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read Djibouti review Ë eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Elmore Leonard Elmore Leonard ☆ 3 download Ara and her right hand man Xavier LeBo a six foot six seventy two year old African American seafarer head to Djibouti on the Horn of Africa to film modern day pirates hijacking merchant shipsThey learn soon enough that almost no one in the Middle East is who he seems to be The most successful pirate driving his Mercedes around Djibouti appears to be a good guy but his pal a cultured Saudi diplomat has dubious connections Billy Wynn a Texas billionaire. I m no different than 17 gazillion other people when it comes to El Leonard He reigns But I had a tough time getting into Djibouti maybe because of the foreign setting maybe the difficulty of trying to relate to Somalian pirates and Indian wheeler dealers maybe just a lack of empathy with the apparent protagonistBut I stayed with it Now I feel like I read a screen treatment This one has Movie Rights written all over it and I found my mind wandering from one actor to another sizing them up for the roles all through the last half of the bookLeonard himself even joins in the fun punching in a little meta here and there as when the characters discuss who will play them when the documentary that is the reason for them all getting together is converted to a feature filmSo who s in it Morgan Freeman as Xavier the force who completes the filmmaker and who owns the story Leonard mentions Naomi Watts in the role of the documentarian so who am I to argue He puts Will Smith in the bad guy role Makes sense Add Don Cheadle as a pirate and Brad Pitt as the Texan with the big gun and we ll make up the rest as we go along

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read Djibouti review Ë eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Elmore Leonard Elmore Leonard ☆ 3 download Plays mysterious roles as the mood strikes him He's promised his girlfriend Helene a nifty fashion model that he'll marry her if she doesn't become seasick or bored while circling the world on his yacht And there's Jama Raisuli a black al aeda terrorist from Miami who's vowed to blow up something bigWhat Dara and Xavier have to decide besides the best way to stay alive Should they shoot the action as a documentary or turn it into a Hollywood feature fi. El Leonard s latest novel Djibouti isn t his best work but that only means it s still better than 90% of the pop fiction published todayOscar winning documentary filmmaker Dara Barr goes to Djibouti intending to make a new film she dislikes the term doc about the Somali pirates Her assistant Xavier has already been in Djibouti awhile and made arrangements to rent a boat They uickly almost too uickly to be believed fall in with one of the pirates as well as his Arabic arms dealer The first third of the book is oddly constructed Leonard gives us two chapters of straight narrative setup then leaps forward in time to the point where Dara has finished filming There is then three or four chapters told in retrospect as Dara and Xavier watch the raw footage they ve shot and discuss how to structure the film But Leonard finally settles into his groove about midway through the book and the story unfolds from thereThe problem is that it s also at that point that the action really begins making everything up to that point feel like fluff or a cheat The ending too wraps up a little too uickly and neatly And there are a couple of characters who simply disappear from the story without any resolution But what I found most lacking from the book was Leonard s trademark banter his snappy dialogue There were hints of it from time to time but overall the characters just weren t very hip or interesting Which is a shame because the book is about pirates so I expected some really cool badasses However the pirates barely make an appearance in the book and when they do they re not very cool or badassIf Djibouti were written by anyone else I d say the author needed to do one or two rewrites But this was written by El effing Leonard one of the best writers living so he probably has his reasons for building the book the way he did I just can t figure them out

review Ë eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Elmore Leonard

read Djibouti review Ë eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Elmore Leonard Elmore Leonard ☆ 3 download El Leonard New York Times bestselling author and the hippest funniest national treasure in sight Washington Post brings his trademark wit and inimitable style to this twisting gripping and sometimes playful tale of modern day piracyDara Barr documentary filmmaker is at the top of her game She's covered the rape of Bosnian women neo Nazi white supremacists and post Katrina New Orleans and has won awards for all three Now looking for a bigger challenge D. For the first half of the book Djibouti felt disjointed meandering through the mundane in a mix mash of present and past tense that did little but confuse I got the feeling El Leonard felt the same to an extent Enter James Russell the character that set the book on a path to redemption a linear plot ensued with Russell at the core along with a terror plot to blow the world into submission Dara a documentary film maker and her cameraman Xavier are trademark characters full of life distinction and color they jump off the page and immediately bond the with reader Much the same goes for the wealthy Billy and his model girlfriend of the moment Helene El Leonard has always written characters and conversations well in Djibouti it s no different Unfortunately it s the early plotting that smeared what would have otherwise been a very good book The documentary film angle in search of modern day pirates was a interesting concept which lacked a bit of polish in the execution It was that very concept however that linked Russell to Dara and the others for which I m glad Djibouti is a miss then a hit for that I give it 35

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