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Hysterical Free read ´ 104 A riveting exploration of the link between women's hormones and mental health with advice personal testimony facts and research creating a portrait of how hormones contribute to make up the female animal Hysterical seeks to explore the connections between hormones and health particularly in the freuent mood changes and mental health issues women typically chalk up to the influence of hormones Journalist Eleanor Morgan in. This book is a thorough examination of the hormonal journey women experience throughout their lives from their first period to having babies to menopause along with issues they experience along the way and how cultural perception continues to adversely affect women who need help understanding what s going on in their bodiesI found it an interesting read though I didn t feel that it offered up anything truly revolutionary There is so much to be learned and researched on this subject Sometimes the book went into great detail about certain scientific aspects such as the menstrual cycle and how it works and sometimes it offered of a general overview Morgan talks a lot about her own personal journey why she became interested in this field of study all the issues she has experienced how many doctors never really listened to her or ended up misdiagnosing her So parts of the book are heavily influenced by the journey she s taken in uncovering information to help her Should women be defined by their hormonal cycles In the end I say no But consideration should be given to why and how that cycle can affect mental and physical health This book is definitely worthy of reading just to arm yourself with knowledge about how your body works

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Hysterical Free read ´ 104 Vestigates the relationship between biochemistry our bodies and our mental health including the context for this discussion the historic culture of silence around women's bodies As Morgan argues we've gotten better at talking about mental health but we still shy away from discussing periods miscarriage endometriosis and menopause That results in a lack of vital understanding for women particularly as those processes are. I m always looking for books like this where the author presents an account of her own experience alongside specific scientific data showing how she was mistreated by doctors or in a greater sense society as a whole and pointing out how we can be better moving forward believing women and people with uteruses about the truth of their pain and mental health

Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È Eleanor Morgan

Hysterical Free read ´ 104 Inextricably connected to our mental health; by exploring women's bodies in conjunction with our minds Morgan urges for new thinking about our health Examining the mythology of female hormones the ways that culture shapes our perceptions of women's bodies and the latest medical research Hysterical skillfully paints a portrait of the modern landscape of women and health and shows us how to navigate stigma and misinformati. Both by analyzing an extensive collection of medical research and by exploring treatments firsthand Morgan examines the link between mental health and hormones and the stigmas that have historically accompanied women s bodies Ultimately she argues for abandoning the social construct of emotional stability and control and instead accepting the inherent variability of emotions embracing both the physical and mental excessShe writes Our truths biological and emotional have been derided oppressed and repackaged back to us as different kinds of pathology that we can should fix We fear what our bodies do and what comes out of them because it all points to that terrible thing excess We are wriggling for vocal bodily emotional freedom in a world that doesn t really want to let us have it yet But we have to keep wrigglingThis book was riveting a captivating blend of evidence based research with firsthand personal experience Morgan explores various treatments for hormonal imbalance such as nutritional food analysis and synthetic hormone replacement therapy while also educating readers about female physiological and providing the historical context for public health systems relationship with women In the 1960s and prior American wives could be institutionalized for example for wanting divorce Ancient Greeks treatment for the vaguely defined hysteria involved pelvic massage and clitoral stimulation These historical facts are only just the start of a uick easy to read journey into both the historical and present day battle for female autonomy A standout tidbit to me was Morgan s exploration of progesterone s association with both PMS and the irritability associated with extended periods of hunger If you have ever wondered what PMS irritability feels like just think back on any times you ve felt hangry Overall this was a fascinating read ideal for any person seeking to better understand the emotional variability of the human body

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