts that amount to nothing then On the Edge of Love is the novel for you So feel free to purchase it below

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On the Edge of Love Mamas Brood #1

On the Edge of Love Mamas Brood #1 Read & Download ✓ 4 Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ë Shay Rucker Itably lead to disasterProblem Zeus has no respect for her boundaries Habitually indifferent to the desires and motivations of others Zeus wants Sabrina She has the power to muzzle his worst impulses and unbalance his world and he means to have. Observing him under the guise of sleep she wondered what it would be like if he wasn t a brutal killer who danced on the edge of madnessThis book surprised me is a very good way At its most basic level the plot of this book is very familiar A young woman the heroine Sabrina is the object of one man s sexual obsession So much so that he sends people to kidnap her to bring her to him Enter a shady private somewhat loosely organized paramilitary group known as Mama s Brood They rescue Sabrina kill her kidnappers and seek to stop her pursuer a very rich and powerful man The leader of the group a woman they all call Mama wants him stopped because in his zeal to capture Sabrina he captures and tortures women who look a lot like her And Mama wants that stoppedSo this isn t an unfamiliar plot It or something similar we have seen in other romantic suspense or erotica or just plain ol contemporary romances Each member of the group has a specialty they wise crack they have uirky personalities they are dangerous killers with obscure backgrounds and descriptive nicknames like Big Country and BrideNo what surprised me in a good way was the hero ZeusI need to talk about Zeus for a long minuteWhen we first meet Zeus he is efficiently killing Sabrina s kidnappers and thinking a lot about his compulsions compulsions to kill and in looking at the lush unconscious Sabrina the compulsion to fuck In the midst of his bloodlust he needs to consciously remind himself that he isn t supposed to kill his own team Zeus is not just your run of the mill tortured hero He isn t just a wounded man or someone who is hardened by a lack of love Zeus is the real deal He s a fucking sociopathAs I was reading the book and even well after the one thing that I was consistently struck by was that I felt the author had a real clear vision about this character In clumsy hands he could have come off at just completely awful or supremely problematic Instead the author leads us through his characterization so that you get Zeus Zeus is a killer and he thinks and does some uncomfortable things in the course of the book And yet that invisible line between what I as a reader could accept from a hero and have him still be a viable romance novel hero never gets crossedIt is clear Zeus socialization as a child was far from normal He doesn t use or get regular social cues He has no filters and says what he wants or not and does what he wants or not In some ways he is probably one of the most uncomplicated characters I can remember reading in a long time And yet he is also oddly rather complex Zeus peeked through the heavy brown and gold curtains that looked out on the side of the building and could just see the end of Big Country s van parked on the streetWhere s the tailLet s just say us good ol boys got a little restless last night and decided to have some funDeadFun and killing ain t synonyms to regular folks ZeusI would have killed themSorry to break it to you cousin but you ain t real regular Zeus has an affinity for knives This is where I think the author really soars in her characterization of Zeus Knives are an extension of him He likes them he forges them he uses them to express himself If somebody is doing something he doesn t like he ll stab them Just because In the scenes where he is using them the writing makes me feel like I am watching a pretty cool martial arts movie There is a kind of hypnotism in the descriptions of the knives twirling the glint of the steel and Zeus thoughts as he communes with his knivesI don t want too get to wrapped up in Zeus as fascinating as he is Sabrina is also very well done She is a great foil for Zeus She s smart and resourceful and reacts to him the way a person meeting him for the first time should react to a guy like Zeus She s justifiably wary and thinks he s bat shit But she has a very developed survival instinct for very valid reasons She understands that Zeus is an apex predator She can t act scared or hesitant around him so she doesn t She is firm and meets his eyes that sort of thing I also liked that she was a bit manipulative as well Again this girl is a survivor so she just doesn t do stupid shit well except once The two of them fall into their relationship They both struggle because it isn t a natural fit Sabrina s misgivings are familiar Take away the crazy three uarters of the possessiveness enhance his communication skills and decrease his love for sticking people with sharp objects and she wouldn t hesitate to have sex with him She was barely hesitating as it was Zeus otoh are much different He needs to completely re wire his brain when it comes to Sabrina He normally relegates women he wants to one time sexual compulsions Once he s had them they are done He wants to have sex with Sabrina and get rid of that compulsion But when he does he keeps wanting her He needs to reconcile this because it doesn t match what he s always known So that is his struggleIn the end there is an unabashed romance between these two The sex is hot there are moments of great comedy in their interactions as they experience relationship growing pains And because of Sabrina Zeus creates a few connections that move him a little closer to socializationThe resolution with the bad guy and the climactic scene in the end is exciting and brutal and you totally cheer for ZeusI really enjoyed this The writing was pretty damned good the supporting characters were fun and well crafted I am looking forward to reading in the series

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On the Edge of Love Mamas Brood #1 Read & Download ✓ 4 Read Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ë Shay Rucker Zeus the newest and most unstable member of a group of mercenaries known as Mama’s Brood is given the order to protect Sabrina Samora Sabrina knows beyond a doubt the only person she can truly trust is herself; letting anyone else in will inev. Liked this on second read Also Zeus and his story has stuck with me I really love his crazy ass I really wish this author would write but she seems to have dropped off the radar Prior commentsSo I was cruising along and loving this bookso many funny thoughts and dialogues involving Zeus a genuine sociopath At a bit over 50% I got bogged down I think it might have been because I was too busy to really sit and read so I kept having to go back to it not my normal style Anyway after a period of being only partially engaged I managed to sit and finish the book And it finished on a high note hence my rounding up on the score I also believe that if I ever re read I will probably not have the same issue in the middleok about the book Zeus is certifiable His blades sing to him He constantly has blades twirling through his fingers They speak to him and they usually want blood Hence he is a killer Now whether he kills for sport or not I am going to pretend to be Pollyanna and only think he kills because someone deserves it I HIGHLY doubt that is the case Or it might be precise to say he has a reason but his reasons are completely wacked AndyesI may be in love with a rugby obsessed sociopath Cannot tell you why but I loved all things Zeus So he hooks up with this mercenary group of crazies called Mama s Brood They don t want him because he is CRAZY and liable to kill any or all of them for no reason Believe me he wants to They save Sabrina from kidnapping and he is fascinated That is to say he wants to fuck her Even covered head to toe in blood he is lowering his pants to screw because that is what he wants He is hilariously dogged in his pursuit of fucking her He has his zipper and pants down too many times to count Does not care where or when Luckily Sabrina stands up to him cautiously of course He scares the crap out of her and the other members of the BroodZeus has less than zero people skillsSome examplesHe has just killed all her kidnappers with knives so it is BLOODY Sabrina is being spoken to by other Brood members who are trying to comfort her She is asking what is going on and avoiding looking at all the dead bodies and mumbling that this shit cannot be real Zeus jealous response They re dead That s real Touch em if you don t believe it Zeus suggested Hell he could comfort tooHis inner dialogue was funny because he was so single minded and confused about how he was reacting to her He was sweating It was a big deal making a blade for a woman wasn t it Yes because he didn t do shit for women if he didn t have to unless it involved sex But even then that was mostly for him She d better appreciate this shit He was thinking of giving her gifts and she hadn t even had the grace to fuck him first Trifling womanHe was in denial of any long term feelings for her for a long time because he has no idea what those are He says things that hurt her like he is only with her until he does not want her any but has no clue why or even what he said that upsets her Good thing she gets himSabrina is a smart kick ass heroine I really enjoyed her She was smart tough patient but not a doormat and really same through for Zeus when he needed itThe ending was violent and bloody REALLY REALLY bloody Not for the sueamish There is also a very near rape sceneOne thing I did not like was all the time spent with the bad guy I did not need all the context and scenes with him from his POV not including the HhI loved the end but really wish we had a real epilogue I want to see them together in the future without the danger over their heads