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  • Sincerely Carter
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  • 15 March 2019
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Whitney G. ½ 4 Free read Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Whitney G. Sincerely Carter Read à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Just friendsWe’re just friendsNo really She’s just my best friend Arizona Turner has been my best friend since fourth grade even when we “hated” each other We’ve been there. FIVE CARTER STARS Dear readerI m in love with carter Jamessincerely Lisa Jayne To say that I thought that this book was insanely gorgeous would be a huge understatement I m so happy right now I just want everybody to love this book just as much as I have Sincerely Carter was everything I expected it could be and with a cherry on top Whitney G is an author whom I have the biggest girl crush on and I ve been than ready to read this book ever since I saw the cover reveal total cover lust and I m happy to announce that I loved what was inside this book even Total bonus I think I may have to make the firm decision and crown Whitney G as the ueen of the dirty talking heroes because let s face it anyone who has enjoyed this authors writing is well aware that she loves to create a cheeky hero and I for one can t help but fall in love with them all Carter James is not an exception to this rule and I m glad to confess that I fell madly in lust with zero regrets But don t be fooled into thinking that Carter was the only star of the show because thankfully there s than enough room for a stunning heroine to complete the picture sigh What did I loveThis book was sweetness and sexiness all put together with the fantastic writing skills of the superb Whitney G I seriously could go a little overboard with my love for this book and talk for days about how much I loved the writing style the characters the witty plot and hilarious one liners but what grabbed me the most about this book was how it made me feel I was so wrapped up in a loved up bubble that I wanted to sueeze everyone and everything in sight yes I understand that this review is slowly making me sound like a crazed reader and I totally own that status Nothing and no one could have torn me away from this stunning novel and I d gladly name this novel as one of the best reading escapes of 2015 Final thoughts Don t take my overly enthusiastic word for it what are you waiting for If you love a book that will make you smile laugh horny a little love struck and a whole lot of happy then you must must must read this treasure of a novel I m a huge fan of Whitney G and I m pleased as punch that she smashed my expectations up and in it s place gave me this marvellous three plus hours of pure romantic entertainment I ve fallen hook line and sinker for this fabulous literary couple and I m happily giving the biggest five stars I own to this outstanding author Bravo Whitney G on this day you ve owned my romance reading heart Go grab it readers if you don t you ll be missing out Enjoy Kisses

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Whitney G. ½ 4 Free read Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Whitney G. Sincerely Carter Read à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook For one another through first kisses first “times” and we’ve been each other’s constant when good relationships turned bad We even went to colleges that were minutes away from. Craving Waffles and Ish Now StarsI am officially the LAST person to read this apparently But whatevs Here s some mindless gibberish my reviewI have a lot going on IRL lately and have been in somewhat of a serious book funk for the last week or so on top of that Right boys Right So the other day I was perusing kindle unlimited because1 I had been getting some awesomely decent reads through there prior to this book fuck eg Sacked and Liability2 If I am going to read something shitty it should at least be free3 Cause you know what they sayKindle Unlimited gonna give it to yaWhat that s not how it goes AnyfunkAs I was perusing I saw Sincerely Carter and thought And I asked myself Self didn t we see this blasted the fuck I cuss at myself yes all over our newsfeed earlier this yearYes Self we did And Self don t we know better than to start sentences with and and wasn t this book rated pretty decently First of all Self don t be a grammar snobAND yes yes it s rated highly AND it s free AND you shouldn t judge being that you are fucking talking to yourself Self Anypsychologicalbreak thus was the decision made And boy was this just what I needed I LOVE childhood friends to lovers stories and this was that to the Nth degree Not only were Carter and Arizona friends they were inseparable BFF BEST friends Like the B eff effest you ever sawBut then they realized that they wanted to shag each other And I realized I was having a super duper time And we all lived happily ever after Wellthat s kind of how it wentAnywayI am way late to this party and I am sure there are some awesome reviews for this out there Reviews WAY better than this one I bet that bitch Self is going to go and check them out Find this and other reviews at

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Whitney G. ½ 4 Free read Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Whitney G. Sincerely Carter Read à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Each otherThroughout the years and despite what anyone says we’ve never crossed the lineNever thought about itNever wanted toUntil one night changed everythingAt least it should’. 4 STARSI have been on a friends to lovers kick lately and I found this little gem while searching Carter and Arizona have been friends since the fourth grade Well actually they hated each other and constantly fought and had to apologize to one another but eventually they became best friends Now they have both graduated from undergraduate school and it is the summer before Carter attends law school and Arizona attends culinary school Suddenly the idea of being with each other no longer is gross Carter starts to realize that Arizona is beautiful and vice versa They hook up and then the drama startsI thought this was a cute romance I don t really read college romances but technically they graduated lol I loved Carter He was pretty mature for his age and he genuinely cared about Arizona He took care of her and she came first among his other friends and responsibilities Arizona was sweet and funnythey actually both were very funny I had some definite laugh out loud moments nom nom nomyou have to read it to find out what The story vacillates between their younger years though high school to present The only problem I had with the story was how fast their feelings changed It was so fast and then they became lovers when before they only saw each other as best friends It is a typical college romance with kegger and beach parties but it wasn t silly just funny If you are looking for a uick and funny read I recommend this book It was very well written and the pace was fast and kept me interested I was also pretty upset that there was not an epilogue but I realize that there is another novella called Sincerely Arizona which is the continuation of their storyPS I am pissed because the epilogue Sincerely Arizona is no longer in print and available on I need to know what happened If you are reading this Ms Whitney G please reprint the epilogue Some of us want to read the ending of Carter and Arizona s story Thank you