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John T. Molloys New Dress for Success

yeshler.ru ✓ 9 Read & Download Read & Download John T. Molloys New Dress for Success ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Teen years are incorporated into this highly successful title Contains 3. I m leaving the military and read this book on the advice of a couple different headhunter firms It is a little out of date but still is a great bookHere are some great uotes You do not want to look like Lou Costello with his pants under his armpits and you do not want to sag and look like a member of the lower middle class pg 47 If your cuffs are higher than 55 inches from your thumb you will look like a Broadway crapshooter a fashion model or a dandy pg 52 You can if you are already very rich and very successful or if you desire to have an affair with an Italian contessa wear silk shirts pg 71 You will never ever as long as you live wear a short sleeve shirt for any business purpose no matter whether you are the office boy or the president of the company pg 86 When we showed the picture with the monogram showing the answers were not positive in fact seventeen percent of the respondents identified him as a hooker booker pg 87 One of the things that made the evening so memorable was that at one point all of the young men got together put their hands on a Beatles album and swore that they would never ever ever wear a tie pg 92 Do not wear a bow tie to business unless you are a clown a college professor or a social commentator pg 115I could go on and on This guy is hilarious intentionally or not and gives some good general fashion advice Sure things have changed a little and the four pages of full color photos are a little 80s looking but reading this book will save you from many fashion mistakes At least it has caused me to develop an agenda as I shop for suits and I have planned my interview attireThe best part is at the beginning when he tells you not to listen to your wife My wife always tells me what to wear and it s nice to have a legit book that I can cite when I don t listen to her It s true the surveys and facts cited aren t particularly academically rigorous but it s worth heeding none the less As a testament of the uality of this read just look at the cover despite being forged during the fashion nightmare of the 70s and 80s the dark pinstripe suit white shirt and tie are very appropriate even today That s his whole point eschew fashion for the time tested well respected look It s a starting point at leastThe controversial point about Afros and hair grease for Hispanics is not controversial in my book He s not saying they re bad he s just saying that in his experience ethnic looks do not sell well to people from different demographics which is probably true even today He also advises Southerners not to wear cowboy hats and bolo ties to NYC and that doesn t seem to have stirred up controversy In my opinion that s the exact same thing He s not telling people they can t dress as they like he s just pointing out that any difference from the norm does not maximize your efficacyThis book is a definite buy particularly as cheaply as it is offered used And by the way does anyone know what a dandy is

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yeshler.ru ✓ 9 Read & Download Read & Download John T. Molloys New Dress for Success ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub All the changes that have taken place in men's wardrobes in the past fif. This newer edition is most disappointing compared to the original edition Yes the information has been updated but the uality of the publication and layout is poorFor example in the original edition the example pics were shown full page on real people In this newer edition they are shown on what appears to be cheap manneuins and only at a uarter page four pics per page In addition the beige suit appears light gray so those examples are worthlessOutside of a few shirt changes what not to wear plaids are not acceptable the original book is of much better uality and advise

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yeshler.ru ✓ 9 Read & Download Read & Download John T. Molloys New Dress for Success ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub 0 percent new information and a four color four page illustration insert. The best book on dress codes ever