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download Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » Michel Houellebecq Michel Houellebecq » 0 free download Les Particules élémentaires summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Vels of Beckett Huxley and Camus this is the story of two half brothers abandoned by a mother who gave herself fully to the drugged out free love world of the sixtiesBruno overweight and a failure at everything is himself a raucously promiscuous hedonist while Michel his younger br. This book doesn t care if you read itIt doesn t care if you buy it or borrow it if you deface it if you understand it if you have the remotest interest in itIt doesn t try to be liked It s far far far too cool for school French author Michel Houellebec not caring And when I say that I do NOT mean it s cool in a positive way I found half of it dry aloof and didactic like reading a doctorate level physics textbook It felt imperious and full of itself It felt over my head The other half of it was full of somewhat shocking sexual debauchery that would be at home in a de Sade story Lots of public masturbation orgies and licking various people in various places Lots and lots of lickingActually I wouldn t be surprised if someone told me Houellebec was inspired by the Maruis de Sade whose writings similarly alternate between long philosophical rants and naughty Libertine caprices De Sade though I have to say has a far charming delivery The Elementary Particles follows two brothers Michel the asexual scientist and Bruno the pervert through their dreary childhoods and then their calamitous personal relationships The story does contain promising hints of something alive their mother was a free spirited hippie who spent time at a commune that her son later revisited but it never uite got there for me It was all trapped in a test tube handled by hands wearing latex gloves A glacial reticence the brothers inability to love is infused in this textI m not too sure what to make of his attitude toward women who he says are superior but who live unhappily until he kills them offAt the end of the day it s a far less interesting version of L tranger with a similar dose of existentialism bleakness and distain for human relationships This story rarely pulled me in mainly because of the detached writing style which often resorted to the all knowing narrator popping up in the midst of a somewhat interesting narrative to say what would happen in 15 years or what happened 15 years previously Then using the boring device of either scientific or news articles would fill in the story rather than letting the readers experience it Show Don t Tell is such a basic rule in the writing world but apparently Michel Houellebec didn t get the memoThat all said I could be completely wrong about this book And that s okay because it really doesn t care what I think it s all meaningless anyway rightADDENDUMIn the interest of fairness please also look at Manny s review He does a better job than I at explaining what this book is about Houellebec using sexuality Western Society s sick obsession with the uick fix as an illustration for materialism is an interesting idea even if it is mind blowingly depressing

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download Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » Michel Houellebecq Michel Houellebecq » 0 free download Les Particules élémentaires summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Other is an emotionally dead molecular biologist wholly immersed in the solitude of his work Each is ultimately offered a final chance at genuine love and what unfolds is an endlessly unpredictable and provocative tale that speaks to the impossible redemption of the human condition. Years ago I went out on a few dates with a French guy He was rich and good looking though of course way too short and he seemed pretty smart but I never could bring myself to kiss him He had this typically Gallic extreme snottiness that I found amusing even endearing but even as I enjoyed this I suspected that his disdain for everything non French might indicate something a bit too dark for me At a certain point I decided that he wasn t a regular charming misanthrope I discerned that he hated Muslims black people and homosexuals even than he hated everyone else and so I didn t go out with him againThat French guy was a big fan of Michel HoullebecAt the time I wondered for a moment why I find generalized misanthropy acceptable even kind of charming but felt specifically targeted hatreds were completely repellant I mean of course I understand why I think that but how rational is it Why is hating fewer people not okay while hating everyone is fineAgain of course I understand why that s the case but it is a little funny Anyway this train of thought doesn t have much to do with this book except that maybe it does relate to the French and the way that they think about people But I don t know much about them as a culture and therefore won t generalize hereI was so into the first half of The Elementary Particles that it made me feel terrible in that amazing hedonistic I hate myself for loving you way that top shelf Martin Amis brings on This book has a lot in common with St Aubyn s The Patrick Melrose Novels which I never got around to reviewing properly both in that it s about the extraordinarily fucked up children of wealthy Europeans and that it degenerates somewhat into overly expository and transparently philosophical fake monologues later on in the book In other words I was obsessively entranced by the first half and the second half was just okayMy favorite thing about The Elementary Particles was the way that it would constantly pull back from the story of its characters to tie their experiences to generalized historical and biological trends This is what fiction is and how it works and I love seeing it spelled out like that This book is about two half brothers with a terrible mom and tries to describe and comment on massive transformations in human life and experience For the most part I think it did do a pretty good job though I m not sure I agree with its arguments and conclusionsAgain I really loved the first half of this book though I didn t think the second half was as good I d be embarrassed to recommend it to most people based on its graphic sexual content and bleak view of human relations though if I were honest I d admit I think he s got a lot rightI think based on this book that Houllebec wrestles with a lot of the uestions most significant to the time we re upon He does this wrestling in a way that might not be palatable to all and while I find this compelling I haven t yet decided if I ll go out with him again

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download Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » Michel Houellebecq Michel Houellebecq » 0 free download Les Particules élémentaires summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Brilliant caustic comic and severe The Elementary Particles is an unflinching look at a modern world plagued by consumerism materialism and unchecked scientific experimentationAn international bestseller and controversial literary phenomenon that drew immediate comparison to the no. Wow What an incredible book The Epilogue makes a huge difference in how one might view it on the whole It certainly did for me I was getting so depressed by the end that I almost chucked it aside around the 90% mark because I felt a panic attack coming on But I took a deep breath and I switched up my reading soundtrack and I pushed on and am very glad that I did The Epilogue really clarifies so much that precedes it Leading up to that point it is basically 100% bleak and I mean truly truly bleak though extremely interesting and entertaining every step of the way There s a fair amount of gross sexual stuff along the way as well but it s always presented in a detached rather ungleeful way and as such it has a point beyond mere shock andor titillation that fully justifies its presence To say this book is just about sexual frustration is to hugely miss the point This is a BIG PICTURE book but carried out through a tightly crafted narrative mainly surrounding two brothers birthed from a massively disfunctional genetic pool with one shared parent a terminally miserable often nauseatingly sexually deviant literature professor named Bruno and a largely emotionless but harmless microbiologist in deep almost inhuman isolation named Michel The book covers so many subjects that I m sort of dumbfounded and slow to begin relaying them all Existential cultural scientific philosophical historical etc Consciousness genetics sex death physics religion cruelty love parenthood childhood adulthood happiness suffering etc Despite the often searing and pitiless slings and arrows thrown at humanity I think it is also a book that is deeply sympathetic to the desperate flailing the absurd flaws and the open wounds of humanity self inflicted and otherwise Its final sentence is a straight up dedication to humankind despite its many detailed failures and sufferings and defects and despite the claim that a new and improved species must take its place I was holding a solid four star rating of this in my head until the final leg of the journey around Section Three and the Epilogue So if any readers who take my opinions as any sort of guide end up having trouble with it along the way I implore them to press on

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