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The Unwilling Bride

The Unwilling Bride Read Ó 9 Violet Winspear ↠ 9 Read review The Unwilling Bride Ho had been responsible for the tragic death of Mark's only childThe price for Mark's silence was a high one for all he wanted of Ravena was that she bear him a son to replace the one he had lost Could she bring herself to pay i. Winspear the word smith The trees and flowers stirred sluggishly and the sun looked bruised And I m a Sard my dear We don t compromise with the elements or expect tame submission from our women LoL to the plural women I think I finally found a Violet Winspear that lives up to expectations She s not uite my brand of escape but I can certainly applaud her mastery of the genre

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The Unwilling Bride Read Ó 9 Violet Winspear ↠ 9 Read review The Unwilling Bride Sardinian Mark di Curzio a man for whom she felt nothing but apprehension and dread She was doing it for love but for love of her guardian whose life would be ruined if Mark told him as he had threatened to that it was his son w. Love it it was my first Book 3

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The Unwilling Bride Read Ó 9 Violet Winspear ↠ 9 Read review The Unwilling Bride Librarian's note Alternate cover edition of ISBN 0 373 70521 2Ravena Brenin dearly loved the kindly guardian who had brought her up and she loved his son Rhodri Brenin even But she was marrying a virtual stranger the forbidding. Another one down on my uest to read the first 100 HPs This one is numbered 21 and was published in 1969 On the whole it was pretty decent Unlike many books written in this era it didn t take half the book to get to the actionromance portion of the story It starts right off with the wedding of the hero and the heroine There are then a couple of brief flashbacks to fill in what is happening The marriage is consummated but it is fade to black and there is no suggestion that any part of it is forced So that s kind of different for an old HP The heroine was sensible enough to realize that he had told her up front he wanted a son and she had agreed to it so there was no fussing around like a twit when she had to follow through On the other hand she was a bit of a twit about the instant dislike she took to the hero even before he blackmailed her into marriage Then she continued to snip at him in a haughty manner for no real reason I think the author was trying to convey how feisty she wasYou did get the feeling all along that the hero had fallen for her and that is why he forced her to marry him Where the book really falls down though is the ending It was too brief and there were no real explanations to tell us how he had felt about her all along Okay we kinda knew but the heroine sure didn t I think HP authors have wised up to how much readers want those satisfying I Love Yous and explanations so this shorting of the feelings bit doesn t happen so much anyI want to thank StMargarets so much for gifting this book to me