Summary [ The Marines Return From Kenya with Love #6 PDF ] By Rula Sinara

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  • The Marines Return From Kenya with Love #6
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  • 06 October 2019
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The Marines Return From Kenya with Love #6

Read & Download The Marines Return From Kenya with Love #6 The Marines Return From Kenya with Love #6 Download ☆ 108 Rula Sinara Ñ 8 Summary Overs his best friend’s very pregnant widow is in danger A dedicated nurse she refuses to leave her Serengeti medical clinic whe. This series has been a fave with its Kenya setting diverse and engaging characters I ve loved how we started with one generation and followed it down through their children as well The Marine s Return feels like the last book and if indeed it is it makes the perfect sendoffChad and Lexi are compelling characters their stories drawing you in and making it easy to root for them A secondary romance playing out in the background adds further dimension to an already layered plotBottom line If you haven t read this series yet you simply must Start at the beginning for full effect though each book can be read as a standalone The Marine s Return engages readers from start to finish and Chad and Lexi s multi dimensional stories tug at the heart There is some mild profanity scattered throughout but it s few and far betweenI voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this bookfirst seen at Reading Is My SuperPower

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Read & Download The Marines Return From Kenya with Love #6 The Marines Return From Kenya with Love #6 Download ☆ 108 Rula Sinara Ñ 8 Summary N it’s threatened by poachers Chad is honor bound to protect her but who will save him from falling for his best friend’s wife. MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKLexi was determined To keep her dead husband s dreams going by working at the Serengeti medical clinic and raising their baby to know a part of his fathers heritage But when Chad found out that his best friends very pregnant wife was working at the clinic Chad was determined to close the clinic down because he had made a promise to his friend that if anything happened to him Chad was to take care of his wife Well the time has come for Chad to fulfill that purpose And the Best Way Chad knows how to do that is to close the clinic down But Chad had no idea who he was up against with Lexi But he was soon to find out the determination that Lexi felt in keeping the clinic open Thus the journey beginsI really did enjoy this story This is the first book in the series that I have read and I hope to read from this author I enjoyed the creative characters and the way they seem so realistic I have not read very many books set in Kenya so this part of the book was very interesting to me I enjoyed the scenes at the clinic as well as the surrounding areas The talk about the wildlife and especially how they could he at the sounds of the wild As I read I would imagine hearing the different animals as they made known their presenseI also appreciate how the Arthur deals with a wounded Marine His life and what he goes through during his time of healing and the life he is forced to live after his injuries There s a lot of things happening in this book A lot of characters of which I didn t uite get them all straightened out But I plan to read the other books in the series to get to know some of the other characters that I read about in this book This is really a fun And Entertaining book to read This is not the usual kind of book I read but it is a clean romance book that I very much enjoyed I also want to thank the author for the nice Thank You note and BookmarkA copy of this book was provided by Prism Tours and the author Rula Sinara I was not ask to write a positive review The opinions here in this review are my own personal opinions

Read & Download The Marines Return From Kenya with Love #6

Read & Download The Marines Return From Kenya with Love #6 The Marines Return From Kenya with Love #6 Download ☆ 108 Rula Sinara Ñ 8 Summary He can’t be her heroBut he made a promise to keep her safeWounded marine Chad Corallis just wants to be left alone Until he disc. Marine Chad Corallis is an angry depressed man While dedicating himself to service for his country in Marine Special Forces he sacrificed a limb to save others Now how can he be any good to anyone His whole life has been entered on being a career Marine He knows nothing else The most he can hope for is an office job which would drive him crazy He presently mopes around his parents homeuselessChad had encouraged his best friend to join the military as well Chad was not able to attend his best friend s wedding A few months after being wed his friend was killed in a hospital bombing that should never have happened Was he responsible for his death also Guilt added to his depression His parents had kept that event from him until months after he was injured Ironically Chad s best friend s widow Lexi had applied an received a position Chad s mother had posted Chad s friend never knew Lexi was pregnant She only discovered this after his funeralWhen Chad discovered Lexi was pregnant and in the desolate and dangerous ares she was in he remembered the promise he made to His friend before the wedding He felt forced to honor that promise Little did he know the force he would be working againstThis novel addresses some of the many sacrifices made by those in armed forces and their families Additionally it address illegal poaching and the inner strength individuals fin within themselvesThe characters feel very real and the background scenes are vividly portrayed in script The reader will truly feel herselfhimself connected to the characters and the African terrainI offer a Four and a Half Stars rating This book was gifted me with no reuest for a positive review This is my honest review